The Best Halal Chicken Wings in Toronto

halal chicken wings

One of our favourite party foods is a big tray of halal chicken wings. Whether it’s game night, movie night or a family get-together, you can’t go wrong with wings. And now the only question left is from where? We don’t have too many options in Toronto, but the ones we do have are pretty darn good.

One of the reasons we put this Best Of list together is because people are always asking us where they can find the best halal chicken wings in Toronto. It’s a very common question and we don’t blame them – sure they’re messy but wings are easily in our top 10 foods.

As usual, we only cover places that are exclusively halal – that means no pork, alcohol or partial halal options. We also try our best to make sure meat sources are all checked and verified but please always do your own investigating directly with each establishment mentioned in case of a change in management/suppliers.

We asked our readers and fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and here’s what we came up with (in alphabetical order):

BabaJon’s Pizza
2200 Brock Road, Pickering
Those in the east, east end tell us that BabaJon’s makes some pretty mean wings (and pizza!).  They’re fried and are drenched in a special sauce, and hit the spot when you’re just in the mood for some wings.

Black Ox Bistro
1780 Markham Road, Scarborough
They opened their doors this year and the one dish we just can’t get enough of is their Brazilian Churrasquira Wings! These are not your typical pizza and wings type halal chicken wings — the flavour alone is what makes them absolutely unique and one of our top picks in the Greater Toronto Area.

Bismillah Halal Pizza & Chicken Wings
3160 Eglinton Avenue East #5, Scarborough
Come for the pizza, but stay for the wings! Great slogan, right? We should totally quit our day jobs. Kidding aside, the pizza is good at this older Scarborough spot, but the fried chicken wings with hot sauce are on a different level.

Nugget Pizza and Wings
4830 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough
This local pizzeria has been recommended to us quite a few times and we can’t say we don’t see why! The BBQ wings come with the right amount of flavour and oomph. They offer a clean space, great service and fresh food – what more could you want?!

145 Rexdale Boulevard, Toronto
We checked out Mushkaki a few years ago and every time we go back, it’s still just as good, if not better! In fact, we can’t think of one person who doesn’t like Mushkaki, whether it’s the wraps, the burgers or the wings. The wings here are meant to be eaten as a side, and are sold in sets of 8 pieces.  If you like everything else on the menu and appreciate the unique flavours, then you’ll definitely enjoy the wings. Don’t forget to order their signature Mushkaki fries too!

Perfect Bite
4525 Ebenezer Rd. Unit 9, Brampton
Their Buffalo chicken wings have been mentioned a lot on social media so we think they deserve a spot here on our Best of Halal Chicken Wings list! Not only are their wings terrific, but despite their humble decor, they have a fantastic menu which is also well priced.

Pizza Land
1801 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
They were recently closed for renovations, but they just reopened! And boy, are we happy because this Pharmacy and Lawrence oldie is a fan-favourite. We’re hoping that nothing (but the decor) about Pizza Land changed because their food is some of the best in the city. It’s not the ideal date spot, but it is good for some quick food with your friends or to grab take-out.

1-426 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill peeps – you should have Toppings on speed dial. The burgers are good, the pizza even better, but it’s the wings that we can’t get enough of. Particularly the Homicide chicken wings which are spicier than spicy and hotter than an Indian summer – no lie. If you can handle the heat, definitely try ‘em, but there’s other flavours that are just as good for those less daring.

3007 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto
They used to be in Pickering but moved to Scarborough a few years ago, and having a location right off the highway makes this wings place very popular. Similar to other restaurants, Zestee’s has more than just wings but the wings are the best part of their menu, hands-down. Once you order the wings, you can then douse ‘em in as much or as little sauce as you want which is different from most spots. Their most-loved sauce? The Rainbow sauce, which is kind of like an all-dressed.

By: April 10, 2015


  • chicken wings at Melt Grilled Cheese Scarborough are always a fam fave.

  • Looks like someone knocked off Big Mammas House of Burgers & Ribs slogan!
    “Come for the Grill, Stay for the Friends”

  • Pizza time has some of the best wings in the city

  • Zestee’s is no good anymore since the owner changed. Cleanliness is a major issue I would avoid going there.

  • Agree with the person above saying pizza time, definitely should be one of the top on the list

  • How about Pizza La Rosa? Please try and comment. Thanks

  • For really great pizza wings and poutine should absolutely try Baba JON in Pickering on Brock Rd.I do not know something special is going on there plus it is open kitchen and very clean the owner is very nice.

  • any all you can eat wings?

  • island mix pickering and vaughan

  • Zestee is closed on Sheppard and pharmacy and a new pizza joint has opened up, their pizza is above average and wings are pretty awesome.

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