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You might have heard a little about this on Twitter and/or Facebook, Halal Food Festival Toronto is coming soon inshaAllah.

Toronto is home to Canada’s largest Muslim population. We have nationalities from all across the world residing here.

I came across news a few months ago about a halal food festival in New Jersey and another one coming up in the UK, I thought — why hasn’t Toronto had one yet?

Whenever my family and I go on vacation we always miss our Toronto food. Before we land at Pearson International Airport we have a list of possibilities that my family and I will negotiate on before we decide on where we’re eating first. The fact is that Toronto is home to some amazing halal food — world class in my opinion. That’s why I know that Toronto is ready for this event.

Ingredients are all here; great food, diversity, amazing city and a strong Ummah.

With the above in place, a group of us have collectively decided on throwing Canada’s 1st Annual Halal Food Festival right here in Toronto.

Details are almost finalized but I am so excited that I wanted to write a preview post to share with readers of Halalfoodie.ca.

Halal Food Festival Toronto

Here’s the vision:

Halal Food Festival Toronto will be held this summer 2013 inshaAllah. The venue is currently being negotiated so once that is set we will make the announcement.

We will have 40-50 food exhibitors representing Toronto halal restaurants, caterers, specialty and food manufacturing companies. Well known brands will be on site as well. While you saunter the aisles, they will be there to answer your questions, talk about their business and provide samples of all their delicious foods.

Guests will receive swag bags with free samples and coupons from our exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers to take home. They’ll also be able to get another special take away that will keep the food festival experience alive all year long (more on that later!)

An outdoor area is being developed with some really exciting surprises — you’ll want to stay tuned to know what we’re bringing 🙂

Eating halal is not as straightforward as it seems. Our community has questions and concerns in regards to certification and general education on proper slaughtering methods. So for Halal Food Festival Toronto, we’re bringing in religious scholars and cooking experts to talk about a variety of topics and answer some of our questions.

No “conference” will be complete without nasheed performances — a list of performers will be released on Halal Food Fest Toronto soon as well.

Although food will take main stage, we’ll also have a bazaar with roughly 50 non-food vendors bringing the crowd unique exhibitors to round out the experience.

Halal Food Festival Toronto is just around the corner. We’re currently looking for more vendors and sponsors to make this event a smashing success inshaAllah. We’re also depending on Toronto Muslims to spread the news and help by volunteering for the event. There are two ways you can help right now:

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By: January 1, 2013

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  • This is my favorite article…. ! This is what started all the hype about the festival which IA be One of a Kind and great for the community 🙂

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