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The best halal burgers in Toronto can be found throughout the GTA — we are in no shortage of a good halal burger these days — a far cry from where we were a few years back!

As Halal Food Fest Toronto comes to a close, I’m going to have to rethink my choices – just a bit! There are some new players in the game and they’ve made their mark in a very short period of time.

I know that there will be a few obvious places that I’ve omitted, however, please note that I only spotlight places on the website that adhere to these factors: hand-slaughtered halal only, no alcohol, no pork. Also, this isn’t just my opinion, it’s a combination of social media listening, polls — and yes, a bit of my own two-cents.

Feel free to add your own suggestions for best halal burger in the comments section below! Adding a meat source with your suggestion(s) would be helpful to other readers as well.

I’ve added the cost of your average run-of-the-mill burger at each location to give a gauge on how the pricing works at each eatery. I’m not including restaurant burgers where a side is usually apart of the price (i.e. Affy’s, Sizzling Skillet, etc) because the list will get way too large. These are burger joints, where burgers are the main attraction.


In no particular order, here are our top picks for best halal burger in Toronto:


On the Bun, 5030 Maingate Dr., Mississauga
Entry level halal burger price: $4.89
For burger lovers in the west, On the Bun is a great option loved by all. Their Apple Butter Burger is popular as well as their masala burger or fries. They even offer options to mix and match. Very friendly atmosphere and great customer service. If you go in with your Halal Card, you get a 25% discount!


Burgernator, 269 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
Entry level halal burger price: $5.00
Toronto Muslims love Burgernator. I don’t know if it’s their cool terminator themed marketing or their exciting menu or their house ground black angus beef, but they seem to woo anyone who visits them. They feature over-the-top burgers similar to non-halal joints like Burger Priest, along with their regular halal burgers which are always consistent and wonderful.


Toppings, 426 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill
Entry level halal burger price: $4.99
One of the first places to offer halal beef bacon/strips as a topping (bacon cheese burger). I do love this place for their quality and price. They’re one of our hidden gems that I’m so glad we had the opportunity to find last year! I hope to see them in a larger place in the near future 🙂


Big Moe’s, 3517 Kennedy Road & 1961 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough
Entry level halal burger price: $4.79
Brought the craft burger bug to halal food lovers in the city and still going strong. They do a fine job at drawing in the “youthful” crowd and offer my favourite dessert – funnel cake! They have two convenient locations and a great weekly deal: $2.50 for their cheeseburger on Tuesday’s. One of their newer menu items is waffle fries, keeping with their carnival/festival fare theme.


Burger Factory, 5130 Dixie Road, Mississauga
Entry level burger price: $4.99
Serving the west end of the city; they’re known for their flat top griddle smash-burger, Juicy Lucy and their “Factory Sauce”. Even though it doesn’t sound too appealing, it’s actually quite good. They also have funnel cake – yay!


Flavors Cafe and Eatery, 2200 Brock Road, Pickering
Entry level halal burger price: $7.00 (comes with fries or salad)
Recently went through some menu sprucing and went in to retry their burger. We highly recommend the 8oz halal bacon cheeseburger with fries. A step up from their entry level 5oz burger but highly flavourful and fresh.


Something to Talk About, 78 Gerrard St W., Toronto
Entry level halal burger price: $4.99
A down town favourite for many years, if you work in the city’s core, chances are you’ve already had them. If not, you need to visit! They make great sandwiches, shawarma – and halal burgers! My only issue here is that they’re only open until 5pm Monday-Friday and closed on weekends. But they are humble and who can blame them — they do well enough just with the lunch crowds.


** CLOSED** Fry Haus, 296 Gerrard St. E, Toronto
Entry level halal burger price: $4.49
A tiny little Cabbagetown joint, Fry Haus is an amazing place to try out some German street food – including their freshly ground Deutschen Burgers. I tried this place five weeks after they opened and I’d classify them as a amazing; fresh, great proportions, awesome prices and a quick place to grab lunch if you’re in the area.


** CLOSED** Big Mamma’s House, 1 Rossland Rd., Ajax
Entry level halal burger price: $5.89
Big Mamma’s is not your ordinary burger joint, they’ve really gone the extra mile to make both the food and experience memorable. Went back a few months after their grand opening and they’ve really improved. The Big Hawaiian is one of my favourites as well as their chicken poutine and lip smacking ribs!


That’s it for us, we’re all burger-ed out. Would love to hear your feedback and recommendations on anything not listed here (we’ll update accordingly!)



By: June 11, 2013


  • FYI – Toppings has actually expanded by taking over the unit next door to them. When I went there a couple of weeks ago, they are renovating the place and told me it should be ready by mid-June.

  • Awesome Article!
    btw, you misspelled burgernator.

  • really? ive never had a sloppier and unpleasant burger than i have at toppings.

    but burgernator, big moes and big mammas are all beyond amazing

  • Disclaimer: I’m not Muslim and I don’t eat halal. I come here to educate myself and because I do have a few halal-eating Muslim friends. What is “halal beef bacon”?? Bacon in itself is a very specific item – i.e. though dependent on what specific cut of bacon, it is still from pork belly. You can’t have “beef bacon” any more than you can have “beef salmon” or “beef chicken”. Why try to fabricate something just because it exists in the non-Muslim world?

