Chopstick House Hakka Chinese in Scarborough

A new little Hakka place opened up last week in Scarborough called Chopstick House, a great addition to the East-end community as there seems to be a lack of options for places that do not serve alcohol or have a full halal menu. The Muslim owner purchases all of his meat from Iqbal Halal Meat.

Chopstick House

Chopstick House

Chopstick House is small but they manage to get in a lot of seating. Judging by their layout, if they get busy, it might get congested but wide aisles could help resolve that issue.

Chopstick House

Apart from the usual Hakka options, their Dragon Crispy Chicken ($10.95) and Indonesian Fried Rice ($7.99) were noteworthy. Dragon Crispy Chicken is going to have us coming back to Chopstick House, and will likely be our usual for dine-in or take-out.

They have a section in their menu for white meat options which we thought was pretty unique and a step in a great direction. Dragon Crispy Chicken is apart of that special white meat menu which is why the price is higher.

Indonesian rice was another welcome surprise. I found it light and a good alternative to ordering plain steamed rice as a side. It’s low on salt so it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and full, and since it has a subtle taste, it mixes well with the mains, but price seemed high compared to some meat dishes that are at par.

Manchurian Chicken ($7.99) and Chilli Beef ($8.99), usually guaranteed hits, are slightly lacklustre at Chopstick House. Both dishes were on the starchy side without very distinctive tastes. But don’t get me wrong, they’re still good dishes as meat proportions were generous and appear to use quality ingredients.

For extra carbs, we had requested a thick noodle and was recommended to try their Hakka Chowmein Special ($8.99) which is actually a fairly thin noodle. Would be nice to see thicker options added such as shanghai style.

Purchased both their Mango Lassi ($2.99) and their Mango Shake ($2.99) and although it was really refreshing and great quality, would have liked to have more than a standard cup size for the price.

All-in-all, a great little addition to the Scarborough halal restaurant scene. I see them being popular soon!

Meat Source: All meat is purchased from Iqbal Halal Meat.

Chopstick House
1780 Markham Rd., Scarborough

By: August 13, 2013


  • I was there on the weekend. I was not impressed. We asked for some beef dishes and they were out on that day. It would’ve been nice if our server told us when she gave us our menus before we asked about the spiciness of a beef dish. We didn’t like that the curry dishes didn’t come with a side of steam rice (I’ve been to a few halal chinese and thai restaurants and it a side of rice usually comes with it). The spring rolls were salty , our singaporean noodles were overcooked, our egg fried rice, our egg seemed to be chopped in,not fried in. and we couldn’t distinguish the taste between the manchurian and the szechuan chicken, even though one was supposed to be spicy and one was not, both were spicy. I was disappointed,

    • Good you told us…. Will not go there now!

    • Went there yesterday for the first time and it was beyond amazing. Will be going there again today. Service was good (the owner served us) and the food was delicious as well as high on the quantity. The beef did not have fat which was very healthy as well. Overall, great experience. 5/5
      P.S. The soups are amazing and hearty for the soul especially during this winter time.

  • Paid a visit during the week after being very excited at the prospect of having a halal Chinese spot so close to home. Unfortunately, it was a pretty bad experience. After placing our order of two sweet and sour chicken combos, we noticed that there was a 10% discount for takeout but when we asked why it wasn’t included in our bill we apparently had to ask PRIOR to ordering. We ended up shrugging it off as we were really just excited to try the food. BIGGGGG disappointment. It was bland to say the least. No flavour, no nothing. Where was the sweet or the sour?! Infact for me it was in edible. Also, the “side”of steamed rice that accompanies the dish is the equivalent of 3 or 4 tablespoons, MAX. I hope they step up soon, as it would be a real shame to have such a place go to waste.

    • for sure i agree ayan ! the food is nasty , what the hell they are cooking
      i can see lots of colour and flour than actual sauce . i would say dont go to this sort of restaurant otherwise long term side effects upto cancer

    • annoyed and irritated customer on August 6, 2015

      I totally agree with your comments, I shud have checked the website before I went and wasted my money on such crappy food. Useless. Inform yr friends n family never to go there again.

  • Amazing experience. I’ve tried all the Hakka Chinese in Toronto and surrounding areas and this is the best yet. Reminded me of the real authentic Pakistani Chinese food I ate in Karachi. There is room for improvement as far as service goes. That of course is the same with all desk restaurants and to be expected. I wouldn’t let it stop you from trying their food!!!

