The Best Halal Shawarma in Toronto

Best Halal Shawarma

We don’t need to tell you about the best halal shawarma places in and around the GTA – there are just so many, and we’re definitely not complaining. After all, don’t shawarmas make the perfect quick lunch or go-to snack option? The thing with shawarmas is that every place makes them differently — some have unique house-made sauce that you can never duplicate (we’ve tried!), some load up the shawarma with so many fillings that you can barely eat it without making a mess, and some are much more scarce with their toppings.

Regardless of how you like your shawarma, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from in the GTA! When we were coming up with Best of List options, halal shawarma was one we knew we had to put together because of how popular these wonderful wraps have always been since ‘the good old days’.

We did the right thing by asking you because we received an overwhelming amount of responses. As always, make sure you always check meat source before heading over or eating.

In alphabetical order, here are the best halal shawarma places in the GTA:

Al-Tanoor, 1993 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough
If you’re not a fan of shawarma on the regular pita bread that every single shawarma place uses, then you should check out Al-Tanoor in Scarborough. They have the option of having your shawarma made in a homemade bread that changes up the shawarma game – majorly.

Cyrus, 563 Ritson South, Oshawa
Our Eastenders will definitely love that we included Cyrus on this list. For those who don’t venture out that far east, yes there is a halal shawarma place in Oshawa! The owner, Cyrus, is a friendly gentleman who definitely makes you feel at home in his restaurant. Try the shawarma plate, you won’t be disappointed.

El Sabil, 2680 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto
Located in the little plaza of shops across from Scarborough Muslim Association’s Abu Bakr mosque, El Sabil is a popular and very busy shawarma spot. They’re busy post and pre salaat times, and especially after Jum’mah, so consider yourself warned! Although, even if you’re waiting 15 minutes, it’s definitely worth it after you take a big bite out of an El Sabil shawarma. There’s very limited seating, so we suggest takeout.

Ibrahim’s, 1967 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto
Our Warden and Lawrence peeps know what’s up. Ibrahim’s shawarmas are big, with the right amount of seasoned meats and veggies. There’s very little room to sit and actually enjoy a shawarma, but it’s great for a quick grab-and-go lunch. Be prepared to stand in line at this popular, inexpensive Scarborough spot.

Mustafa, 866 Wilson Avenue, Toronto
The Iskander here is pretty much the shawarma at Mustafa Turkish Pizza, and we’ve been told by many sources that it’s a must try for anyone who loves shawarma. Also, the ambience is worth mentioning because the restaurant has a cave like theme which is truly unique.
PS: we know this list is about shawarmas but the Turkish pides at Mustafa’s are also off the hook and deserve an honourable mention.

Paramount Fine Foods (Multiple Locations)
Though some shawarma connoisseurs tell us Paramount isn’t their top choice for a shawarma sandwich, it is for many others who give extra points for ambiance with Paramount’s comfortable dining areas. Plus, their hummus is on point which makes their shawarma a contender. The portions are also generous and well worth the price.

Shawarma Empire, 1823 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto
Might not be easy on the eyes, but the shawarma here comes highly recommended from many of you and other sources. They also close right after dinner, which is a little inconvenient at times but you should still check it out if you’re on the hunt for a good, inexpensive shawarma! Don’t forget to try their hot sauce, made in-house and  very spicy!

Shawarma’s King, 60 Queen Street E, Toronto and 214 King St W, Toronto
Another long time running take out joint in the heart of downtown. They started their beginnings in the food court of Toronto Eaton Centre and now have 2 locations. Although they’ve been known not to give the best customer service, others will confirm quite the opposite!

Tasty Shawarma, 7677 Markham Road, Markham
Yes folks, you read correctly – this is a shawarma place in Markham! Although there’s many shawarma places in Scarborough, and even more in the downtown Toronto core, there’s next to none in Markham. There is a branch of the original Tasty Shawarma and Falafel in Scarborough, the Markham location offers decent sized portions and a great sit-down space.

Did we miss any of your favourite shawarma joints? Let us know below!


By: November 18, 2014


  • Osmows in Mississauga is the best. Original streetsville location

  • you guys didnt try Shawarma Max on Yonge just north of Sheppard?

    • Yo that is the WORST shawarma joint in Toronto. Seriously..I wouldn’t eat there even if I was getting paid to.

  • Ali Babas definitely needs to be up here

  • Pita and Grill Eglinton Ave Mississauga.

  • Uve missed almost everything on the West end like osmows pita & grill just to name two

  • Laurice’s shawarma’s are awsome in Oakville across from Sheridan – Trafalgar Campus!

