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Guest Post

Affy’s Premium Grill Mississauga. I’ve been hearing about Affy’s Premium Grill for at least 5 years now but I had never gotten around to checking them out in Pickering. Luckily, they opened up a brand new location in Mississauga (where I live!) so I decided it was finally time for me to see what the rage was about!

The Mississauga location is a clean, casual dining area; we went around 5:30pm (before the rush kicked in) on a Friday night and were able to find seats easily without a wait, which is always a plus. Service was quick and courteous and the food was actually very good. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, by personal preference I just like a lot of veggies and a ton of fish. Beef comes next on my list and chicken ranks last in my books. Since everyone goes to Affy’s for the meat (not veggies or fish), I went for Affy’s Classic New York Strip Steak with a spicy peppercorn gravy. I asked for it to be cooked well and it was absolutely tender and so perfect to chew which was terrific! I paired my steak with a Caesar salad (you can never go wrong with Caesar!) and a baked potato which really was just as appetizing as it looks with all that cheesy goodness. I actually ordered their smallest size of steak – 7 ounces – but even then I found it to be a huge serving; I ended up taking more than half of it home to savour later at night!

Affys Premium Grill Mississauga

Affys Premium Grill Mississauga

My friend ordered the Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich. After taking out the tomatoes, I think she enjoyed it quite a bit. I say that based on the fact that she didn’t have any leftovers to take home.

Affys Premium Grill Mississauga

It just so happens that this past week, my brother has been visiting from the States. A lover of meat, I think he’s been to the Mississauga Affy’s Premium Grill location at least 4x in the past week. I was rummaging for food in the kitchen recently and noticed that he brought back some leftover Beef Ribs from Affy’s. I had a taste – they were fantastic! So I photographed them for you too. They’re the perfect combo of sweet-spicy and savoury.

Affys Premium Grill Mississauga

I really am so thrilled that Mississauga now has this new joint to enjoy! If you’re based in Mississauga, make sure you go check it out too and let us know your thoughts!

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Meat Source: Affy’s Premium Grill meats are from hand slaughtered sources. Their chicken specifically is from Al-Ameen.

Affy’s Premium Grill Mississauga
2283 Argentia Rd, Mississauga
(905) 997-7774

By: June 21, 2013


  • The review you provided was very good, however having been to this location of Affy’s many times, I can vouch (along with many others), that the wait time is WAY to long. When the location first began service, it wasn’t too bad, but as of recent times, I once waited one complete hour for my food to arrive. On average however, I wait 40-45mins waiting for my food at this restaurant, and due to this, i have stopped going. Anyone reading, please avoid this restaurant unless you have the patience to wait an exceptionally long time for average quality food.

  • I went recently, and I won’t be going again for a long time.
    Here is what went wrong.

    Wait time.
    40 minutes is “regular” we ended up wait OVER One hour and 30 minutes! It was ridiculous! I asked our server whats going on and I heard, “the sous chef wasn’t there, and the head chef was overwhelved” – what kind of excuse is that? Maybe they should have stopped taking orders if they were understaffed.

    When the food finally came;
    Our main courses – steaks – were cold! how is that even possible?!?!

    The customers that came just 30 minutes ago – they got their food 5 minutes after us! How is it fair that we wait an hour and a half, and they don’t have to.

    I had to remind the waiter to bring our drinks and our sides. And when he brought our drinks – the ice inside the cups was melted. (they serve a glass coke bottle and a empty class with ice to our it into)

    I told our waiter about our experience, and all i got was an apology. Unacceptable.

    If you had something like this or any other negative comments, please share! I hope I wasn’t the only one.

  • What a horrible experience!! I will never go back to this place.

    It’s turning into a typical “desi” restaurant. The wait time for food was over one hour. The customer service was horrible. And the food isn’t really worth waiting the
    extra time. The burger was very dry…..not bad for $12.

    I asked waiter a number of times regarding the delay and he explained that they weren’t expecting a rush on a Wednesday. LOL

    I informed the waiter very politely that this was very unacceptable and left.

    My hard earned money will do the talking…..somewhere else!!!!

    Call ahead and ask if there busy…..they can’t handle the rush!!!

  • Hi This is in reply to some of the negative comments on this site.

    I think some of the Negative reviews do not have realistic expectations. A place as busy as Affys, will Obviously have longer wait time. (Not to say that for future locations, they might want to look at bigger space or allowing for resevations).
    Also a busy restaurant with more complex dishes that take longer to cook will take quite a bit longer to come out. I think 30-40 min is a fair amount time for the dishes to come out.

