Mister Frenchy Serves up French Street Food for Toronto

Mister Frenchy

When you think of French cuisine, the last thing you probably imagine is street food. But it’s an actual thing and it’s at Mister Frenchy located on the Danforth in Toronto’s Greek town.

Youcef Boudouh came to Toronto seven years ago with a dream to bring his fond memories of France to his new home in Canada. “I was born and raised in the suburbs of Lyon, where most of the working class live, a sort of modest income melting pot where people of West and North African and Portuguese and Spanish decent live together.”

It’s not until early 2000’s that French street food really started to evolved in these neighbourhoods. What exactly is French Fusion street food? “Mixing ingredients and recipes of the world with a French touch to come up with unique sandwich creations, like French Taco,” Youcef explains.

Yes, a French Taco is absolutely real, and pretty delicious.

First crafted in Lyon around 2001 when French street food really took off, the French Taco is technically a Panini pressed burrito sandwich mixing cheese sauce “Sauce fromagere” with fries, sweet peppers, onions, tomato and a choice of marinated meat, including a dipping sauce such as Samourai, Andalousian or Algerian.

Mister Frenchy

We opted to try their most popular variety, Super Mister Frenchy Taco. Perfect for meat lovers, it has seasoned ground beef, chicken breast, Turkey deli meat, Algerian sauce, house made cheese sauce (cheese imported from Europe) eggs, sweet peppers, onions and French fries.

Mister Frenchy

Then there’s Roulé Cordon Bleu which is pizza dough turned into a wrap sandwich filled with France’s famous “Cordon bleu” (Cordon is a dish of meat wrapped around cheese, then breaded and pan-fried) French fries, tomato, onions and pepper sauce.

Mister Frenchy

The only pizza that can be found in Lyon crafted back in 2000 is Pizza Boisée. The most striking difference from regular Italian pizza is that it does not have tomato sauce. The base is a cheese sauce (made from scratch in-house). Then we added ground beef, sweet peppers, onions and black olives topped with that specially imported emmental cheese.

Mister Frenchy
One of the oldest and most iconic French Street Food sandwich is Croque Monsieur. First crafted back in 1901 in a Parisian brasserie on the Boulevard des Capucines. The sandwich consists sliced bread, bechamel sauce in between (we use our unique Lyonnais cheese sauce instead of bechamel), beef ham, and emmental cheese on top, then it’s baked in the oven to melt and bring all the flavours together.
Mister Frenchy
And then there’s that creamy Creme Brûlée! Youcef explains some people come just for their fresh dessert – again, all made in-house.
If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for some satisfying and tasty food – visit Mister Frenchy and support this local business! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
Meat Source: All meat is sourced from Iqbal Foods, Sargent Farms and Solmaz (hand slaughtered sources) ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **
Mister Frenchy
675 Danforth Ave, Toronto
(647) 340-0790
By: November 9, 2017

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  • We see the French influence on North Africa and Middle Eastern cuisine, will be nice to try it in its original format. Thanks for the find!

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