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The purpose of this website is to highlight local halal food establishments with detailed overviews on what someone can expect to experience.

We are foodies (people who love and enjoy food) and we only eat halal food, that’s how we came up with the name for the website — not because we give advice on what is halal and what is not. Always check any doubtful issues or questions with a scholar that you trust.

We have decided to align ourselves to “Hand Slaughtered” halal for chicken as it is a method of slaughter that is accepted by all, irrespective of sects and schools of thought. Since we only hand slaughtered zabihah chicken, we can only share our opinion on establishments that cater to this exclusively. In order to respect the views of everyone, we are revamping our directory so that it clearly identifies all types of restaurants with specifics on their halal meat source and other particulars so everyone can make educated choices on what they decide to eat.

Our goals are transparency and empowerment through education. Ignorance is not bliss, we always question halal authenticity before eating at any dining establishments.

All of the content in this website is opinion and should not be taken as professional or authoritative. You have the ultimate responsibility over what you take away from visiting here. We have done our best to deem what we consume and promote to be halal. However, at any given time, this may change without us being aware — so please always make sure to do your own investigating.

Restaurant, grocery and product overviews:
We review businesses that use halal meats that are strictly zabihah. However, since there is a lot of confusion in the community about this, there is a chance that the places we feature are unknowingly from doubtful sources.

Comments left by our site visitors:
We do not approve of any restaurants or products that our site visitors leave in the comments section as this is considered public space and only moderated for language and/or abuse. Comments from anyone other than the admin of this site are not affiliated with Halalfoodie.ca

Business Directory:
Our business directory intends to be a listing of all restaurants that offer halal food. Directory listings will clearly indicate meat slaughter type (hand, machine, mixed or unknown) as well as information on other particulars such as alcohol and haram ingredients. Listings with a green HF symbol follow our preference of no alcohol, full “Zabihah by Hand” menu and is a place we highly recommend. Since we cannot check or monitor, we urge readers to always investigate business listings as well by contacting owners and asking questions.

Please forgive the authors of this site if there is any misleading or incorrect information and please notify us immediately if you can by leaving a comment in the box below.

JazakAllah khairan





  • awesome initiative!

    • Halal Foodie on March 16, 2013

      Thank you! It’s only been possible because of the readers and our hard working writers alhamdulillah 🙂

  • Love it, all the best!

  • Love your restaurant reviews.,,,,,,,,,very helpful.

  • Love this site and enjoy the contents, reviews and interactions here.
    Im a foodie myself and love to try out new varieties within the parameter of authentic Halal certification.
    Keep up the great work sista!

  • please make arrange for more ways of marketing your website, and add more Halal resturants,,,it will not only inform the muslim community about the varrieties of places to eat and shop but also boost the halal businessmens income which means that it will help the muslim comunity in many ways, more income for brothers and sisiters who offers halal product and more job for muslim comunity ,,

  • Great site and initiative….just need more listings in your directory.

    For example, under restaurants for Markham, only 4 appear, but here are many MANY more that I’d love to see listed in your directory.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    • Halal Foodie on October 28, 2013

      Thanks! Yes! We agree and are getting more restaurants added as soon as possible!

  • Where are you based out of?
    Have you heard of http://www.AmericanMuslimConsumer.com?

  • I dont think you have updated the restaurants based upon your stated initiative……when you will complete the site update???

    • Halal Foodie on September 9, 2014

      Very soon! We are working on a new business directory that will have more features and will give more detailed information on halal restaurants around Canada.

  • So restraint with green check marks what do they mean? I’ve searched up some restaurants and they don’t have green check marks

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