Big Moe’s Halal Burger, the Best Halal Burger in Town

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Although small in size by being more of a take out restaurant, Big Moe’s halal burger joint starts off big right from the start. A big window with brightly coloured walls and the right amount of lighting make the place warm and inviting.

The open grill with massive hood vent gets you a front row seat to meal prep. Big Moe’s menu offers few selections, which is a refreshing change to the over packed ones where most items are below par in taste and quality. Everything at Big Moe’s is popular and every item compliments one another. Their menu theme is reminiscent of a summer time carnival with tornado potato, poutine, burgers and, my favourite — funnel cake.

halal burger

We ordered a hamburger ($4.79), cheeseburger (5.79) but went BIG with it by adding an extra 5oz burger to make it a double cheeseburger ($8.79). Maybe next time we’ll try the Juicy Lucy, which is Big Moe’s signature burger (their 5oz burger filled with a cheese centre). Ask them about their experimental burgers if you’re feeling adventurous (try the Holy Moly).

Big Moe’s uses a flat cooking surface vs. grill. This allows them to sear the meat quickly via smashed down technique to lock in all the juices. What you get is a nice crispy outer layer that holds all the fresh ready-to-crumble ground beef on the inside.

The place was pretty busy for a Sunday evening but I still managed to squeeze in and watch our burgers being prepared. Watching the process really lent a hand to how I enjoyed the burger. The meat was fresh, I saw it being handled and I saw it sizzling! I already loved it and I hadn’t even tasted it yet!

After a fair ten minute wait, our food arrived and the first bite was glorious. The burger is juicy! What a huge step forward for halal burgers. Their sign says: from the grinder to the grill and that’s exactly what you taste — fresh meat.

Consolidating the reviews I’ve heard over the past year since they’ve been in operation, it’s safe to say you’ll either love it or be totally weirded out by it. Why? Because growing up Muslim, most of us had three choices; mom’s masala burger (which was actually seekh kebab shaped like a burger, and then over-cooked), frozen from-the-box burger or the shawarma shop across the road who used the same frozen from-the-box burger. To put it bluntly, most of us have limited burger experience. Do try and broaden your foodie horizons a bit and give Big Moe’s halal burger a try.

halal burger

I know this is a halal burger place but my main reason for coming here is that I have a weakness for funnel cake, and it’s the only dessert they offer – why would you need anything else?! Again, fresh and quality ingredients make this a delicious treat for sharing.

So over the last few years there has been a burger renaissance and many argue over who carries the “best burger” title in Toronto. Well, for a halal burger, Big Moe’s wins hands down.

One common denominator at Big Moe’s is big flavour. You will not be disappointed eating here — can’t wait to visit again!


Pictures courtesy of Maryam of Spice and the City.


Big Moe’s halal burger
3517 Kennedy Road, Toronto, ON M1V 4S4 (647) 340-6637
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By: November 16, 2012


  • Mmm greasy goodness. Great for a cheat day… a BIG cheat day!

  • Is this place HMA or does it have a legit source of meat?

    • Halal Foodie on November 20, 2012

      If you call Big Moe’s you can get meat source info directly from them. There are very few HMA certified restaurants, but there are lots of HMA certified meat shops where restaurants can purchase their meat from. Visit HMA’s website for more info:

  • The burger looks absolutely delicious but the funnel cakes looks like a little too much for me. I’m glad to see that now everyone can have a delicious burger and not be constrained to the out-of-the-box variety!

    You do a great job with your reviews, keep up the good work!

    • Halal Foodie on November 28, 2012

      Thanks! I like your site, great resource! I shall be using it to look out for new halal places to try out!

  • Big Moe’s is AMAZING!!! The hamburgers and the Juicy Lucy are just mouth watering. Great burgers, you are right; you can actually taste the fresh meat!!

    Its my weekly ‘quick grab’ joint 🙂 Keep it up guys and best of luck!

    Come to Brampton as well

  • The best burgers hands down! I always feel bad to eat “beef” burgers, so I love the fact that they have a chicken juicy lucy burger now. It’s really good and feels a little less greasy. Haven’t had a complaint since I’ve started going there to eat (started at the Kennedy location, now Warden one).

  • Absolutely love the cheese burger with beef bacon. Divine doesn’t cut it. I’m soo happy they opened a new location in Toronto. Yayyy! Best Halal burger joint ever!

  • Deliciously Delicious. Divine doesn’t cut it. I especially like the cheese burger with beef bacon ( not actual bacon, just beef). I have to say that I have noticed that service is quicker and the burgers are more standardized. So happy that a new location opened in Toronto Yayy!!

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