Affy’s Premium Grill, the Ultimate Ramadan Experience

One of Toronto’s busiest halal restaurants, Affy’s Premium Grill, has captivated many hearts (and stomachs) over the past few years and is where I decided to open my fast recently.

Being born and raised in Toronto, we didn’t have the same calibre of halal options ten years ago that we have today — let alone, steak/grill houses. Located in Pickering, right off the 401, Affy’s Premium Grill is a decent commute for most people in the GTA. Not only do they have restaurant space available but they also have a small banquet hall for larger parties which they open up occasionally for the restaurant on very busy days.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on a Thursday evening in Ramadan. It was a last-minute plan and there was no time for reservations. As sunset was at about ten minutes to nine, we decided the only way to be safe was to arrive one hour early. We were seated promptly for a table of five by a friendly member of the waiting staff.

After much deliberation, we placed our orders. I requested their special for the day: Mexican Veal Chop and Chicken. If I’ve learned one thing over the last couple of years with Affy’s, it’s to always order their special. The rest of the entrées ordered were Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast, Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich, Super Loaded Burger and Mango Jalapeño Grilled Chicken & Shrimp.

We had approximately a half hour from the time the order had been placed to the time we could open our fasts, making us slightly nervous. We couldn’t help but think, would the food be ready on time? However, when sunset arrived, we opened our fasts with dates accompanied by light, crispy vegetable spring rolls which were provided to us, free of charge.

Affy's Premium Grill

We were also accommodated with plenty of room in the banquet hall to offer maghrib salah. There was even enough space for a Brother to lead both men and women in congregation. When we arrived back at our table, our entrées were ready and waiting to be eaten, smelling simply so delish!

I ordered my Mexican Veal Chop and Chicken well done and at first was worried because the edges looked slightly burnt. However, one bite into it and the veal had my taste buds dancing (in a halal way, of course). The dish was fresh and light; the bold and colourful flavours of Mexico shook up my fasting taste buds. The veal was very tender & juicy, however, the chicken was slightly dry. I hope Affy’s would consider adding a full dish of the veal chop alone as apart of the regular menu one day. Definitely, a two thumbs up in my books.

The Mango Jalapeño Grilled Chicken & Shrimp has always been a favorite of mine at Affy’s. It may not be for everyone but worth trying once. The spicy chicken breast is grilled and topped with jumbo tiger shrimp layered with a sweet mango sauce. The combination of the sweet mango with the spice of the jalapeño is a pleasing contrast. Now for those of you who do not admire sweet or seafood entrées, this dish may not be for you. But for those who love Caribbean & Mexican inspired seafood dishes, the mango sauce drizzled on the tiger shrimp tasted simply blissful. As I write this review while fasting, I’d be lying if I said my mouth isn’t watering at the thought.

Affy's Premium Grill

The Super Loaded Burger, as you can see was definitely SUPER LOADED. It included mixed cheese, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and jalapeno. The overflow of the burger may have been the only positive aspect of the sandwich. The burger meat itself lacked flavour or maybe… it was just the fasting, food deprived taste buds.

The Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich can be compared to the Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast except in sandwich form. Just the right amount of flavour on the tender chicken breast, served on a sesame bun with lettuce, roasted red peppers and tomatoes. A light spread of garlic mayonnaise balanced and perfected each bite.

The Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast most certainly is a best seller amongst the crowd at Affy’s. The Cajun marinated chicken is stuffed with feta cheese, roasted garlic, spinach and mushrooms and then garnished with creamy, Cajun garlic butter. That signature garlic butter melts in your mouth and is what really draws me to this dish. If you haven’t already experienced this – it is a must try at Affy’s Premium Grill.

Affy's Premium Grill

We ended the night on a very positive note with some with some fabulous drinks, mango milkshake and piña colada. I definitely look forward to going back soon.

After dinner, I was able to conduct impromptu interviews with a couple of people to ask if they enjoyed their experience at Affy’s Premium Grill. All feedback was positive and everyone enjoyed their experience that evening. Good location, halal food and variety on the menu were the top answers of what people enjoy the most, making them frequent and loyal visitors. This is why we will be adding Affy’s Premium Grill on our article of The Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto.

