NEW Koozina Mediterranean Cuisine in Milton

Milton welcomed Koozina Mediterranean Cuisine when it first opened this past summer. With a bright spacious dining area, ample servings, friendly staff and delicious food, Koozina is already on the road to being community favourite!

65 Ontario Street, Milton
(905) 693-6367

By: November 24, 2013


  • Whose certification is this facility using?

    The page says “The owners of this restaurant are Muslim and have confirmed its halal status. From the management: ‘The gyros is a zabihah product. Chicken from Serpent Farms, and beef from Al-Marwa ‘”

    I am assuming thats Sargent Farms. While their meat source seems okay, I would like to know who is certifying their facility?

  • Michael Peter on May 9, 2016

    Who really cares who is certifying them? The food is good, Sargent Farms is an established supplier of chicken and, other than trying to be a pain in the rear end, who gives a hoot where the chef gets his meat supply from?

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