The Best Halal Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

Best Halal Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

With so many of us working or studying in downtown Toronto, it only makes sense for us to do a Best Halal Restaurants in Downtown Toronto list. After all, we need our fuel!

There’s almost something for everyone with new restaurants opening up every few months — though we’re still waiting on a halal Japanese restaurant to open up in the core of Toronto!

If we missed any, let us know below – we’re always on the hunt for new restaurants to add! We know there might be a few restaurants that were suggested that we’ve left out. Remember, we only cover hand-slaughtered halal, no alcohol and no pork (read more about this here).

Here are some popular restaurants, some with dine-in and some with take-out, chosen by our readers, for best halal restaurants in Toronto. Remember to verify meat sources directly as suppliers/ownership might change between when this article was first published to when you go in to the establishment.

In alphabetical order:

Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop, 1446 Queen Street West
This ol’ time Queen West gem might be a little far for those who work in the downtown core but it’s still very much in the heart of the city. The service is fast, the food is great and you’ll be out of there within 15-20 mins meaning you can hop back on the Queen Street streetcar in a jiffy! The meat is halal, but we’re told it’s the vegetarian doubles that make this shop stand out.

The Burgernator, 269 Augusta Avenue
The gourmet burger phenomena is still very much a thing in Toronto, and we’re so grateful for the Burgernator so that we too could enjoy some fancy shmancy burgers! They have your regular burger with the regular toppings but then they have the crazy-cool burgers like the Hasta La Vista, Birdie and the Burger of Mass Destruction.

Big Al’s Flyin’ Phillys, 251 Augusta Avenue
Still fairly new to the downtown scene, but a goodie nonetheless. Of course, you can order halal Philly cheese steaks at most halal pizza joints, but it’s Big Al’s thing. There’s your traditional Philly cheese steaks but then there’s the Notorious BBQ which is a traditional cheese steak sandwich topped with BBQ sauce. Oh, and there’s poutine AND wings.

College Falafel, 450 Ossington Avenue
They serve Halifax donairs – ‘nuff said. No but really, Halifax is known for their donairs and the owner of College Falafel learned how to make them just like they do in Halifax. The best part of the donair has got to be the donair sauce though and word on the street is that College Falafel has nailed it. It’s open late on the weekend and you’re guaranteed a friendly-face anytime you go.

Fry Haus, 296 Gerrard Street East
Halal German food in Toronto? Yes, you read that right! There’s very little dine-in room at this little restaurant on the corner of Parliament and Gerrard but don’t fret – the food is prepared quickly and it still tastes great. Try their Chicken Schnitzel or the Currywurst!

Kabul Express, 126 Dundas Street East
Afghan food is a quick and easy lunch-time option, and it’s perfect for students at Ryerson since Kabul Express is literally thisclose to the University. Their food is made fresh while you wait, and they also serve Pakistani and Indian cuisine if you’re not interested in Afghan food. There’s also plenty of room to sit, both inside and outside on a patio.

Paramount Fine Foods, 253 Yonge St
A favourite amongst many – Paramount offers great quick and tasty lunch options for those who study or work near the Toronto Eaton Centre. There’s lots of room for dining in and there’s takeout as well. It recently made BlogTO’s list for best hummus in the city, but it’s really the shawarma that has us going back for more! Oh and the soft, warm pitas.

Slice of New York, 64 Edward St
It wouldn’t be a list without a halal pizza place — Slice of New York has you covered. You’ll find so much more than just pizza which is why this is a great option if you’re looking for a regular lunch spot with a host of choices within the Italian and Middle Eastern spectrum.

Something 2 Talk About, 78 Gerrard Street West
This Toronto restaurant is only open from 9 to 5 so it’s great for those who need somewhere good (and halal!) for lunch. The only warning we have for you is that there’s so many choices to choose from. Yes, there’s sandwiches and yes, there’s wraps but there are so many of each! The Chicken Delight and the Shaheen Steak come highly recommended at this old-time favourite.

Big Moe’s Burgers, 372 Yonge St.
Expanded from Scarborough to the downtown core, with a new location now open at Yonge and Gerrard. If you’re from the East burbs, you’ll enjoy this bit of “back home” right where you work. Try the Juicy Lucy, their signature burger, smash grilled with cheese in the centre of fresh ground beef.

If you have more places to add to our list of the Best Halal Restaurants in Downtown Toronto, leave a comment below!

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