Do you agree? Tell us what you love and don’t love about Affy’s Premium Grill. Just remember to be nice 😉

Affy’s Premium Grill
2200 Brock Road  Pickering, ON L1X
(905) 239-5415

Sumaiya is a restaurant reviewer for Halal Foodie, follow her on twitter at @Jeds_wife

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By: August 2, 2012


  • Awesome review Sumaiya! I’m a bit surprised you got your food on time – they may just be doing something right in that department!

  • Great review Sumaiya! I just had Affy’s this week and it was definately a great experience. Food arrived on time and I had the stuffed chicken. Was absolutely yummy!

  • Halal Foodie on August 2, 2012

    Has anyone experienced inconsistency with their dishes? I can almost always tell when Chef Afzal is not in the kitchen. He’s a talented chef and I supposed I’m spoiled by his cooking after following him around prior to Affy’s.

    Regardless, he’s done a marvellous job with his restaurant mA, and I’m glad to see there’s been improvement in wait times. Affy’s is definitely one of the restaurants that has changed the landscape for halal eating in Toronto.

    Great job on your first review Sumiaya!

  • sumaiya nav on August 2, 2012

    Salaam….This is an awesome review Sumaiya :)…and I agree that Affys is a very good restaurant overall!

  • Thank you all for the positive feedback. I look forward to the next one.

  • Fellow Foodie on August 2, 2012


    Thank you for your review. I am too a frequent visitor to Affy’s. I absolutely love their BBQ roast beef sandwich. Definitely a must have. There’s so much delicious meat that I usually order a second bun and take one side of the burger home 🙂

    That being said. I must be honest in saying their service has been lacking for some time now. If food is on time, then it’s usually because something in the order was either overlooked or forgotten. Unfortunately, I have rarely had a flawless service experience. Guests should factor these in when planning their visit. Though Fiod quality obviiusly keeps the afloat.

  • Affy’s Premium Grill
    2200 Brock Road, Pickering, ON L1X

    Food 0 / 3 Decor 0 / 3 Service 0 / 3
    Awful service….not even a single waitress had a smile on her face while serving or greeting it seemed like everyone working there were doing a favour on us by serving ……had to approach the waitress for menu after waiting for a good 10 minutes………seats wanted were suppose to be reserved however never really saw anyone sit on those seats until we left…….with a toddler and my wife I was made to sit in an area where food was being carried out constantly back and forth over my toddlers head since it was right near the cash counter and kitchen…..the steak ordered was good however the kids meal chicken and fries was awful the chicken was bland no salt extremely dry… fries were okay……my daugther ended up spitting the chicken, somehow managed to eat the fries……grilled chicken sizzle ordered by my wife was nasty just loaded with dry vegetables and extremely dry chicken with minimal kung pao sauce.I drove all the way from toronto to eat at this place…but the food and service both were horrible never intend going to this place again or recommend this place to anyone…..and if someone does decide to visit this place will discourage them from doing soo…

    • Halal Foodie on August 27, 2012

      Sounds like you had a bad experience! I have had a few myself but have also had some good experiences as well. I think the restaurant needs to work on its consistency for sure but hopefully your experience was isolated and there are more good than bad!

  • Affys definitely needs to be on the list! I love this place.

  • Still going strong! Mashallah!

  • I recently went to their new location in Mississauga to celebrate a birthday. I have to say it was the worst experience I’ve ever had at any restaurants. I had made reservations for a party of 15 people for 7:00 pm on a Sunday. Four of us had arrived 10 minutes early. The hostess did not look happy to be there. She didn’t greet us and right away told us that if everyone didn’t arrive on time they would get rid of my reservations. I told her that my guests were on their way and should be there soon. She gave us a table and while we were waiting no one offered water. 15 minutes go by and she comes back asking if my guests would be arriving soon. I told her that I have no control over when my guest will arrive. I gave them a time and they’re on their way. She said she couldn’t hold our table for too long. I was a bit taken by surprise. Apparently it’s been their policy for a while now that if the entire party doesn’t show up on time for reservations then they will get rid of your table. On top of being harassed by the hostess many times during the night, our food was burned and arrived very late. I was very disappointed. I think they should notify the person making reservations of their policy and maybe hire a friendly hostess.