    • Halal Foodie on June 18, 2013

      Hey John – I’d have to disagree. There are a lot of references online to “beef bacon” in both the “Muslim world” and mainstream. It’s becoming more and more popular as it’s a healthier alternative Bacon is traditionally pork, but my understanding is it refers to a cut and a curing process – not a specific animal!

      Toppings, and some other places refer to it as beef “bacon” most likely because it’s easy to recognize – similar to the way people will refer to turkey bacon (halal or not). Others will say beef strips. I don’t think anyone is trying to fabricate anything, it’s tasty and halal meat processing plants are making it more available to anyone.

  • Thank you for the clarification. Yes, you are correct in that its usage has been broadened. Yes, _real_ bacon is a cut – from pork belly. From a health standpoint, turkey bacon and chicken bacon are considered the healthiest (if there’s a tofu bacon, that would be the winner). It’s similar to “veggie” burgers – traditionally, burgers have always been made from ground meat, typically beef. But in order to allow vegetarians to feel included, they created a soy “burger” (which other than name, tastes nothing like a meat burger – much like any bacon not derived from pork). Anyway, full compliments on your site – I know from my Muslim friends that you are providing an invaluable service to your community.

    • Halal Foodie on June 18, 2013

      Thanks!! Also, thank you for taking the time to visit 🙂

  • What about hero burger? 🙂

    • Halal Foodie on July 17, 2013

      Lot’s of people love Hero Burger, the only issue is that we try our best to promote places that only have halal meat. Since Hero Burger has other non-halal meat, we can’t include them unfortunately 🙁

  • Ah! I understand 🙂 Thanks for making this site. I hope to visit your recommendations after Ramadan!

    • Halal Foodie on July 18, 2013

      Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy them – leave more comments letting us know what you think!

  • Thanks to this site I’ve been eating at a new halal spot every weekend and just picked up my halal foodie card. I got the card at On the Bun and instantly saved $5.50 off my meal, this card is a no brainer.

  • I’ve had most of the burgers on the list now and been driving all around GTA on weekends trying these burgers. I would say top 2 spots in GTA are Burgenator and On the Bun. Its hard for any other spot to compete with these.

    • Halal Foodie on August 19, 2013

      I agree IL! Not only is the food superior, but so is the service.

  • Big Momma’s House in Ajax – best burgers in the GTA. You have to give them a try. Absolutely amazing!

  • We went to Big Moe’s about a month ago. They do not take debit but they told us we could use the ATM machine. I told them that for what the machine charges + what my bank charges, I could buy another burger. We left. The place was empty. They need to consider debit if they want to stay in business. If it is the bank charges that concern them, then add another $.50 on their price to cover it.

    Lila Khan

  • Umar Patel on March 19, 2014

    Update: Yusha’s is now closed down, and a new place called “Osman’s” is under renovation to open soon in the same location.

  • I LOVE this site, been following y’all from day 1!!! May Allah bless and reward you guys for the awesome job you do the for the community! 🙂

  • Foodie Mom on April 11, 2014

    Halal Foodie you doing an excellent job of showcasing the many halal restaurants in the GTA. Hats off to them for providing us with the many halal food options. But to the general public don’t be too hard on them. Help them improve by telling them instead of criticizing them. Their business is their livelihood. So lets help them with positivity and suggestions.

  • Love the updates. Makes decision making a whole lot easier with peoples feedback.
    Great kob Halalfoodie

  • what is the burgernator’s meat source?

    • Halal Foodie on November 3, 2014

      Based on our latest check, The Burgernator gets their chicken from Sargent Farms and beef from St. Helen’s Meat Packers, both hand slaughtered halal sources. It’s always best to call before you visit however.

  • Toppings make bad food. No good

  • On the bun is awesome tried the masala and apple burger however big smoke burger in square one halal is better then on the bun burger more juicy and bigger patty ….!!!

    • On the bun another drawback is cash only….??? Like in which era we r living in no visa master debit …. Cash only … That will slow u down ….

  • I think in Mississauga big smoke burger is on top …..!!!

  • great article 🙂 there is a place called HWY 55 in Oakville that deserves to be in this list as well!

  • I just went to on the bun today, and couldn’t find any signs there which would suggest it is halal food. When I asked the cashier if the food is halal, she seemed confused and couldn’t answer straight away.
    Can anyone else here confirm if they are halal, and if they are, where are they certified from? Jzk

    • Halal Foodie on December 13, 2015

      Thanks for letting us know. Maybe they changed management? We haven’t been notified of changes. We’ll look into it and remove if we can’t find any info or they’ve changed.

  • Big Mama has closed down.

  • Is Hero Burger halal? They claim they are

  • Fyi flavors is closed too

  • Ali al Mexiki on November 8, 2016

    What is Big Moe’s source? I’ve been there recently and no hand slaughter sign, also seems management has changed as when I called the brother to ask him about the source he got mad at me and hung up.

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