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Naan & Kabob

After what seems like eons, we have finally found a halal restaurant that is perfect in all regards. The rare combination of delicious food, excellent customer service, and beautiful ambiance can be found at Naan & Kabob in Scarborough (1801 Lawrence Avenue East).  Best of all, the prices here will not leave a big hole in your wallet.

Having watched this family owned business being featured on Restaurant Takeover in 2012, we had an appreciation for the owners, Fahim and his brothers, wanting to take their restaurant to the next level. With the help of Chef Massimo Capra and designer Alison Milne, the interior of the restaurant was given an Afghan inspired marketplace theme and the food remained authentic but was given flare.

Naan & Kabob

We visited Naan & Kabob on a snowy, cold night and really hoped that the drive would be worth it. We entered a warm, welcoming restaurant with beautiful décor. The exposed brick wall, the wooden shadow boxes, and the exposed light bulb lighting all brought the vision of an Afghan marketplace to life. The restaurant looked exactly the way it did on Restaurant Takeover and we were surprised it was maintained so well.

The menu offerings were similar to those of other Afghan restaurants. We ordered Mantu (small $5.29) and Bolanee ($3.99) for appetizer, Chaplee Kabob ($8.99) for entrée and Firnee ($1.99) for dessert. The food was ready within minutes, and for once we actually would not have minded waiting longer because we enjoyed the ambiance so much.

Naan & Kabob

Mantu is a steamed dumpling filled with ground beef and onions, served on a yogurt sauce, and topped with yellow split peas. The dumplings were soft but firm, the ground beef was well seasoned and the yogurt base and the various toppings made this appetizer a hit. We all agreed that the Mantu was delectable!

Naan & Kabob

What can we say about the Bolanee, except that we could not stop eating it. Bolanee is a pan-fried naan stuffed with potatoes, onions and herbs, served with a yogurt sauce. It can be best described as a South Asian paratha but it is made Afghan style. The Bolanee was light and fluffy and it was the perfect thing to eat on a cold winter night. One word for it is: love!

Naan & Kabob

We have had many Chaplee Kabobs in our life and we mean many. Naan & Kabob’s Chaplee Kabob was exceptional to say the least. The Kabob was so tender that you did not need a knife to cut it. Juicy and well seasoned is the best way to describe it. It was definitely on the mild side, but there is spicy red chutney on every table for those who want to add extra flavour.

Naan & Kabob

To end off a perfect evening, we ordered the Firnee, which is an Afghan pudding. Thick and creamy and not overly sweet, the Firnee was superb.

Naan & Kabob is a halal restaurant in a league of its own, with its impressive food, décor and ambiance. The customer service was commendable as well. When we saw the staff cleaning every table instantly, fixing every chair, and making sure the cutlery is straight, we knew that this family was dedicated to providing a memorable experience. Despite being a family business, the professionalism shown by the staff was appreciated. Hats off to the Naan & Kabob team!

Sadia and Nadia are sisters who have a passion for halal food. Their hobbies include spending their hard-earned money at new restaurants, trying different cuisines, and instagramming pictures of food. Sadia loves to cook and bake while Nadia enjoys eating only. They run the Halal Food Enthusiasts blog where they share their food adventures and recipes.

Meat Source: Chicken and beef is purchased from Al-Ameen, a hand slaughtered halal meat source.

Naan & Kabob
1801 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough
(416) 285-8191


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By: December 20, 2013


  • If I am not mistaken, these guys were featured on restaurant makeover. Always wanted to find out where they were located 🙂

  • One of the best bargain and delicious foods in the Toronto area in my opinion. It’s worth the drive to this hidden plaza restaurant. They need to open more locations.

    • Thank you for the wonderful review! It paid off for all of our hard work! @Laila – we are opening new locations in the near future, inshallah we will make our announcements soon!

  • If its Al-Ameen Halal Poultry that would be a chicken supplier, I dont think they supply beef…

  • Love naan Kabob, so glad they opened in mississauga. me and my family go there once a week!

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