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Hafsa Pathan

With smartphones and tablets always at our fingertips it only makes sense that there is a plethora of handy food apps ready to help us out in the kitchen.  Who needs a sous chef when you have these ever-so-helpful apps?



Possibly one of our favourite food apps for the iPad – and it’s also available for Android and Windows Phone. Just prop up the iPad and read your recipes from it as you cook – it’s super useful and user-friendly.

It’s a free app and lists more than 250,000 recipes, which are easy enough to skim through to find the perfect dish to cook for dinner. We like it because it’s more than just a virtual cookbook; there are tools to help you with meal planning, and populating your grocery list so that you end up buying exactly what you need.

One of our favourite features is 4 Ingredients, making dinner has never been easier!


Escoffier Cook’s Companion

This is a simple but über useful food app that you must download. It’s not there to give you thousands of recipes to choose from or to make you the next Gordon Ramsay. Consider the Cook’s Companion to be exactly what it’s name implies: a useful aide in the kitchen.

You don’t even want to know the number of times we’ve stopped cooking midway and ran to our computer to Google metric conversions. This app saves you the trouble of doing that, and also has some other cool features including a timer and an encyclopedia of cooking terms.



Remember how we said that the Escoffier Cook’s Companion wouldn’t make you the next MasterChef? Well Appetites just might.

You can cook along with popular chefs as they teach you (with pictures) how to create great dishes from beginning to end. You no longer need to YouTube every recipe you want to learn how because cooking with Appetites is like cooking with your own personal sous chef.

You can also email all the ingredients for the dish directly to your smartphone, and there’s a “Replay Audio” button that allows you to hear what the foodie says without replaying the entire video.


What are your top food apps?

Photo Credit: Enum Malik, Popcorn Studios

By: February 22, 2014

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