    • annoyed and irritated customer on August 6, 2015

      Eesa . there are enough authentic chinese restaurants in Toronto. This one is a complete write off. You are rite … this is not chinese, this is authentic paki food.

  • I recently went with my family and I actually received an abundant amount of steamed rice with my order. I really enjoyed the Crispy Dragon chicken, All American Chopseuy and the Chowmein noodles! All the dishes that we ordered tasted pretty good and the waitress kept asking us if we needed anything. I think they’re still experimenting with employees but I hope they keep improving and are here to stay!

  • Awesome Hakka Chinese cuisine. Beautiful restaurant great service and amazing food.

  • The Hot & Sour soup and chicken lollipop are great in appetizers. The server recommended us to try the hot chili garlic and chili chicken dry and it was really gooood, we also had the Indonesian chicken fried rice and it is something new..AGREED

  • I love this place! Always go back for the dragon chicken. They’re on time when ordering for takeout.

  • The restaurant is very clean . The food was great. I like the dragon chicken so much..Inshallah we will go again.

  • SO AWESOME. Don’t listen to the previous negative comments. This restaurant has improved so much since its opening. Wonderful atmosphere and decor. Try the hot and sour soup! it’s my favourite and absolutely love the new noodles they added (thick ones)..
    I STRONGLY suggest that if you went when the restaurant first opened up, GO AGAIN! Go notice the changes and love it!

    • annoyed and irritated customer on August 6, 2015

      Oh my god Annie … you must have an awful taste bud. Plus you may have never been to a “proper” restaurant .. you talk of atmosphere and decor … it’s a bare basic take-out joint. Whether you went when they first opened or now – there is absolutely no value for money.
      Look around and go to places like Fredericks, China Cottage, Super Hakka .. these are places that service authentic chinese .. you get quality and value for money … Not few pieces of beef/chicken with a bit of gravy and scoop of steam rice for 7.99… bloody rip off

  • salma and family Nov 6,2013
    It is really a good and nice restaurant .we used to go far for chinese halal food.we r very happy that we have nice and beautiful restaurant i n our area.the food was good and services was great.we really like to go every weekend there……………inshaallah

    • annoyed and irritated customer on August 6, 2015

      I think you have never eaten chinese before Salma … its a rip off there

  • I think it’s natural for a new restaurant to have some kinks initially. I’ve been here about 3 times since they opened and the food has been very consistent. The crispy dragon chicken is a must try! We also tried the crispy chilli chicken and that is another amazing dish. The taste was very distinct and different from other Hakka restaurants where the chicken is drowning in a pool of gravy and onions. The Pakistani twist on the Hakka food is something I really enjoy after trying pretty much every other halal Hakka restaurant in Toronto.

    Service is also great – there is one waiter who always gives us good recommendations and I think he recognizes us by now! The restaurant is clean and food always arrives in a timely fashion. Chopstick House will continue to be our go-to for halal Hakka Chinese.

  • This place is terrific all around. Maybe earlier on it had some problems but they’ve seemed to work it out. best part is that they are 100% halal and dont serve alcohol….i see all these religous people who are quick to call on the haram police for walking with your gaze in a non lowered position yet eat at various restaurants that serve alcohol!


  • I go there every Friday with my kids and we love the food.
    Chicken Corn soup is such a soulful.
    I do recommend!!!
    Atleast give it a try yourself

  • I have went here and like it. The lunch menu is at a reasonable price of 6.99 with upgrades of 1.50 to fried rice.
    Other than that I think the other things are over priced and a lot in quantity. They should have another option with half size portions for half price?
    Fish Pakoras are the best.

    For lunch menu I wish they would add on an option for noodles instead of rice only.

    and lastly, FINALLY a place without alcohol servers. that’s what you call a halal place.

  • annoyed and irritated customer on August 6, 2015

    OMG .. the worst chinese food I have ever eaten … what a waste of money. This is not chinese … this is typical indian/pakistani … not anywhere close to chinese. No quality and no value for money. Food was awful. The owners wife or whoever, a short plump lady was frowning all the while – not a nod or a hi .. customer service sucks. The lady who took the order came to us 3 times to confirm … they need to shut the front door and first go learn how to cook authentice chinese food

    • I am not looking for authentic chinese food. I am looking for halal authentic pakistani chinese food, which tastes way better to me. Quit spreading hate, and make a positive difference in the world.

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