Crave Grill House Gets High Marks for Customer Service

Crave Grill House.

Crave Grill House

When another grill/steak house was set to open up I have to admit I was not expecting more than what we already have. How could they improve or set themselves apart from another halal steakhouse with an all-so-common Italian inspired menu?

Excellent customer service.

Like really excellent. From the hostess to our own waitress to the waitress that wasn’t even looking after us (but stopped to say hello) — they all participated in our experience. Not in an annoying, let me watch you while you chew on that steak way, it was very courteous and professional manner.

When you walk into Crave Grill House it’s really spacious and clean. I think they could have squeezed in a few more tables, but appreciate that they didn’t take that route. The light green walls and dark wood furniture give off a casual style atmosphere, your typical neighbourhood restaurant feel. I would come here for a family birthday party or larger gathering because they really do take care of you so would trust that a special function would go really well.

Crave Grill House

Now for the food. The owners have years of experience in efficiently running a large, full service restaurant, and it shows. The food also, overall very fresh and great attention to each dish giving you a variety of flavours that change from each menu item – avoiding multiple dishes taste the same.

With “grill house” being in the restaurant’s name, it’s only fair we order their steak. An 8oz New York Striploin is my preferred cut, and a popular choice overall. Beef Short Ribs were also tempting us and then caved with their Four Cheese Chicken. Each dish came with your choice of sides so we went with a good variety: steamed and seasoned vegetables, french fries, rice and mashed potatoes. To drink we went all out with both the mango and pina colada milkshakes – only made with ice cream and a touch of milk.

Here’s where the lovely customer service kicked in, the waitress took our order but warned that the chicken would take 20-25 minutes. We agreed, and waited. Since we expected the wait, we were happy to do so. Also, they made sure that all food came out together. That really stuck out to me because countless times I’ve been the one who is last to get my meal and everyone around me is already half finished before I can even start.

The hostess who seated us came back to make sure we had what we needed while the waitress went to fill our order. That’s what a hostess should be doing – many restaurants they just seat you and then they’re gone. Our hostess was truly a host and made her rounds to ensure patrons were satisfied.

Back to the food, although we had to wait, it was fine. All the food came out together, hot and gleaming with careful preparation.

First thing I noticed overall was salt on every dish was on the low side. Oils as well, were minimal. This was too consistent to be accidental which points to the conscious effort to offer healthier meals. The salt might be too low for many but it was just enough to enhance flavours and was enough for me personally.

Crave Grill House

Crave Grill House 8oz New York Striploin ($18) was prepared to our requested doneness – medium to medium rare, and we asked for peppercorn sauce. It was a good steak, the peppercorn sauce a bit overwhelming and I needed to scrape off the whole peppercorns, but that’s personal preference.

Crave Grill House

Four Cheese Chicken ($15), one of their more popular dishes was also well received however, I expected a rich and creamy texture that lingered with hints of garlic. Crave Grill House version was still really good and once I got over my expectations, I enjoyed the artichoke, spinach and cheese filling that oozed from the centre and flavoured the tender meat. I really enjoyed the battered crust, crisp yet light. The chipotle cream sauce gave it the necessary spice to keep the dish from getting redundant after the first few bites.

Crave Grill House

Beef Short Ribs ($19) were my favourite part of the meal. Even though we didn’t even come close to finishing it off, we took it home and it made great sandwich leftovers the next day (shred and toast on pretzel bun!) Their ribs are slow cooked, tender and had a great kick with East Asian flavour.

The kiddos ate really well. Between the flat bread pizza and alfredo pasta, both boys devoured the pasta and even the steamed vegetables (are these my children?!)

I really had a nice family dinner here, it was relaxed, easy going and satisfying. Although prices might be on the higher end, I do feel that it justifies the level of service and it’ll be interesting to see how other’s react. If you’ve been to Crave Grill House, please leave a comment and let us know what you think!


Meat Source as of May 11, 2013: Chicken is from Sergeant Farms, Beef is from Amir Toronto Halal

Crave Grill House
25 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Unit 5
416 213 1977

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By: May 17, 2013


  • Great idea to include the meat source with the review!

    Can we have a Top Ten Downtown list for all the working people looking for economical lunch alternatives?

    for future reviews, it would be great if the restaurant did NOT know you were writing a review so that the customer service and food quality are exactly as the next average customer can expect.

    Great work, keep them coming!