    My Personal Experience:

    I have waited as long as an hour (saturday dinner time) and as little as 20 min ( Sunday dinner time). so it really depends.
    We have so far had the filet mignon and the Rib Eye steak.
    Fantastic Flavours and by far the best steaks we have had in Toronto, Services has been very good and when they make a mistake they have corrected it with apologizes.


    Great place for a date and upscale dining, but on weekends you will probably have to wait for a table.


  • Clarification:

    When I say waiting, I am refering to waitng to get a table, for the Main Course to arrive it was been around 40-45 min at the most, ( this is while we are eating appetizer).


  • Went to Affy’s tonight, for the first time, for my father’s birthday. We spent almost $250, and we won’t be back, for several reasons. The owner’s wife is HORRIBLE. She reprimanded my son, IN FRONT OF ME, without blinking an eye, TWICE. He is not even 4 years old, and he was sitting on the bench, swinging his legs. Even though I was explaining to him that his shoes were making a banging noise (which she could only hear because she seated us near the door/reception area where she sits/stands, and he certainly wasn’t making any noise that other tables could hear, and no damage was being done to the furniture), she still thought it was okay to reprimand a patron’s child. We spoke with her afterwards too, and she was unapologetic and CLUELESS.
    The food was only passable, certainly not what I would call good. The complimentary tortilla chips tasted bland and a bit stale. Our caesar salads had a BIT of dressing drizzled over them, so they were fairly tasteless. My fajita order came in two parts, a few minutes apart, so while I got the protein on a sizzling platter, the tortillas (4 of them that looked like they had been nuked together into one sticky mess) and garnishes came some minutes later. The calamari looked like onion rings, not calamari. The steaks were just okay, and all were cooked to the same level, even though some were ordered medium rare and others well done. The baked potato was lukewarm, not steaming hot. The mango sauce for the chicken was more like mango pulp. I could go on and on. The waiter who served us was fine, he could tell I was unhappy, and he tried to smooth things over the best he could. Oh, and the owner’s wife seated us, a party of 10 (although initially we were 9) at a table that was designed for 6 to eat comfortably. Suffice it to say we were SOOO DISAPPOINTED. What a waste of $250.

  • Salaam
    so I had heard a lot about Affy’s however living in mississauga, i never got a chance to go as it was too far to go to pickering. Anyhow, last year I was Dubai for the summer and my cousin took my family and I to a steakhouse restaurant over there. And I loved the experience! I had ordered a fillet mignon with a side of veges and mashed potatoes and even though it did cost about an equivalent of 30 dollars it was worth it, as the portions were large and tasted delicious and the meat was cooked well and it was tender and had a lot of flavor. Now if you are wondering why i’m telling you this…..? Because it was my experience in Dubai that led me to go to Affy’s mississauga location when a friend of mine came down from states to visit me. We got a table right away as we went on a monday afternoon. However when I called in to ask them about their location, I couldnt understand what the gentleman was saying. He was mumbling and very abrupt. My friend ordered a chicken dish with the side of salad and fries. Her portions were fine, however I ordered a steak (7ounce) with rice and veges. Let me tell you for about 30 bucks the portions were tiny! I think there was about 1 serving spoon equivalent of rice and the same for the veges, I was very disappointed. Moreover they charge the same price for cold drinks as most other restaurants yet they serve the cold drinks in tiny little bottles and although the bottles are cute but not worth the price you pay for them. Also the steak was well cooked however it had no flavor to it. I left the restaurant feeling very unhappy and will not go back there.

  • There were so many things that we were disappointed by, I will never be returning here. From the waiting period, waitresses(they know absolutely nothing about customer service), dirty utensils, forgetting our order, asking us a million times how we’re going to be paying( together or separately, even before we got our food), the food not being appetizing. This place needs to close down ASAP. I would not recommend this place to anyone .This is not my first bad experience at this restaurant, and I can also recall countless others who have to same to say.

  • Disappointed on September 8, 2015

    I was there with my family on a Sunday. Here is what went wrong:

    1. My wife ordered a pina colada, only to learn 30 minutes later that they were out of pina coladas.

    2. We waited over 45 minutes for our food.

    3. When our food arrived 4 out of the 5 entrees arrived, the 5th one took another 10 minutes

    4. One of entrees had a piece hair in it!!! We asked for the manager/owner who came to see our table. He did not even apologize! Rather, he took it away, and brought another dish within 5 minutes (not sure if it was new.)