    • I don’t think Laurice is halal though. They’re christian owned, if you’re following that school of thought. I went to sheridan and went into Laurice a few time in hopes of halal food, but they told me it was not.

      • I’ve been told by the manager that lourice is halal but if you have doubts and looking for shawarma in Oakville that is for sure halal check out chef’s door

  • another shwarama in town is sultan swarama main street and Danforth interection, another one I is eglinton square town center ruby’s swarama.

  • I’m surprised that most of these places are on the east side. I highly recommend Osmows and Lazeez Shawarma, both in Mississauga. Also, Ali Baba’s is pretty good as well, particularly their Lawrence and Weston Rd location.

  • Anoush- multiple locations& tasty shawarma and kabob in Markham.

  • Tasty shawarma, seriously??? No offense. But if you’re rating it one of the best shawarma’s in the gta. I’m probably not gonna take your suggestions on some of the other joints you mentioned on this list that I never tried.

  • i actually like Pitaland’s shwarmas.

  • Alf Hana in meadowvale. We drive 30mins just for that. Homemade garlic sauce is delicious!

  • Kebab 49 in Etobicoke is also really good. And there is a Shawarma place near UFT Georgetown which is really tasty (cannot remember the name).

  • *UFT St. George ^

  • Try Lazeez in Mississauga. Its definitely in the top 3 for me

  • I absolutely Love Zeytouna Restaurant their Beef plate is Amazing, prices are great, portion sizes great. I sometimes have to tell them to hold back a little.
    I eat here often..

    Zeytouna Restaurant
    171 Dundas Street W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C7
    Downtown Core
    Dundas St. W. @ Chestnut St.
    Phone number (647) 985-6447

  • Way to fully ignore the west end…seems to be a trend on this site

    • To mention the one spot in oshawa but not a single place in Mississauga other than paramount in a best of list is really not representative of the GTA more like best shawarma east of yonge

      • Halal Foodie on November 22, 2014

        You should participate on our social polls in that case. We gather feedback from our readers, we do research on meat source and then we come up with these lists. Many places people suggest don’t fit our guidelines so we need to omit. We cover a lot of places in the West, and will do more soon but our team is small and we do our best to get as much info as possible.

  • Lebanon Express at college and Yonge street

  • Lazeez Shahwarma is the best! It’s probably one of the best ones I’ve tried.

  • Zagros in Woodbridge.

  • i have tried about 20 shwarmas around gta

    best is yonge sheppard SHWARMA MAX

  • Shawarma Grill Xpress in Etobicoke has the cleanest food and very fresh. Check it out.

  • Pita and Grill Dundas and Confederation, sauga

  • and if your DT check out Marhaba Restaurant @ Sherborne and Dundas

  • Abu Haneefah on April 4, 2015

    Donor kebab at Gerrard and Yonge is the best shawarma spot in the GTA. Sandwich is good, plate is even better. Their sauce will always bring you back for more. Pita land should also be on the list.

  • Zesty pita in burlington is a shawarma restaurant that offers some of the best shawarma in Halton region. Hands down. Also try their Halal burgers, homemade and charbroiled.

  • I Have been to cyrus in Oshawa it is the best Shawarma I have ever had. Although, I have not been to the places mentioned cyrus is amazing

  • Zesty pita and burgers is one of the best halal restaurants west of toronto. They have the best shawarma and burger I have ever tried at a halal place. The food is fresh at very fair prices. I would vote for as the best shawarma and halal burger place in Burlington and top in the gta area for sure.

  • Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but Kebab 49 in Etobicoke!…you will get the tastiest meat and freshest veggies. best bang for your buck!

  • hi, can some one please confirm if Osmows in Brampton is halal? They give verbal assurance but no signs on the door or any where else and I tried calling their meat suppliers but no answers.

  • I used to love ibrahims but now a new shawarma store opened close to me its awseome i think it is way better than ibrahims its called sultan shawarma thee overlea branch everyone should try it

  • you forgot Zeytouna! at Dundas West. Its awesome and budget friendly!

  • I must say it hurt to not find “somethin 2 talk about” in the list. It is by far the best shawarma I have had in years … and trust me, I’ve had many. It’s located near UofT st. George. Their portions are huge and can sometimes last you for 2 meals. The price is pretty decent ($5.50) and their veggies are so crisp and fresh, it’s already making my mouth water and my stomach grumble.

  • Best shawarma, falafel and shish kebob in Toronto. Dejavu Mediterranean Cuisine in Thornhill.


    Best of GTA, 10/5

  • Ruby’s at Eglinton Town Centre is my one of the best shawarma places I have gone to!

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