  • Reading all of your great reviews I had to double check the website just to make sure you were addressing the same restaurant which I went to and you were.
    My experience was horrible the heat was off so we were freezing and they gave us a small table because the other tables were too cold, one of our friend had to add an extra chair,
    I ordered Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breast it was soo overcooked I could hardly chew it.
    Overall the people who ordered steak enjoyed otherwise the food was no at all pleasurable.
    I’m guessing the main chef was not there.

    • Oh no, that’s pretty bad! Yes, Affy’s is hit and miss unfortunately. I’ve personally been ok with them but have heard many stories similar to yours. Sorry to hear it was that bad for you! Thanks for leaving your feedback and visiting! Look forward to hearing from you more!

  • After a night out at the slopes our party of six was famished. Where to eat? Between Big Mama’s House and Affy’s Premium Grill, after some hesitation from me, my cousin and my brother we decided to give Affy’s Preumium Grill another chance. We were seated in a quiet area where the television was playing in the background. One thing I commend them for is they sat us down at a table where our women could eat without covering their faces. Let me say one thing before I continue, we haven’t been to Affy’s for almost 2 years now. My wife will go with her friends, but I have always refused to go. I would rather drive to Kara Mia in Vaughn than be disappointed with Affy’s horrible customer service and mediocre food, which is always a hit and miss.

    Okay, so, we placed our order with our waiter, Hashmat, who was speaking as if he had to run a marathon. We ordered, a mango chicken, a soupe du jour, which was spelled “soup du joure,” a herb and lemon chicken, rib eye steak, stuffed cajun chicken breast and a Chef’s special. Without even offering their on-the-house chips we counter-asked the waiter for some. He brought us some waters and we were told our food would be ready in a half an hour or more. I’d like to mention that this was at 10:15pm and the restaurant had about 10-12 people at the time on a Saturday night, a small crowd for a Saturday night. Anyways, Hashmat returned with our meagerly proportioned chips and salsa. There are six of us and he brought chips for two. I understand that it’s on-the-house, but if you put that many chips in front of six people they’re going to start to wonder why he even brought them in the first place. So, my wife called him over and asked if we could get more chips and Hashmat spoke to us like we were six year olds. He tells us that we should finish the ones we have before we can get some more, really? We laughed it off thinking he’s tired, let it be.

    Ten minutes later he returned with our salads and soup. The soupe du jour was a cream of mushroom soup and my cousin took one spoonful of it and he said it was insanely salted and buttery. His wife tasted it and concurred. Now from what I remember about dining out at a restaurant, especially at Kara Mia or even Popeyes, when it was halal, if you say something didn’t meet your expectations the waiter accepts, especially if you’ve taken two bites out of it, and ask the customer if he would like something else. So, we called Hashmat over and my wife tried to explain to him that the soup didn’t taste good, in a manner which was quite respectable and he tried to tell her that he couldn’t do anything about it. So, I stepped in and told the waiter the soup doesn’t taste good, take it back. He tells me that he’s had the soup earlier and it was just fine. So, I tell him the soup tastes like crap, and that’s when Hashmat lost it. He told us that it’s not nice to tell people that their food is crap. So, I tried to tell him that it’s nothing personal we just don’t like the soup, but he was inclined on making a name for himself at Affy’s and explains that once you order something they have to charge us for it. At this point we’re all thinking why did we come back? Seriously?

    We waited for our food and at about 10:50 our food arrives. The mango chicken, the herb and lemon chicken and the chef’s special were perfect, I’m not even going to lie. On the other hand, my wife’s stuffed cajun chicken breasts arrives with a long black curly hair on the side of the mashed potatoes and she’s thinking, do I even tell them? What else can possibly go wrong? We called the young lady that brought us our dishes and she said she was sorry and she took my wife’s plate and returned within a couple of minutes with, I don’t know if it was a new serving of mashed potatoes or they just removed the hair, whatever it was my wife didn’t say anything. My brother ordered the rib-eye steak which we all thought would be grilled and saucy. Disappointed once again, his rib-eye steak is served on a sizzler covered in butter and mushrooms. They should have used those mushrooms in the soup for goodness sakes! My brother took the mushrooms off passed them to me and ate his steak quietly. While we were having dinner it was nice of Hashmat to come by and re-fill our glasses, alhamdulillah. My brother asked for the menu to double check how the rib-eye steak was described and how he could miss a bed of mushrooms? Surely, disappointed once again, in the description there was no sign of A mushroom or a sizzler, but the steak was covered in mushrooms?! It also mentioned in the description that it comes with your choice of sauce, it came with nothing but butter and mushrooms.

