The Best NEW Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Best New Halal Restaurants

Best NEW Halal Restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area 2013. There were so many new places over the last couple of years, some were an instant hit, some were hyped up but then quickly deflated, some were hidden gems that went undiscovered for months.

Here’s our summary of the ones we liked (from what we’ve checked out). Selected for their uniqueness, experience, taste and service.

The best new halal restaurants are not an easy task to judge. Restaurant owners need time to work out their kinks so I personally go in with an open mind and look at their vision and potential. The ones listed are places that stood out for us along with feedback from polls we’ve held on social media.

Opening a new restaurant is not an easy task. I’m a firm believer that it takes a full year minimum to really understand your market, menu, operations, etc. As patrons, we are quick to judge and with social media taking word of mouth to lightning speed levels, it can sometimes leave new owners frustrated and out-of-sorts.

This “Best of” is mainly for restaurants, but trying to get in a good assortment of best take out, family, and fast foods as well to make the list well-rounded.

When I say “best” I mean, “best effort”. Usually because they offer something that I haven’t necessarily experienced before or bring something different to the Toronto halal scene. If you have any that you’d like to add, please leave a note in the comments section below!


Here are our picks (not in any particular order):


Galito’s, Mississauga, Vaughan, Whitby
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

2012/2013 was the year of the peri-peri chicken. So many Portuguese style chicken places have been popping up. Galito’s is one of the newer places and although they are all very similar, they do stand out a little more for me based on all around experience.


Eastern Twist, 505 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto
Lunch, Casual, Take-out

They went through some renovations and recently had a grand re-opening. They’ve been well-known for years serving their quality wraps to the lunch crowd in Toronto. Eastern Twist brings some unique choices like butter chicken poutine, khao soi and favourites like chilli dogs and sliders.


Milano FoodWorks, 7181 Woodbine Ave, Markham
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

If you want a big fat Philly cheese steak or some gyros, this place has you covered. I like their location because it’s convenient for Northern working folk needing some halal meat for lunch. Their chicken souvlaki is one of their best sellers but they’re also known by all for their veal sandwiches. The restaurant has been around for ages, but new management has changed all of their meat to halal and no pork is served.


Chicko’s Chicken, 7595 Markham Road Unit 15, Markham
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

There are plenty of chicken places, but not like this! Chicko’s is halal (they purchase their meat from a HMA certified meat supplier). There is no pork or alcohol used/served so they checkout in terms of our basic criteria. They do their chicken Peruvian style which is incredibly moist, flame licked rotisserie chicken.


Crave Grill House25 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Unit 5
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

Here’s a great example of proper execution. The owners have obvious restaurant management experience and understand what is lacking in the halal food service industry. From quality menu items, modern family friendly interior to great customer service — we can see Crave Grill House gaining a loyal following quickly!


Sizzling Skillet (Weekend Breakfast), 2290 Markham Rd, Scarborough
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

The restaurant has been opened for a couple of years now, but they’ve opened a new weekend breakfast which is a pretty fantastic idea. I really think they should consider all day breakfast — they’re in a great location for it and I don’t think there is an all-day halal breakfast place here in Toronto. They’re on to something 🙂


Flavors Cafe, 2200 Brock Rd c4, Pickering
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

They started out being a hit and have kept the momentum going with constant improvements. Their menu is trendy so you can enjoy many of the same foods you see in mainstream restaurants — fried chicken and waffles anyone? That and their brisket sandwich and mango milkshake is the bees knees! 


Karachi Kitchen, 6560 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

It’s the best hostile takeover I’ve seen happen to an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. It’s the happy medium between parent and child. It’s what I wish was around when my parents took me out as a young teen. Why? Where else can you get ribs or a Philly sandwich AND butter chicken, kebabs, nihari and Pakistani fare. It’s fancy looking but still has cafeteria style ordering with no table service. Their garlic naan is a definite must try.


Zem One, 4555 Hurontario St, Mississauga
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

If you’re looking for authentic Japanese food in an all-halal environment, then head to Zem One. They have a wonderful selection and many must-try items from their extensive menu. Being one of the only all-halal sushi places in Toronto, we knew it had to be on this list. SEE OUR FULL REVIEW!


Naan & Kebob, 1801 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough
Casual, Dining area, Take-out

Recently featured on Restaurant Takeover, they get an A for effort just because they had the insight to make change happen. If you love Afghan food and want another alternative — check this place out!



Toppings, 1-426 Major MacKenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill
Casual, Take-out, Few seats only

This is such an under appreciated restaurant. Also, because of their location they’re hard to find and hidden. However, when you walk in they’re a hit on all levels — even with atmosphere/ambiance given the fact that they are not in the best location, they still try their best to compensate with comfy decor and extra friendly service. It’s the only place in town that has a halal bacon cheeseburger 🙂


Burgernator, 269 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
Casual, Take-out, Dining Area

Toronto Muslims love Burgernator. I don’t know if it’s their cool terminator themed marketing or their exciting menu or their house ground black angus beef, but they seem to woo anyone who visits them. They feature over-the-top burgers similar to non-halal joints like Burger Priest, along with their regular halal burgers which are always consistent and wonderful.


If you loved the best new halal restaurants list, stay tuned for the next in the “Best of” series, “Best Halal Burger Joints in Toronto”. There will be some well-known places, plus some up-and-coming ones as well!


By: April 24, 2013


  • Whitehalalguy on April 29, 2013

    I’m making my way through this list. I’ve had Galito’s, Milano and Grilled39.

    I loved the Grilled39 burgers..good bye Hero burger

  • Whitehalalguy on April 29, 2013

    Milano Philly Cheese steak was really good too

  • Salam
    Dont know if you’ve heard of Sizzlo’z in Mississauga its a Portuguese style restaurant with decent menu and sitting area.
    I actually enjoyed the quality, quantity and ambience even the service was good.
    The sides are good and everything served is fresh n tasteful.
    Im fond of the peri bites and the quarter chicken breast meal with sizz spicy fries or coleslaw.
    Value for money and good variety so overall it’s a good place and I would give it better ratings than Nando’s around.
    Do check it out!

  • And … Zaytoun at hurontario is an awesome grill house… a little upscale though but very decent place to have a decent meal and the ambience is perfect for some quality time with family and special occasions.

  • Salam,
    I just love Toppings, Pizza!! Customer service is great. I lived in Scarborough all my life, then got married and moved to Richmond Hill. Finding an Amazing pizza joint is like finding a diamond in the rough… I hated driving to Scarborough for good pizza, but Toppings is amazing. (I mean finding a place with HALAL bacon, REALLY do i have to say anymore!!!)

  • My only question is, that picture of chicken and peas….which restaurant and the name of the plate?

  • Is the Amaya Express restaurant in the food court at the Eaton Centre downtown Toronto halal?The Halal certificate posted in the restaurant is dated 2011.Any recent revalidation?

  • burgernator does not indicate HALAL anywhere on their website.
    If you didn’t say it, there is no where indicating Burgernator is a halal joint.
    Could you kindly mention this to them … makes me question why they wouldn’t write it on their website?

  • For Halal Real Italian pizza/ pasta/ lasagna/sandwiches/wings, i would recommend Pizza La Rosa located @ 2555 Vic. Park Ave. They really make the best Halal Italian food.

  • 11 out of 12 are not even in Toronto. Please adjust your title to be “GTA” instead of “Toronto”

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