Blossom and Bean: Halal Marshmallows, Halal Candy and a CONTEST!

Blossom and Bean: Halal Marshmallows, Halal Candy and More now available in Toronto!

I had another one of those moments where I gasped so loud I scared everyone around me. If you eat halal, then you’ll understand; I found out that one of my dearest friends is making gourmet marshmallows AND selling halal candy. Her business is called Blossom and Bean.

Halal Candy

“The name of my company [Blossom and Bean] inspired by the “marshmallow fluff” peony flower, as well as my favourite baking ingredient, vanilla beans,” explains owner Lindsay Contractor, owner and mallow-maker. Fluffy is exactly what you’ll get too. Her marshmallows are very decadent and if even though I’ve never actually tasted a cloud, I would imagine this is what the texture might be like. I’ve sampled a few flavours and chocolate (pictured above) is one of my personal favourites along with mango.

So who is this Lindsay person and why is she making marshmallows? You might know Lindsay (Maryam) Contractor from her writing on Halal Foodie as well! She’s definitely a foodie!

Lindsay started making her own halal marshmallows in gourmet flavours after being disappointed with the store-bought variety. An avid camper and lover of the outdoors, marshmallows have always been a staple. Since reverting to Islam, like many in the same shoes, certain foods become off limits unless a suitable halal substitute is found.

Halal Candy

Making halal marshmallows are just one branch of her business, she is also carrying an impressive line of halal candy: halal gummy bears, halal peach rings, halal sour worms and more. Sixteen varieties to be exact.

The business she’s set off to pave focuses on hard-to-find halal confectionery, key being on quality.

“I have to give some credit to Halal Foodie for making me aware of the demand for halal candy,” We posted about halal candy a month ago on Facebook and the picture went viral. It’s no surprise that many, many others have been waiting for this and it has made a kid in all of us once again!

For more information on Blossom and Bean products and how you can order, visit Blossom and Bean online! Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates! You can also catch the confectionery crew at local Toronto community events!


Giveaway! Here’s a chance for one winner to get 8 bags of halal candy from Blossom and Bean!

Halal Candy

How to Enter:

  1. Guess how many pieces of halal candy are in this jar pictured above (remember your guess for step 3!)
  2. Visit Blossom and Bean online and pick a flavour of marshmallow you’d love to try!
  3. On this article, in the comment section below, leave your guess for the amount of halal candy in the jar PLUS your marshmallow flavour. If you are within 30 more or less of the correct amount, you will receive 1 entry.
  4. For an extra guaranteed entry, tweet this contest article and tag #halalfoodie PLUS follow @halal_foodie & @BlossomAndBean on Twitter.

The Rules:

  • You must do all 3 actions in order to qualify for one entry. Only one entry per email address/person per day (multiple entries are allowed as long as it’s not on the same day).
  • Extra guaranteed entry is optional (#4 above) – limited to one entry per Twitter account/person.
  • Entries that are within 30 gummies more or less will be selected for the final draw after the contest closes.
  • Contest starts July 29 at 1:00am and expires on August 4 at 1:00am.
  • 1 winner will be selected from qualifying entries and notified via email and Twitter (if applicable).
  • Winner will have 24 hours from the time we email you to respond with a mailing address within Canada only to claim your prize.

Start guessing!


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