Continental Grand Buffet: New Halal Buffet in Mississauga

Ramadan 2013: Iftar at Continental Grand Buffet
By Hafsa Pathan

Continental Grand Buffet

My husband and I started a tradition to go eat out at least once a week during Ramadan because it can be difficult to rush home after work to cook dinner. It has proven to be tough at times due to some venues not having ample prayer space but we lucked out with the newly opened Continental Grand Buffet.

After we were seated, announcements were made regarding Maghrib prayer and breaking our fasts. Patrons were advised that a sheikh would be leading prayer and that there was space for both men and women to pray (separately). Closer to Maghrib, more announcements were made – this time to fill our plates with iftar and to settle into our seats and await the Adhaan.

So far, so good. The atmosphere was reminiscent of going to Saudi Arabia where everyone stops and goes to pray after the Adhaan.  After prayer, everyone lined up and filled their plates with a variety of different cuisines.

Yes, now I’ll finally talk about the food! Continental Grand Buffet has a little of everything. If you don’t like a certain dish, keep movin’ because you’ve got a lot to choose from.

Continental Grand Buffet

I am a sucker for appetizers and as soon as I saw the pani puri (or gol gappay) I knew that would be my first stop. I was impressed and devoured them immediately.

We also had a bit of Chinese Hakka – Chili Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken. There was Indian cuisine there as well but since we just had iftar at our parents’ homes the weekend prior – we opted out of eating any more South Asian food. But that was fine because we still had so much to choose from. I did notice a lot of oil in the South Asian and Mediterranean dishes. Although tasty, their Hakka dishes were on the mild side and needed more depth in terms of flavour.

Grand Continental Buffet

By far, the best item was the fresh Shawarma –– right off the rotisserie. I noticed not many people had Shawarma chicken on their plate and I think that’s because it’s located at the back of the buffet and not too visible. Keep that in mind when you go because it was one of the best items there despite them having plenty of options!

Continental Grand Buffet

The hummus was great and paired well with the chicken.

Aside from Hakka, South Asian and Middle Eastern food Continental Grand Buffet also has Mediterranean and African dishes and a good variety of desserts too. Even with a plethora of options, they were mostly mediocre but we did manage to find a few dishes we enjoyed, like the chicken shawarma. They also have a massive space, seating for 300, reservations are strongly recommended.

Now, I eat very little for iftar – and it’s actually recommended to not consume a lot of food when breaking your fast (unlike these brothers and sisters), so a buffet didn’t seem like the best of ideas. However, they’re having a Ramadan promotion where the buffet is 20% off – at $14.99 per person on weekdays and $17.99 on weekends (they also charge a small fee for small children). Pair that with a variety of food and an Islamic environment and you’ve got yourself an ideal iftar night.


Hafsa is the voice of Hijabi Homegirl – a blog dedicated to sharing the experiences of a modern-day, small-town hijabi living in the big city. She is a PR professional with a passion for social media. Guilty pleasures include eating macarons and Instagramming OOTDs.  Follow her adventures on Twitter.


Meat Source: All hand slaughtered halal meat is purchased from Al-Marwa in Mississauga who gets their chicken from Sargent Farms and beef from J.J. Meat Distributing Inc.

Continental Grand Buffet
4141 Dixie Road, Mississauga


By: July 18, 2013


  • You should have mentioned it requires reservations…luckily we had enough time before iftaar

  • Really disappointed in their overall demeanor and service. We had reservations and ignored us and blamed US because we didn’t take the name of the employee who took our reservation. A kind acknowledgement of overbooking would have sufficed. But they got defensive and were extremely rude. We will not be returning…

    • Halal Foodie on July 21, 2013

      Thanks for your feedback – that’s really sad to hear. Customer service is so crucial to a restaurant. Hopefully they take steps to improve.

    • Continental on August 13, 2013

      You must have come during the Ramadan time for iftaari. We apologize for the inconvenience and rude service but what happened in Ramadan was that, some people would call for inquiries and come and say they had reservations when they didn’t. Another scenario would be the person who made the reservation or their guests would not show up on time and we would have to give away their table as we told all customers who made reservations, “Be here early or we will have to give away your table.” We did overbook twice however we still accommodated the extra families as the solution to our overbooking.

