CONTEST: Win Islamic Wall Art from Zama Designs!

Would you like to win beautiful Islamic wall art from Zama Designs? We have a week-long contest where you can do just that! is turning 1 this week and to thank all of our readers for their support over the past year, we have a beautiful piece of Islamic wall art to give away.

The winner will get ONE of these three (#1, 2 or 3) large-sized Islamic wall art pieces or a custom name/word wall art valued at a maximum of $63:


Islamic wall art


1. It’s simple, visit the Islamic wall art gallery at Zama Designs and answer this question:

What is your favourite Islamic wall art piece from the Zama Design gallery AND why?

2. Once you have your answer, Come back to THIS page and leave your response in the comment section below.

  • Your response MUST include at least one design name from Zama Design’s Islamic wall art gallery.
  • Be sure to leave your correct email address as this is how we’ll notify you if you’ve won the Islamic wall art from Zama Design!
  • You’re answer will be submitted for moderation (to make sure we filter out any spam), you will not see it right away but it will show up within a few hours.

This contest closes on Sunday September 30, 2012 at 11:59pm (EST).

On Monday October 1, 2012, we’ll select and award a random winner and notify them that they’ve won via email. They will have 24 hours to respond or we select another winner and so on until a winner claims their prize.

***I’ve been told that if we can get a lot of participation, Zama Designs might feel generous and throw in some MORE Islamic wall art prizes! So please spread the news and tell all of your family and friends by sharing this page on any of your favourite social media platforms!***


  • Only one entry per email address per person. 
  • We reserve the right to limit number of entries or disqualify any entry.
  • This contest is open to anyone, however, prize(s) can only be shipped to an address within Canada.
  • Cannot ship to a P.O. Box
  • total maximum value of the prize is $63 which includes shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Zama Designs is a local Toronto company offering beautiful and quality made Islamic wall art for your home, office, or any other location that has a wall, window or any other flat surface! Made from adhesive materials that will stay on your wall for years to come. They also offer custom Islamic wall art in any colour or size. Let your imagination and creativity free with your own personal drawing or have one of their professional illustrators customize something just for you. They have affordable flat rate shipping options to anywhere in the world!


By: September 23, 2012


  • I love the 5 pillars of Islam heart tree. I have a new baby and this would be a great way to decorate her room while introducing Islam to her

  • I love the Shahadah design. It reminds me of the Saudi Arabian flag. A place I`m sure we`d all love to go to over and over again.

  • My favorite is the 99 Names of Allah… It’s a stunning piece!

  • So hard to pick just one favourite! For me it would have to be the one entitled ‘Beginning’. I loved it so much that I have it on my wall. I love of the simplicity of it, yet it has such a profound place in our lives. Seeing it on the wall reminds us of the beauty of this simple yet important phrase.

  • I love them all – its really too hard to choose just one ! One of my favourites is the Bismillah 2. It’s simply gorgeous. Bismillah should be the first thing anyone says when beginning anything, whether waking up in the morning, starting to cook or beginning a new journey! I would love it right in my home near the entrance so that guests will say it as they enter my home, and my family will remember to say it as they begin their day when they leave, inshAllah.

  • i like Kalima Circle!!!!

  • so hard to pick one so i will pick two!!! Kalima Circle, Allahu Akbar and actually have to add a third and that is Muhammad (SAW).

  • Oh my! I have so many favorites. But, I absolutely love Verily in the Remembrance of Allah one. I have it up on my wall and I always read it and my heart is filled with peace.

  • I’ve had my eye on the Zama decals for a while because I’m in the middle of decorating my house (finally after 8 years of first moving in!). I adore the “Turkish Bismillah-2” design, mostly because the calligraphy is so beautiful and that it shows how beautiful Islam is.

  • Ayesha jameel on September 27, 2012

    I loved the Turkish Bismillah 2. The reasons are because I love Turkish Calligraphy, it gives a sense of style and has a touch of beauty in its writing. The reason I chose Bismillah is because, me and my family are about to start a new journey in our very own new home. Bismillah is always said before you start something new or anything for that matter. Theres another beautiful reason why I chose it, i would love to stick this decal in my dining room so that whenever we have food esp my lil son, we make sure to read out bismillah before taking our first bite 🙂 It would always be a wonderful reminder.
    Keep up the good work Zama Designs 🙂 Doing a wonderful job! MA

  • So hard to choose! I really like the Bismillah 1 and and Turkish Bismillah 2. Seeing the word Bismillah is a wonderful reminder for our family that everything we do begins with the intention to please Allah. I also think the Kalimah boat would be a great starting point for decorating my sons’ room.

  • I like the BismillahiRahmaniRahim Chinese style. I am Chinese Muslim and the art appeals to my decorative senses.

  • I love the bismillah 2! It is beautiful, especially the font and how with the design it would be a perfect rectangle to put anywhere! i also love the “Verily in the Remembrance of Allah Islamic Wall Art”! it is one of my favorite Ayah! I make Islamic calligraphy paintings, but these wall stickers are simply stunning, MashAllah!

  • Mariam Shahid on September 29, 2012

    My favorite piece from Zama Islamic designs is the Turkish bismillah 1. Although I Loveeee all their pieces I personally would love to have bismillah on my walls. I think it’s a great reminder for us being Muslims that everything we do should start with the name of our Almighty lord Allah swt. I love the elegance and the simplicity of the designs.. Would make any room look beautiful! I sure hope to own one of these for my new home InshaAllah

  • SO hard to choose!! but wow maashaAllaah.. one I really like is the trees of jannah one.. soo unique maashaAllaah. never seen that before

  • Asak your contest may be outdated? Is there a new one?

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