What to Expect at Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference (RIS)

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

We’re talking about the FOOD obviously!

With Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) a week away, the Halal Foodie team looks at the plethora of food options that will be available and let’s just say – we’re excited! In the past we’ve been forced to take the eat to live approach and can now safely say — the tides have turned!

We’re also grateful that organizers of major Islamic events have begun to take note of the rise of foodie culture and respond accordingly by offering a variety of food options at their events. Over the past few years, we’ve seen tons of halal restaurants pop up – from Japanese to Italian – so it only makes sense that these choices be reflected at Islamic events too.

We spoke with the organizers of RIS and you can expect a variety of choices from philly cheesesteak from Baba Gheddo, scrumptious Italian cuisine like Penne with beef sauce from Basilique to funnel cakes from Big Mamma’s House Burgers & Ribs and halal gummies from Blossom and Bean. That’s just a tip off the iceberg – there’s going to be sausages, fried chicken, bubble tea, chicken biryani and so much more!

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

We’re so used to a lack of variety that we had to pinch ourselves to make sure that we weren’t dreaming when we were sent over the list of food vendors.  Guess you can say that it was only a matter of time before major Islamic events started listening to the voice of the foodie nation 😉

Be sure to come say salaam to the Halal Foodie team at our booth. We just might have something exciting to unveil.

Foodies unite!

Vendors at RIS:

La Rissa, Mangoboost, Blossom and Bean, Chillout, Signature Samosas, Indian Biryani House, Baba Gheddo, Mr. Burrito Plus, Popeyes, Bismillah Foods, Waheed and Naz, Big Mamma’s House Burgers & Ribs, Basilique, Food 911

By: December 21, 2013


  • I hope some of these will have gluten-free options… or at least not give me the side-eye when I ask for just the filling and no bread, thanks!
    No Paramount Yalla truck?? Their shwarma and fries is really good.
    or maybe I’ll just brown bag it…

    • Halal Foodie on December 21, 2013

      Oh! I feel your pain! While I’m not sure about gluten free options at RIS, it is a priority for us at Halal Food Fest 2014!

  • I wish there were more tea and hot drink options like Zaza & Umbairo’s kashmiri chai. I always find the chai less than appealing and the line a mile long. Starbucks style drinks n davids style teas would make my day 🙂

  • What the cheesesteak from Baba Gheddo like? Any good?

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