Get Winter-ready with a Vitamin D Boost


Get winter-ready with a vitamin D boost. With winter fast approaching, you’re probably getting ready for going to work when it’s dark, and coming home when it’s dark. You may notice (mostly women) that you feel more tired and lethargic come the colder months, than you do at any other time during the year.  Consult your doctor to see what’s happening in your body, but most docs will tell you it’s a matter of Vitamin D deficiency.

During the summer we’re exposed to plenty of sunlight, and our body translates that into the Vitamin D we need. Shorter days in the winter means we’re just not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin and it could definitely take a toll on your body. Generally your body should get anywhere from 600 to 800 IUs of Vitamin D everyday (never exceeding 4000 IU).

Here are 6 ways you can increase your Vitamin D intake, and in turn, boost your energy levels:

 1. Milk

We’re not going to be specific here, if you don’t like cow’s milk, then get some soy milk or even rice milk. In Canada, our milk is required to be fortified with Vitamin D  so although it may not be a natural source of vitamin D, it’s still good for your body.

1 250-mL cup of milk has around 123 IU of Vitamin D.

2. Fatty Fish

Salmon-lovers unite! Salmon has the most amount of natural Vitamin D, but other fish like tuna, halibut, sole, and tilapia also have their fair share of natural Vitamin D.  Try to incorporate more salmon dishes into your weekly meal planning during the winter.

A 3-ounce serving of wild salmon has around 447 IU of Vitamin D.

3. Eggs

Don’t forget the egg yolks – that’s where the Vitamin D is! Eat ‘em scrambled, sunny side up or hardboiled for a good healthy breakfast, and for a much-needed dose of the Sunshine Vitamin.

100 grams of egg in an omelette has around 69 IU of Vitamin D.

4. Mushrooms

You can kill two birds with one stone, and get even more Vitamin D if you make an omelette with mushrooms (specifically Portobello mushrooms). Fun fact: mushrooms are the only vegetable that produces Vitamin D naturally because they take it straight from the sun.

100 grams of Portobello mushrooms has around 10 IU of Vitamin D.

5. Fortified Orange Juice

If you love OJ, then you’re already on the right track – just make sure you’re buying fortified juice so that you’re getting some Vitamin D with every glass.

One 8-ounce glass of fortified orange juice has around 100 IU of Vitamin D.

6. Supplements

For many of us, eating salmon, drinking milk/orange juice, eating an omelette made with mushrooms is just not enough to meet the daily Vitamin D requirement. And that’s perfectly okay and is the reason why supplements exist. Generally your body should get anywhere from 600 to 800 IUs of Vitamin D everyday for adults (never exceeding 4000 IU), so taking a Vitamin D pill at 1000 IU every day should be just how much you need.


Please consult with your physician before starting any supplements. This article does not replace advice from your medical professional.


By: November 15, 2014

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