Big Mammas House Grand Opening at Halal Food Festival Toronto

One week left to go and the Halal Food Festival Toronto organizing committee is wrapping up the finishing touches, including a special event for new restaurant, Big Mammas House.

Our newest exhibitor addition, Big Mammas House, is something to really be excited about. I know I am!

Big Mammas House

Big Mammas House. I’ve been hearing the buzz and no, this is not just another burger joint. They bring in a sophisticated spin with modern elements and some really cool surprises. They have looked at every detail – from a vintage Coke cooler serving up full size vintage glass bottles right down to a cozy wi-fi lounge. We’ll wait for the festival to comment on their food — but here’s a peek at their menu ;)

They’re bringing us fresh never frozen meat and chicken breast plus, Big Mammas House only uses AAA Angus beef for their burgers and brisket ribs. They also use hand crafted 8 oz Italian style smoked sausages.

Love poutine? They have various signature poutine with smoked sausage, grilled Cajun chicken and white peppercorn sauce.

All cheeses are IFRANCA certified Halal.

Meat Suppliers: Sargeant Farms, Iqbal Foods, Corsetti Meat Packers and Choice Meats. All meat products are hand slaughtered and IFRANCA/HMA CERTIFIED.

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Big Mammas House


Big Mammas House
1 Rossland Road West, Ajax

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By: May 24, 2013


  • Burger is DRY , poor service, I have to complain cz the guy wanted to put old lettuce . i was told 10-15 mins wait but ended up waited 40 mins. Burger is ver ordinary!!!!Harvey’s taste better.. Waste of time and money! Not going back !’

  • Hands down the worst burger I’ve ever had in my life! Somebody should take away their grill. It was bland, extremely dry, the patty kept falling apart, the bun was cold and dry and it took 45 minutes! The fries had a burnt taste and seemed raw. But the pop was good! Decor, menu choices and overall feel is an A but I definitely won’t eat there again, even if it’s free.

    • My husband and I did not like the burgers at all, it was not cooked well and had no taste. we took it home and added our own spices, cooked it well and ate it. Burger not recommended!!!

  • Beware! I would only recommend this place to my worst enemy. I ordered a classic poutine and the cashier said with a smile ill have to wait 10-15 mins. She wasn’t joking, I really had to wait 20 mins and the fries were extra crispy. Felt like I was eating dried leaves with gravy.

  • Ordered 6 burgers for take out, was charged for 6 burgers but was only given 5 after waiting for 50 mins. Worst service! When I called back, they asked a million questions. Fries were ordinary. We make better fries at home. Burgers were dry, bland and cold. Ordered big Greek and big spice. Big spice was good but Greek was super bland with a big blob of feta cheese on top. Wouldn’t recommend this place. It’s better to eat at Popeye’s next door!

  • Worst service ever! Waited over 70 minutes for burgers. Went twice, shame on me for giving them another chance. Will not waste my time again.

  • Just before I entered into this restaurant, I read the reviews above and I agree with all of them. The place is clean but the food was dry and I had to wait a very long time to get it. Also, it wasn’t very pleasing to eat there as it was too loud. There was an individual working there who seemed to have pink eye to make matters worse.

  • Just ate there 2 days ago and I loved it. Service was fast and efficient, took me 10 minutes to get my Big Mamma’s House Burger, and not a minute later, my friends burgers and not more than 5 minute after that 2 more. Fries were delicious, the beef patty’s were a bit dry,but that’s perhaps because there are two patty’s on top of one of another (with cheese in between). Nevertheless delicious, excellent service and I am definitely returning again.

  • To those complaining about waiting 10 minutes for a AAA Angus burger…You belong at Mcdonalds. All of my recent experiences were great, I live just down the street. The opening month wasn’t great with these guys, but i can see they have everything running much smoother now.

  • I was so excited when I found out the kind of food Big Mamma’s House was going to be offering especially in our Ajax neighbourhood. Every food item we have ordered off their menu has been exceptional. My children were so excited to know that they offer Halal hotdogs as one of their kids meals options. Our favourite items have been their ribs which are out of this world and any of their poutine and my husband always asks for the same burger i.e.”The Big Mushroom”….
    Service was great too. I feel their cashiers go above and beyond. We’ve been there many times and only once one of my item-orders was delayed by 5 minutes and they were kind enough to offer it free of charge.
    Big Mamma’s is a great addition to Ajax!!

    I also feel that the negative reviews provided earlier are very mis-leading to the customer.

    • Halal Foodie on October 15, 2013

      I agree Sofia! This is a high quality fully halal restaurant. Sure they might have had some issues when they first opened, but that’s to be expected. My new fav are their ribs but I will try your husband’s choice and go for The Big Mushroom next time I’m there!

  • love the place get food and finally somewere that doesnt offer dirty swine

  • This is a great website but this comment is offensive. I find niqabs to be offensive but I would never disrespect their wearers by calling them “dirty”. Perhaps you should take up residence in Saudi …

  • We had the ribs and burgers there. I must admit that I was very disappointed. The burgers were bland and messy with not so fresh toppings. The ribs were not any better, they were extremely chewy and the BBQ sauce was too salty. My family and I were looking forward to trying big mamma’s house out but unfortunately will never go back. The staff is ok but very slow and unapologetic about the quality of the food.

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