Eid Traditions Printable Money Envelope

My brood grows every year alhamdulillah; nieces and nephews galore. We’ve come a long way with Eid traditions and celebrations over the years. When my husband and I had our first child, we pledged to make their Eid the most memorable event of the year. Piñata smashing, treasure hunting, loot bag devouring fun.

One of the few Eid traditions we will never shake is giving Eidi. This is when an adult gives a child money on the occasion of Eid. Every child knows about this, it could very well be innate. I actually tried to prolong childhood into my late twenties to hold on to it for as long as possible, but that’s another article.

Giving Eidi has always been no frills and basic. Just sweaty folded up bills transferred to one hand to another. One way way to make this a little more Du jour is to envelope the funds in a fun and festive package that’s been decked out, Muslim-style. A Printable Money Envelope for Eid is one way to go about this, and we have just a solution for you 🙂

Eid Traditions Printable Money Envelope – DOWNLOAD NOW

Eid Traditions

After you download the file from the link above, open it up and print it out on a normal sheet of paper — in colour if you are able. Cut along the outer edge and fold against the dotted lines. Dab some glue, secure, wait for it to all dry and stuff with money!

What are some of your Eid traditions?

By: July 23, 2014


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