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Halal Breakfast in Toronto has come a long way – we even have brunch options! Last summer, the brunch bug hit Toronto hard. It seems like everyone was interested in this meal between breakfast and lunch – and why shouldn’t they be? Brunch offers the best of both worlds – savoury and sweet!

It wasn’t long before halal restaurants decided to start offering breakfast and brunch on the weekends, and that’s when our fun began! Halal beef strips (some say “macon” as well), pancakes, waffles … colour us excited! We’ve got quite a few restaurants in and around the GTA that offer our favourite meal, and we’re hoping to add more as the months go by.

Without further adieu, here’s what you helped us put together:


** CLOSED ** A La Crepe (2761 Markham Road, Unit 6, Scarborough)

Still fairly new to the food scene, A La Crepe offers an extensive breakfast/brunch menu comprising of omelettes, pancakes, crepes and french toast. There’s also a huge variety of teas to accompany your meal. If you choose to come to A La Crepe on a busy Sunday, choose the french toast – the homemade whipped cream is to die for.


D-Spot (51 Lebovic Avenue, Scarborough)

Formerly Spin Cafe Scarborough, D-Spot has plenty to choose from, but is best known for its selection of desserts. That said, the Rolo pancakes are all the rage – pancakes drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce and topped with mini Rolo chocolates? Who could resist? D-Spot is another cafe that’s perfect for a family brunch, with plenty of seating for everyone.


Fresh East (Erin Mills Town Centre, 5100 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga)

We recently did an overview on Fresh East and our tastebuds were blown away with the sandwiches they had to offer. Well, good news for breakfast lovers: they have breakfast sandwiches much like local sandwich delis that we see at every corner (but aren’t halal!). What we like most about their breakfast menu is that you can choose the egg sandwich on a sub bun OR a croissant. There’s also a variety of breakfast sandwiches to choose from: egg ‘n’ cheese, egg ‘n’ cheese with meat, etc.


Haze Lounge (4230 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard, Mississauga)

Haze Lounge recently started serving brunch on the weekends from 11-4, Haze Lounge offers both traditional English brunch to even mutabbaq, which is a flat bread stuffed with meat or vegetables, and then pan-fried. And although the lounge is definitely catered to the older crowd at night (think shisha lounge), it’s kid-friendly for brunch so you can come enjoy a meal with the family.


Paramount Fine Foods (Multiple locations in the GTA)

Yes, we know – Paramount is a regular on our Best Of Lists! But we can’t help it – Paramount has all the makings of a great restaurant chain, including a breakfast menu on the weekend. Patrons can order eggs, like at most breakfast spots, but they can also order Fatteh/Laban which is a traditional middle eastern breakfast dish.


Melt Grilled Cheese (1515 Birchmount Road, Scarborough and 710 Taunton Road East, Whitby) ** CLOSED ** 

When asking our followers and friends on Facebook, many told us that the Good Morning Melt at Melt Grilled Cheese deserved to be on this list. Fried egg and tater tots on a grilled cheese sandwich? That’s a combination we may never have come up with on our own, but it seems to work really well! Ask for it with macon and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: not all Melt Grilled Cheese locations are halal.


Pak Centre (2683 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough)

Alright, alright – we can’t have a list of best brunch and breakfast places in Toronto without giving a shoutout to our desi restaurants and their halva puri! For those not familiar with halva puri, it’s found at almost every Indian/Pakistani restaurant and often comprises of a fried puri bread, chana masala (chick peas), sometimes a potato curry, and sweet halva. One of the most popular places to get halva puri (also very inexpensive) is Pak Centre in Scarborough – one order is enough for two!


Peppercorn Steak and Seafood Restaurant (2290 Markham Road, Scarborough)

Peppercorn Steak opened up earlier this year where the old Sizzling Skillet used to be. They’re mostly known for their – you guessed it – steak and seafood but they do have a few breakfast items on their menu. There are omelettes (Fiesta omelette, anyone?) and breakfast sandwiches that many seem to enjoy. They’ve also got pancakes if eggs aren’t really your thing!


Shirin Mahal Bakery (Multiple locations in the GTA)

Speaking of halva puri, Shirin Mahal also offers the popular Indian/Pakistani breakfast. Of course, no trip to Shirin Mahal is complete without stocking up on meethai and pastries, so choose your poison very carefully!


Sizzling Skillet (2201 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough)

We like to refer to them as the halal breakfast pioneer, venturing into breakfast and brunch when no other halal restaurant offered it. They caught the GTA Muslim population by storm a few years ago when they first opened up and it was breakfast love ever since. We were sad when they closed down earlier this year but they’ve since reopened at a bigger location. From omelettes to hashbrowns, and french toast to pancakes – they’ve got everything you can possibly desire for breakfast! They serve it every day until 5 PM so no need to rush in!


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