  • The food is not good. I don’t see how you can call this an ‘ideal iftar night’ when the food doesn’t have any taste, I’m not sure what this review was about. I went there based on it and was severely disappointed. They have about 40 things to eat, but nothing I would pay for by itself off the menu at any other restaurant. Yes the ambiance was nice, but not worth paying more than $10 for.

  • Terrible food I ever eat in my life…what a waste of money and time, most of dishes I tried was under cooked. Not worth to pay 20$ for such a food. Customer service is not great at all, Employees at the cash were eating while they were serving customer. Typically DESI SERVICE. will never go back again.

    • Hey bud, the only time the employees ate at cash was during ramadan, and the one thing you should understand is that we EAT after we open our fast, we can’t work on empty stomachs especially when we had to prepare for over 200 people every day. You must be a typical DESI CUSTOMER because you say it’s not worth paying $20 for. Also, be more thankful for what you have because they’re are more unfortunate people who would love to eat here, not only that, YOU decided to waste your time there, and i can guarantee you that you’ve had worse food.

      • And this is the typical attitude of people at the restaurant.

      • @Ammar if you reply to your critics like this good luck with your business. Customer Service is the key to every business. Even if you are not at fault you and your employees should atleast pretend to be apologetic and offer alternatives to your clients to make sure they return and word of mouth can make or break a business. every big successful business keeps one thing in mind “customer is the king ”
        Rude egoistic defensive attitude is not tolerated in any business. There are ways to tackle all kinds of people which is extremely imperative in the hospitality business. All the best.

        • ALI, I agreed with Ash 100%. I invited a couple of month ago in this restaurant. I saw the owner of the restaurant was giving the direction to the employees like a slave. this is so bad. if you don’t know how to give respond the inquires of your customers then please take example from Google search before given any answers to your client. Ash is right if you want to keep this behaviors with your customers then I guarantee you, your restaurants will close soon within a month or maybe within 50 days noted. because you gone cooked for yourself when there will be no customer in restaurant. make sure there are so many good restaurant in Toronto and especially in Mississauga, while they have good attitude and food with customers, shame on you , you should say sorry to all your views and customers. very very bad.

  • Terrible food. It was cold and bland and absolutely tasteless. Never going back again.

    • Halal Foodie on August 10, 2013

      Thank you for the feedback! Looks like this place isn’t living up to expectations. Hopefully they read the comments here and try to improve inshaAllah.

  • Food was great, atmosphere is beautiful, and service was wonderful. Highly recommend going there.

  • STAY AWAY!!! I went to Continental with about a dozen work colleagues for lunch yesterday. There was only one other table of about 5 in the restaurant. The restaurant was not even ready for guests at noon. They didn’t have any labels for the food, did not have proper serving utensils and didn’t put out all cutlery on the tables. That’s just the start. There does seem to be a fair selection for a lunch buffet, but it’s impossible to find anything worth eating. The indian dishes are either tasteless,watered down, overcooked or overly spiced; the kababs have no flavour; the chinese dishes did not taste right and the fruit on the dessert buffet was partly rotten. We figured that they are not getting enough guests, so they are recycling meals from one day to the next. We spoke to the owner about the food quality and he did not seem to care. I guess he doesn’t want to stay in business. I urge anyone considering this restaurant to not take a chance. I got sick shortly after eating there as did others who were at the restaurant with me.

  • on August 15, 2013

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ! We went with our 15 other friends yesterday and have to admit it’s been my worst experience ever.The food had no salt or taste and everything tasted stale.Felt sick rest of the day and it will take me a while to even think of considering eating out for a while.Please don’t even go and try this place instead consider “Eat More” just blocks away.

  • Horrible Horrible Horrible!!! a complete horror it was like eating at a fear factor buffet. How can a buffet not label their foods? The quality of the food was not even suitable for a dog. Please stay away from this place. Food looked like it was being recycled for days. I went in there and ate absolutely nothing in fear of getting sick. It was a complete waste of money. Highly recommend the owner to change things up or cut your losses and shut your doors.

