MWC launches Regent Meals Program

Regent Meals

Regent Meals, Muslim Welfare Centre’s (MWC) newest outreach program successfully launched a few weeks ago, on Thanksgiving long weekend. Members and volunteers of Muslim Welfare Centre will gather weekly to host a free halal meal program every Sunday from 11:30am – 1:00pm at the CRC at 40 Oak Street, in the heart of Regent Park, Toronto. 

The community of Regent Park is a vibrant area with residents who make up a diverse ethnic, religious, social and economic Diaspora. The Muslim community (primarily from Somalia and Bangladesh) currently accounts for close to 60% of the population, and is growing.

Previous to this program, there was no provision for halal meals available for community members in need. There was also no Sunday meal service available for anyone in the area so Muslim Welfare Centre quickly reacted and reached out to other organizations to see what could be done.

The outcome: Muslim Welfare Centre has established a restaurant-style Halal meal service on Sundays at the CRC. The CRC is home to the Regent Park Community Food Centre (RPCFC) which provides access to high-quality food in a dignified setting. Muslim Welfare Centre’s Regent Meals program aims to create an atmosphere of  warmth, compassion and hope for those in need.

As the only Sunday meal service available in the community, MWC’s Regent Meals is in high demand serving anywhere from 400-450 meals during the one and a half our  service.

Regent Meals

Regent Meals

“The Regent Park community has been incredibly supportive and welcoming of Muslim Welfare Centre and we really have been warmly embraced during the course of our exploration and visits to the various groups. While thrilled to have this reception, we consider this program to be an important first step in establishing Muslim Welfare Centre as a strong, local community partner servicing the needy in Regent Park, God willing.” M. Firaaz Azeez, Manager, Special Projects, Muslim Welfare Centre.

Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto has a host of other critical programs such as Halal Meals on Wheels for Seniors, Iftar Basket Program during Ramadan, Women’s Shelter, Food Bank and so much more.

If you’re interested learning more about Regent Meals or donating to their various programs, reach out to them:

Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto
100 McLevin Avenue, Suites 4 & 4A, Scarborough, ON M1B 5K1
(416) 754-8116


By: November 2, 2014

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