Halal Fine Dining Experiences on the Rise for Toronto Foodies

Halal Fine Dining

When I received an invitation from Affy’s Premium Grill to come in for a special event and menu — Affycionados, Halal Fine Dining for the Halal Connoisseur — I had no clue that it was for something of this calibre. Even though it clearly says so in the title, I’ve learned to separate real fine dining with halal fine dining.

I’ve known (more like stalked) Chef Afzal since his early days as a Chef in some well-known Toronto restaurants (non-halal). He’s worked in several high end places throughout the GTA.

When Affy’s Premium Grill opened up, there were many risks he was taking. However from the start his intention was always for the purist of reasons; He wanted to give Muslims the experience of walking into a steakhouse-style restaurant with menu items you wouldn’t normally find at your typical halal restaurant. His reasoning has stayed consistent each time I’ve heard him speak about opening up Affy’s.

Now, I’ve admitted in the past that I couldn’t find a dish that I really, thoroughly enjoyed the way I remember enjoying when Chef Afzal worked for other restaurants. Which my opinion has changed by the way (Stuffed Cajun Chicken ALL THE WAY).

I’ve thought a lot about why this was and realized, in my humble opinion, Chef Afzal had to really please the masses by commercializing or rather streamlining his dishes to suit this new crowd some odd decade or so ago. We weren’t ready for true halal fine dining — not yet anyways.

Now, as the years have passed, and food has been a hot topic, masses are now looking for more and are open to different foods, styles of cooking and preparation. Our communal palate is ready.

Just looking at the horizon, there are a host of new and exciting restaurants scheduled to open at the end of this year and early 2014 — all bringing in fresh new concepts to the way we currently dine.

A rare opportunity came up — Chef Afzal was able to source and secure Kobe-style Wagu Beef from Australia. An idea was born as they decided to test out a special seven course menu:

Halal Fine Dining


Sourdough & Multi-grain rolls served w/ honey butter


Cream of Asparagus or San Francisco Clam Chowder


Shichimi Sushi Tuna Salad w/sesame sauce & Wasabi


Seafood platter: Stuffed shrimp, coconut shrimp, halal bacon-wrapped scallops, clam casino in mushroom caps, jumbo shrimp cocktail


Bovine: Peppercorn-crusted 10 oz Kobe-style Wagyu beef steak or Foul: Maple-glazed 16 oz Cornish game hen stuffed with traditional rice stuffing, served with lobster tail, breaded ravioli & roasted eggplant sauce


Silky smooth Chocolate Mousse, with chocolate shavings and Decadent white chocolate bread pudding

Coffee & Tea


THIS IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT AFFY’S! However, we think it would be great to offer once in a while so Halalfoodie.ca and Affy’s Premium Grill would like to hear your feedback:

How interested are you in having these exclusive halal fine dining experiences?

Tell us what you think! Feel free to leave a comment below!


By: December 5, 2013


  • I wish there were more exclusive halal fine dining options! I would be first in line at Affy’s if they had an exclusive dinner like this. Maybe something for New Year’s Eve? Just a thought!

  • This is Awesome! I would totally want this menu! are these regular events, how do we make reservations

  • Faiza Sultana on December 5, 2013

    YES PLEASE! this would definitely be a pleaser for someone who is a fine dining aficianado…albeit its not for everyday but everyone would like to indulge once in awhile and i am sick of eating at nonhalal fine dining restuarants and paying an enormous amount for a peice of salmon or talapia. This is much needed and refreshing.

  • My family and I would LOVE this!!

  • Absolutely my wife and I would attend iA

  • The menu and concept sound incredible! It would be amazing if Affy’s could offer these dinners a few times a year (eg,during Eid time) with reservations…i’m sure it would be in big demand considering the very limited (pretty much nonexistent) fine dining options available now!

  • I would absolutely love it if there were some fine dining options available. Obviously it would be costly, but it would definitely be worth it. I think that Affy’s would take over the Halal restaurant industry in Toronto and I would go there every opportunity I got(with friends, family, relatives and people from out of town).


  • Just a Kid on the Curb of Wishes on January 22, 2014

    With the approach of graduation for many HS and Uni/College students this summer, it’d be a great opportunity for Affy’s and its customers to test the fine-dining market, and potentially enter a new world of experience?

    Just a thought.

  • I think once a month Affy’s or some one should hold a couple of course VIP meal for the hungry people out there sell tickets, and everyone is happy, but it has to be an interesting menu. different all the time maybe 25-40 $ per person I am down count me in.DO IT!! make money!! feed us!!

  • The menu sounds absolutely delicious. I will second what Mark has stated above; $40 per person is reasonable and acceptable for fine dining. I would like to urge the Chef to consider hosting such an event at least once a month. Appreciate the hard work of the halal foodie team and look forward to the next newsletter.

  • Great place would love to come back to eat and definitely would recommend.

  • I’d love it if it were properly prepared and served. The pictures look great and I’m sure Afzal is skilled in the kitchen but it doesn’t show in his restaurant.

    Hate to say that my last few dining experiences at Affy’s (Pickering) were only memorable in that the service was terrible and the food mediocre at best. It used to be a good place – but has gone downhill over the last couple of years.

  • Affy’s is still very good. 90% of the time I am not disappointed. Where else can you get halal steak other than Ruth Chris which is sooo expensive that we combined two graduations and one wedding anniversary just so we could afford it.

    I am in total agreement with the special menu, offer it once a month. Get your customers on a mailing list and tell us about it! We will come !!
    I think this article was posted December 2013. Br. Afzal, what happened? What did you decide? I will mention it Br. Afzal next time I’m there.

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