  • A complete JOKE!!!
    OUR MISSION: Continental Grand Buffet is to offer first and the best choice of food and service to individual family members. We also believe in first and the best choice customer service and care. Our mission is to create a unique, creative, welcoming, and enjoyable atmosphere for all individual guests.

    This was so not the case for us. Food was below mediocore,looked like it was sitting on the warmer from lunchtime, service was horrible and the owner clearly did not take pride in his restaurant because when we complained he was not surprised. Went for dinnr with my family. I was not looking for a free meal but for him to atleast express his concern that he has a dissatisfied customer. I would never recommend this place to anyone, and for those of you wanting to give it a try BEWARE

  • I went along with my family and friends after EID for dinner, it was not as good as it was projected at top of this column. Indeed there was variety in food but the taste was not up to that level as it should be. BBQ kababs were very dry and desserts were just OK, they should concentrate more on desserts that’s one the important item in any buffet and remove those plenty of ice creams. Not worth of paying over 22$ for dinner.

  • Its sad sometimes the quality of food or service we are subjected to because we only eat halal. I just ask myself would this fly at a Mandarin?

  • We just went here yesterday. We had a family of eight and all of us enjoyed the experience. The food was excellent, there was a huge selection, and the service was wonderful. We were unable to taste all the food, but we were very satisfied with what we had. I recommend this restaurant wholeheartedly!

  • Muhammad Ali Khan on August 28, 2013

    Recently, we celebrated our twenty anniversary along with our Kids, we all loved the food and the service was great. I do not know why people are saying about the taste. My kids born here and they love the food and the ambiance, never seen a Halal Restaurant for this capacity and the cleanness. Their food is very moderate for the spices and the taste, certainly if you looking for the spices try their Nahari and Paya. Their Live BBQ was awesome they have Mediterranean items not Indian spicy kabab or tika.
    I definitely y go there again again and promote them that some Muslim have a courage to establish such a huge place and maintain a Halal place without Alcohol may Allah give them a barakat and prosper us in the main stream………. Aamin

  • DON’T go there unless you like quantity over quality! There is nothing Grand about this buffet, unless you mean grand as in spacious… yet its a big place… but who cares. I rather eat at a crowded place where the food is tasty. And I know what tasty food is… I eat everywhere and have tried various quality places. (Many recommended by halalfoodie).

    I was however disappointed at my recent visit to Continental Grand Buffet. Food was plain bland…tasteless. Burnt Nan (and they didn’t get new ones until we requested). Tasteless BBQ. No sauces. Only thing around was ketchup, and another watery chilli sauce for soup. What ever happened to green chatney, plum sauce, other red tangy sauces? Fruit were poorly cut… Pineapple had mostly cores. Some things were good: Fried prawn and crabs. Other things were just ok. Most were plain bad. I am never going there again.

    And I am writing this review for the benefit of others and this site that I am sure others trust like me.

  • great place to eat, Hakka Chinese food was the best, live bbq was okay, did not have the steaks because we went on Tuesday eveinbg, Ans. was it its on the weekends. will recommend to everyone.

    never seen such a huge place for a Halal restaurant. it is only few months they have opened up. I am sure few areas they will improve with the the time and we need to support them not condone them.

  • waste of money

  • Heard about this restaurant from a friend of mine – we were a group of 11 people – very disappointed about the reception guy (perhaps the owner himself), service, quality of food (no seafood at all) and very highly priced! For $22 + tax + tip (amounts to $28/head), it was not worth at all. Will never recommend and never visit again

  • Went to this restaurant a few days ago with my family and I have to say that the food was excellent. There was a wide variety and different kinds of food available. Definitely recommend going there with your family.

  • Loved the food and service, best part is the Hakka Chinese and the live barbecue, kabobs and shish taouk is great, I also really liked the baked fish and shrimp. Highly suggest this restaurant.

  • I was hired as a DJ for a wedding in their hall. The hall has a feel of a banquet hall and I was impressed by the food especially considering buffet standards. Original Italian dishes and their baklava was one of the best I’ve had so far.
    Glad to see a well run halal buffet restaurant with fare prices…well at least fair so far.