    5. My steak was dry, even though it was medium

    6. The kids meal steak was similarly dry.

    7. When we received our bill, we were charged an extra $5 for drink we did not get.

    8. I also noticed we were charged full price for the entree with the hair in it. I asked to speak to the owner, and told him we were loyal customers and had attended Affy’s since it first opened its doors in Pickering, and often brought out of town guests to his establishment. I stated that most restaurants would offer a slight compensation or a desert or something to account for hair in food. He stated “we are not most restaurants” and then walked away!

    I will never go there again. The hygiene (hair in food, ripped seats,flies in the air etc) , quality of food, and lack of service, . are all reason not to visit.

  • So I wanted to have steak and since we eat halal so there aren’t much options except for Affy’s or Karamia. But since Mississauga Karamia sucks therefore we started going to Affy’s Mississauga. I called them yesterday at 7:30 pm and made the reservation for four for 9:00pm. Since their wait time is extremely long as which i believe is a common issue (as per reviews given above) so we decided to order on the phone so that by the time we go there, our food is ready. I called them at 8:15 and Here’s how the convo went and trust me there’s no exaggeration!
    CSR: hello Affy’s
    Me: hi! I made a reservation for 4 for 9 pm. Wanted to give the order so that our food is ready when we come in.
    CSR: sorry ma’am I can’t do that cause we don’t know where you will be sitting.
    Me: huh? Well you can take the order under the name, right? It doesn’t matter where we would sit cause we’re not going to order based on the size of the table anyway.
    CSR (rudely): no ma’am we don’t do this here besides you should have already been here if you already had a reservation!!
    Me: emmm why would I show up at 8:15 if my reservation is at 9?
    CSR: ohhh ok. Let me speak with my manager.
    Put me on hold for a minute
    CSR: hi ma’am! Well I just spoke to my manager and he said we do take orders on the phone. I’m really sorry I didn’t know and It’s so crazy here because of the customers. What would you like to have?
    Me: yeah I’d like to have a better customer service for sure!!! And it should be not rare or rare medium…it should be well done!!!!
    CSR (laughs): hehehe ma’am
    Me: I’d also like to have all waiters and waitresses well trained so that they know if the effing order can be taken over the phone or not rather than wasting my time and running around managers to find out dos and donts!!!! I’ll go somewhere else cause I don’t want to give you my business!
    I hung up the phone!

    We stopped going to Pickering location cause they had the same bad service and we will now stop going to Mississauga location as well. There’s no point in going to a place where people don’t respect us and treat us as if we are begging for their food!!!

  • Went here for my mother’s borthday. Could not have chosen a worse place to eat.

    We called and reserved a booth right when they opened in the morning for that same evening. When we arrived we were told to wait for a table because it wasn’t ready yet (why did we make a reservation if we have to wait anyways).

    When our booth was finally ready, the lady who was seating us took us to a table at the back of the restsurant. I let her know that we called in earlier and reserved a booth and she looked at me and blatantly said no. No questions and no explanations, I tried to explain to her but she wouldn’t listen to a word. I asked to speak to a manager and she left. When she returned about 2 minutes later she didn’t have a manager with her and so I asked if the manager was coming, she replied that we never reserved a booth (angrily) and that we should sit here or wait again for a booth. I pointed out that there was a free booth and she told me that it had been reserved.

    At this point we were on the verge of leaving so I asked for a manager one last time and she left again and this time she came back without the manager (again) but somehow that reserved booth was magically available and she seated us there. We were appalled by her behavior so when she sat us down I asked for a manager again.

    We then noticed that along the window sill there was a bunch of old rotting food and crumbs and a colony of ants running around. When the manager came we notified him of this and the previous employees behaviour. The manager came with dry paper towels and wiped the sill once and said sorry then left. We asked if we could sit somewhere else but again they said no unless we wait.

    We decided to ask him to come back with a cleaner and clean it properly and then sat down. He agreed and cleaned it again. When we ordered we were underwhelmed by the food and the presentation. I won’t go into that but we were never offered anything to make up for this fiasco and only offered a sorry for the insects that were feasting at our table.

    I will never return to this location or reccommend it to anyone. I would advise anyone reading this to go to any other restaurant. I cannot speak on the Pickering location as this was at the Mississauga location.

  • Lets face it, Food isn’t so bad but the service in ALL aspects is that of third world. Not a single thing on that menu is even remotely difficult to make at home. Too lazy to do it? Msg me for cheap rates. Want to do it on your own? Message me and I’ll show you how. People who put customers last don’t deserve to survive in this market.

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