    • Halal Foodie on May 22, 2013

      Salaam! Thanks for the feedback. Downtown lunch spots is a great list to provide, will inshaAllah work on that one soon. Yes, for future reviews I will go back to my usual reviews on the sly 🙂

      I should point out that many food reviewers do a mixture of open and discreet reviews, it’s up to the reviewers style. Readers of this site are used to discreet ones so I suppose it’s expected!

  • Just went to this restaurant recently based on this review and it was exactly as described by the author. In fact, I had the beef ribs and they were one of the best I’ve had at any restaurant.

    Definitely recommend to all.

  • Just had the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich…. WOW!
    Fresh, flavorful, delicious!

    I will be going back once a week to try the rest of their menu.

  • PotatoesRGood2 on June 24, 2013

    I checked out Crave’s Grillhouse even before reading this review, and my feelings were very much the same. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. Even though my focus is always on the steaks, I must say, the baked potato was done perfectly. Trust me… I am a meat person, but just add baked potato as your side and you will probably be as impressed as I was. May Allah bless their business.

  • I ate here tonight everything was pretty good, menu is similar to the keg but this place has much more variety.

  • Khatira Saleh on July 18, 2013

    Went there for the dinner buffet (for Iftar) and was really impressed. I was a little nervous about a buffet because that usually means poor quality and cheap food but that was not the case. The food was delicious. Loved the chicken and pasta with chicken breast. Everything was great. You can tell that the owners have a lot of experience running a restaurant. My only issue (very minor) was that it took a while to get our drinks. But it was the first night they were doing the buffet for Iftar and it was very busy. I would highly recommend this place.

    P.S. loved the chewy gooey chocolate cake for dessert.

  • Asalaamu Alaykum,

    At first when our friends told us about Crave Grill House, I figured that since I had never heard of it, it would probably be some subpar restaurant and that it would be one of many that I would never go back to. That was totally NOT the case here =) I’m from Scarborough and now I can say that the drive was worth it and I have no problem making the trip in the future.

    The location is close to 427North and Finch, the plaza where it is located has ample parking. The restaurant itself it very modern, clean, bright and the best part is that the Owners/Management and staff are all so very friendly! It is soooo nice to be greeted with big smiles. Nowadays it means so much to me to be surrounded by friendly, cheerful people. It’s really awful to go out for dinner with family or friends only to be served by someone who does not smile or seems miserable. We went for Iftar during Ramadan and even the patrons seemed to all be in a good mood so that was a plus! Moving on, we chose the buffet and it did not disappoint. Since it was iftar, of course the line would be longer than usual but we had dates, water, and I believe rose water on our table to break our fast so that was appreciated. By the time we decided to join the buffet line it went quickly and I watched the staff continuously check on the food to ensure there was always enough food in case one type was getting low.

    We were able to choose from a few different types of salads, rice, potatoes, chicken wings, pastas, peri chicken, fried fish, chipotle chicken, and beef/steak strip in a yummy sauce + I must be missing other types of food. And they had lots of fruit and cakes for dessert. The prices were reasonable, it’s not a fast food chain where you expect low quality, low prices. This is a very nice restaurant (which we lack in Toronto) and the prices are exactly inline for the food quality. My friends and I do not feel the prices were high, but reasonable and worth it!

    For years I have been wishing for a Halal Buffet!Thanks and Good Job! I am very pleased with our visit and can’t wait to try other regular menu items which sound soooo yummy!
    I will definitely recommend this restaurant to family and friends. I know it’s a newly opened restaurant and since it was such a nice place and the owners actually want to keep it 100% halal, I pray Allah rewards them with success and brings them much happiness with this new Restaurant. Ameen.

    This review is written on behalf of myself and my Husband. We can’t really think of anything at the moment that they need to work on since it is a new restaurant and they will sort out what works and what doesn’t over time, we had a wonderful experience. Based on the overall appearance, atmosphere, taste and price we give it 5 stars =)MashaAllah

    AB & HB

    • Halal Foodie on August 10, 2013

      Awesome review!!! Loved it and appreciated you leaving it here!!! Look forward to reading more!

  • Went for iftaar buffet – TWICE – had to bring family and friends to enjoy! Every dish was amazing and very high quality, unlike a regular buffet. Going again this weekend to try off the menu and looking forward to it. Owners are amazing and came to every table to see how we enjoyed the food. 100% I would recommend.


