Life in a Coconut Shell

Originally Published in Halal Foodie Magazine, Summer 2014

By Farah Hossain

Coconut Water

Hailed as the tree of all necessities in Sanskrit, the tree of a thousand uses in Malay, or simply the tree of life in the Philippines, it’s hard to ignore the reputation that the coconut has garnered over several centuries in the East. However, don’t let the coconut’s rather underwhelming appearance fool you. At its maturity, a dark brown husky skull shelters an edible white flesh which further cocoons a water that is nothing short of an elixir. In recent years, it’s emerged in North America as a multifaceted superhero that can do it all! Not only can you eat its fleshy, sweet insides, you can drink the super-tonic it holds in its hard shell, you can moisturize every part of your body with the fortifying oils, which by the way, you can also cook with!

What can’t this amazing little fruit do?


The Seed of the coconut can be pressed to produce an oil that can be used in cooking. Consuming coconut oil can help our bodies build resistance to certain viruses, help in balancing hormones and controlling blood glucose levels. This leads to healthier bodies and potential weight loss.

*Including 2 tbsp of coconut oil into your diet helps to lose weight and keep it off in the mid section. This can help lower the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure!*


An age old Ayurvedic tradition that is practiced in the east is making an appearance in the west in the recent years, commonly refereed to as “oil pulling”. Basically, put two tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for twenty minutes, daily in the morning, on an empty stomach. Once the twenty minutes have elapsed, spit out what has become a toxic jail cell for bacteria and rinse out any excess. It basically will act as an antiseptic to kill viruses where they start.  In the mouth.  The theory is that if you get the germs and viruses where they germinate, you catch them before they spread to other parts of your body.  Therefore decreasing your chances of getting sick as well as increase your overall health.  Whiter teeth, fortified gums and practically diminished tooth ache and decay, Coconut oil pulling has been tauted as an all around oral hygiene miracle by all those who have included this practice in their own routines.


Coconut water is the ultimate water substitute.  High in fibre and  electrolytes and low in calories, it is the perfect drink to add to your healthy lifestyle.  Consuming coconut water can effectively  replenish the body of missing electrolytes after a work out.  Due to its high fibre, it can flush toxins out of the digestive system. With it’s cooling properties, coconut water is so refreshing and guilt free that you wont think twice about consuming several servings in a day!

Coconut Water

By: July 20, 2014

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