  • We went to Continental Buffet about three weeks ago. Food was OK but a lot of food was mislabeled. When we presented our Foodie card, the waiter said he didn’t know what this card was. He gave it to another person – possibly the Owner and he look at it, tried to read it then asked the waiter to read what it said. I informed them that we found out about their restaurant from the Foodie website. They also do not display the Foodie decal on the door.

    Reluctantly, they gave 15% discount.

    Lila Khan

    • Halal Foodie on October 2, 2013

      Salam Lila! Continental Buffet is not apart of the Halal Foodie Discount Card Program – visit this link for participating places: (also on the back of the card).

      That was really nice of them to still give you a discount!

  • I have a reservation and after one hour is going to have this buffet but after this all comments I read …I am doubt and confused as well…I dont know I will try it or not…I am worried about my kids health not money…

  • I think the owners put their supporting comments in here, check them out on other review boards, every one wrote to stay away from this place, It is sad to see that such a great place is being wasted. They can probably have a deal with take out place right across the road and get their food in

  • I went there on 31st 2013 with my family….. WORSE EXPERIENCE… FOOD WAS GOOD BUT STAFF WAS NOT AT ALL PROFESSIONAL. they tried to charge for 6 MONTHS baby and 14 months they billed for 12.99 each for the kids They will try to rip you off if you dont watch your bill.

  • RUDE STAFF!!!!!!!!!!! NO MANNERS!!!!!

  • I don’t know why why people are negative about this experience was great, i found the place and food was awesome, price is great. I think negative comments from the competition as I notice the comments are similar and names are not belongs to Halal Culture. good luck and keep up the good work. will advise all Muslims… because this seems to be a Muslim halal buffet where we can eat all halal dishes.

    • dear as you said the names are not belongs to halal culture .
      look up the names above again. MOHAMMED, ADNAN , AHMED.

  • We were 26 people.Ilike food but my son telling he want recomend anybody to go.

  • Shahid Bajwa on May 6, 2014

    this is a step up for Desi Halal food for whole family. myself and my kids enjoyed the food where we can eat all halal dishes. $19 is very good where you can eat complete meal with appetizers to sweet dishes. some restaurant you can eat only one dish for that price. good clean and modern place, specially their washroom, never seen such a clean wash room in Desi restaurant place.

    will recommend to all. as a muslim should support them because it can be an Icon for us just other non-halal like Mandarin or Tandoori flame and host or other hakka chinese places where they claim to be halal and serving alcohol and pork dishes.

  • It’s a good resturant but I think they also add pizza variety

  • I can comment by saying only and only two words.. ” WORSE RESTAURANT”.

  • I Pray this restaurant improves their customer service, and believe it has great potential to thrive,l hope in some way l can make a difference .l am a food lover of Arabic foods,and look foward to visiting soon.Food has always been a fantastic way to bring people together.

  • Worst place no manners waste of money and time

  • Owner has attitude food was cold staff was rude tasteless food

  • There is a good variety, I wont say that the food was very tasty but its a good place if you want to try varieties.
    I had no problems with the staff or owner.

  • Continantal grand buffet ohhh it’s really good halal place food where u can eat anything they have lots of verities which made me really proud that they are serving hand slaughter which is very difficult and expensive now a days ….. Food was 10 on 10 and the CEO of this company was too good coz I made a mistake in reserving and it was very busy still he accommodate me and gave me 15 percent off thank you and may Allah makes him more stable and better than you I’ll recommend to every Muslim brother or sister


  • Horrible food and service.

  • Foodie from Toronto on June 24, 2016

    I was there yesterday with 5 of my friends. I was really impressed by the variety. Almost every item on the display tasted great. It was jam packed but they managed it really well. They did not run out of any items. Lots of dishes and great quality and great price. Loved the fried prawns, behari kabab, lamb qourma and haleem. Great variety of deserts as well

  • Horrible service made a reservation for 14 people. They let other people in and we waited outside. They lied that they will send a confirmation text but during the reservation they didn’t mention anything about the text. Mismanagement at its best

  • Halal foodie on December 28, 2016

    Horrible experience. Dont go there. ‘
    Its so funny. Positive comments are so obviously written by the management. ‘

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