  • We went today for the family special eid lunch. It was exactly as you described. We ordered fillet minion and NYTLS. Good but i would have preferred them to put the sauce ( mushroom) on the steak not on the side. Maybe I need to ask them next time. Lava cake was delicious. Pina colada was good too. In Sha Allah we will go again. Worth the drive from Willowdale. The server was friendly. Great atmosphere.

    • Halal Foodie on October 16, 2013

      Great to hear! Crave has quickly moved to our top restaurants in Toronto list! Thanks for leaving your feedback – look forward to reading more about your experiences!

  • Went for Eid dinner. Great service, friendly waitress we had. Definitely good customer service, clean, homey and a well-designed space that’s spacious enough for big groups.
    Garlic bread appetizer and cheese nachos were great.
    Beef ribs (medium well-done) was enjoyed by a family member. Personally, I did not enjoy my lamb chops. I guess I was looking for Bamiyan Kabob-like lamb chops but was disappointed with the flavour (spicing & tenderness). I ordered well-done. Then again, maybe I just don’t like steaks since this was probably my first time having them, I think. Baked potato was okay. Cheesecake and apple crumble were 6/10. Dish presentation was good. I don’t know if I will return here. Guess steaks aren’t my thing. If I do return, I think I would try their chicken dishes, or maybe even give that New York Striploin a try.

    • I forgot to add — my group had several requests and changes and additions — yet the waitress stayed very friendly and timely.

  • Went there last night. The place and ambiance is awesome. Clean and comfortable.

    The Service : Not so special, at par with other desi joints although they had local staff. Our order was served in 3 stages. All side orders were incorrect and arrived half way through the meal
    Asked for more napkins , never showed up


    I ordered NY Steak, VERY well done, it came medium from the center. I can see the pink meat. Returned it and they just put it on the heat , charred it from outside and nothing was done to the inside. Returned it again, this time it came back little better, but all the juices are now gone.

    Asked for the manager, who had audacity to explain that how a steak can never be done from inside. what a joke.

    They never offered a replacement dish, or discount or anything else, just kept re-heating the damn steak. Very disappointed.

    I would recommend Ruth Chris halal steak , it is pricy and only one cut available but better than the other halal places

    At Affy’s and other halal steak places at least the very well done steak is done properly.

    NEVER try a steak at this place

    Other item was Chicken and shirmp, with rice, which was awesome!!!

    overall Good place for other items, definitely not for steak

    Service is sloppy at best. Thats why I didnt tip and the server was upset, about it and I just rolled my eyes

    over all average experience

  • I drove all the way from Ajax and was very disappointed with the taste , temperature and quality of my meal. This is my opinion and may be different from those before me I will give an overall rating 4 out of 10The peppercorn gravy lack taste and contain too much water. The carrots was undercooked, and the steak was medium rare instead of well done . Service was very slow with only 1 server . I did enjoy the appetizer and our drinks in the mason glass a unique difference. And my biggest disappointment was the pray place not suitable at all especially for sisters . An avid halal restaurant commentator myself my leading place to dine will be Affy’s premium Grill in Pickering Ontario that is rated 9.5 out of 10.

  • Do the ribs really only consist of two pieces as shown in the picture? I’m looking for a halal restaurant where i can get a real rack of ribs, 2 pieces would not fill my stomach im afraid.

    • Halal Foodie on October 19, 2014

      Yes! If you want a larger rack of ribs – ask them! They might be willing to do a special order for you. Or another options to get a larger rack of ribs, Affy’s Grill House also has this on their menu.

  • Love to cook on February 7, 2015

    Finally got to eat at this restaurant. Like the others had said, EXCELLENT customer service, the waiters and hosts make you feel like they actually care and are just awesome! They even greeted me out the door although we left after 11:00 pm way after their shift was over.

    However, I ordered the blackened chicken and shrimp. Their quantity was a joke! I thought perhaps the chicken is still coming because I couldn’t see it when I did look, I saw there was a tiny breast piece with 5 shrimps for $17! Honestly, they should at least provide decent portion sizes.

    Short beef ribs were awesome. Heck, anything with bbq sauce just tastes heavenly. Peppercorn sauce was too bland and blah had to scrape off the leftover bbq sauce from the ribs to finish off the steak. Was that bland. Better to just make this stuff at home.

    This review is on behalf of my family and I.

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