    We finished our meals and, Alhamdulillah we were quite content, we had devoured our meals within minutes. Everything would have been fine, until the chef’s wife had come out to see what the problem was with the soup. She asked us what was wrong, so we told her the soup was buttery and overly salted. She in turn tells us that this isn’t a sampling restaurant and we don’t take things back once you’ve ordered them, WHAT?!! We all laughed it off thinking that’s is crazy. As Hashmat returns with our bills, he asks me how the meals were, my wife replies with, “excellent, apart from the chips, the hair and the soup.” All Hashmat hears is the soup, so he begins to tell us that he didn’t charge us for the soup but restaurant took a hit of $2.50. $2.50? You’d rather lose customers that bought your chef’s special which was a hefty $24.99 and 4 other meals amongst 6 people than take a hit of $2.50? It doesn’t make sense. So, my wife tells him if you’ve sold 100 soups today and like you said no one complained and only one came back, a hit of $2.50 isn’t much. He ignores her continues in his argumentative tone that I am one of the best waiters at this establishment, did you see who’s picture is on the wall? I have been here for four years. During all of this, he’s trying to put my debit transaction through, but he’s being so cocky and argumentative that the transaction timed out three times.

    Mmy brother, who was quiet all this time, even though he had a rib-eye covered in mushrooms tries to explain to Hashmat that we’re only trying to give you feedback, the soup was not good which is why we weren’t going to eat it. So, Hashmat decides to compare me to my brother and tells my brother that I should have been nicer instead of saying the soup was crap. My brother tries to explain to him that my cousin tried to tell you, and my brother’s wife tried to tell you and my brother tried to tell you as well, but you only listened when we said CRAP! He also tells him about his rib-eye steak, which Hashmat has NOTHING to say about.

    All this time, we’re wondering if customers are here at 11pm, and they were having problems, wouldn’t the chef come out to speak to them? Nope! He stayed in the kitchen all night. Very interesting.

    As we’re leaving the restaurant, we notice there are a couple of guys that we had seen on the slopes having dinner as well. One of the guys turns to us and says, “even McDonald’s gives you new fries,” to which Hashmat replies, “this isn’t McDonald’s.” Wow! I am appalled at the level of respect and courtesy these waiters and waitresses at Affy’s “Premium” grill have. This isn’t the first time we were stuck with a waiter like this. I don’t understand, why would you get so mad at something as small as a soup? How often do these kinds of things happen that an establishment like Affy’s doesn’t refund you for food you disliked and didn’t eat? It really makes you wonder. Well, that will be my absolute last time going to Affy’s. After numerous rude and lazy waiters and waitresses and getting food poisoning, I have had with Affy’s.

  • I went to Affy’s with family last night – our second visit, although disappointing this time. We ordered half ribs, chicken fajita, top sirloin steak and grilled chicken (kids menu). Here are my views:
    (a) Service – transparent and excellent – we didn’t have reservations, but the attendant made room for us, considering we drove 45 minutes to have dinner, reaching at 10 pm. Our server was also super, he did make clear it would take 25/30 minutes and the food was on table within that time.
    (b) Food – at best average this time around!
    – the chicken fajita (with teriyaki sauce)-average at best, too little chicken, onions not caramelized to sufficient degree – can’t take it a chef made it, at best work of a novice
    – the ribs – so so, not as good as when I had them the first time – so lacked consistency
    – the grilled chicken – dry! only the french fries were good
    – the steak – despite having asked for having it well done, twice it came back rare! – my take, wrong cut of meat, and the person in the kitchen probably didn’t know how to do a ‘well done’ steak. The only consolation were the batter fried shrimps on top – the were fresh and crisp
    So overall, the food won’t be a craving for me to return again
    (c) fairness – super! without my asking, the took off the steak from the bill (but I they hadn’t, I would have thrown a fit – I had come to enjoy the food, especially a good steak, and very disappointed, I didn’t come for a discount on the bill)

    Overall, I think this is the kitchen under-staffed and over-worked, and if you get there an hour before closing time, they are probably drained to serve you an ‘A’ list creation. Word of advice – it’s easy to lose reputation than to build it

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