Curry and Co in Downtown Toronto

Curry and Co in Downtown Toronto

The website of Curry and Co in Downtown Toronto proclaims “Quick, delicious and reasonable” as an introduction, and this could be the perfect tagline for this new quick-service restaurant. Opened just four months ago, Curry & Co is a mall food court type fare specializing in Indian cuisine. Indian food is usually a bit expensive in downtown Toronto, but Curry & Co offers an alternative for those looking for a tasty but inexpensive option. It’s located on the food court level of 10 Dundas St., which is a building that is situated on the north-east corner of the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street, on the north side of Yonge-Dundas Square. You can access the building straight from the TTC subway without the need to venture outside.

The other day I happened to be downtown with my brother, and it was getting to be lunch time. We decided to give Curry & Co. a try.

Ordering and eating at Curry & Co is just like dining at any standard mall food court establishment – you order and pay at the counter, take your food in plastic containers on a tray and eat at the tables in the food court. This particular food court doesn’t have too much natural light, and can get pretty crowded around meal times, so it can be hard to find a seat.

Curry and Co in Downtown Toronto

The establishment itself looked clean and utilitarian, and the menu had a lot of items – all the usual Indian fare such as butter chicken, lamb curry, tandoori chicken and so on. What caught our attention was the Meat Thali. For $8.79, you could choose either rice or naan, and any three meat items. Both of us decided to use this as a way to try out most of the items on the menu. I chose rice, along with lamb, tandoori chicken leg and sheekh kebab. My brother chose naan, beef curry, tandoori chicken (boneless) and butter chicken. We also added a drink, and the total cost (with taxes) came to $21.83. The server also gave us a complimentary bowl containing two gulab jamuns, a South Asian sweet and delicacy. With so much meat on our hands, it was time for the chow down.

Curry and Co in Downtown Toronto

The naan wasn’t too buttery, which was healthy, and freshly made, so it was crispy yet soft. It was of a decent size, and not too thick either. The rice was white rice, not polao. Unlike the white pot-boiled sticky rice which is usual in Chinese food, here it was basmati, and had a sweet, saffron flavour.

The lamb curry is probably their best curry meat item. It was tasty and flavourful, spicy without being too hot to enjoy, and very tender (and therefore cooked just right). Both of us loved the lamb – my brother said it was his favourite of all the items we tried. The portion size was generous and we had a lot of lamb – yet we were left wanting more when we were done with it! One piece of caution I would add is that the lamb pieces weren’t completely boneless; a few of them did have some small bones that we had to discard.

The tandoori chicken (boneless) was my personal favourite. The pieces were large (and there was a lot of them), very juicy and succulent as you bit into them, and extremely tasty. They had a large tandoori oven on the premises and we got the chicken fresh off the grill. It was definitely one the best boneless tandoori chicken I have tasted.

I would rate the tandoori chicken leg piece as average. It was a large chicken leg piece, with lots of meat on it. A few times I have had this at other restaurants and sometimes part of the leg (usually with the fat) would be burnt, but here at Curry & Co it was cooked properly, not burnt at all. What probably made it less tasty for me was that it was cold (probably because it had been sitting after being cooked for a while). Still, I would have expected the food served to be somewhat warm.

The sheekh kebab was slightly smaller than the kebabs I was used to from various Scarborough takeout establishments, but here the kebab had lots of spices, and cooked quite thoroughly. It was sufficiently juicy and flavourful when I bit into it. Grilled items can sometimes be tricky as they can become dry, but here I really enjoyed it, and the kebab made a perfect companion for the naan.

The beef curry was somewhat disappointing, as we both felt the beef was hard, and perhaps could have been cooked a bit more to make it more tender. The gravy wasn’t thick either, but it was definitely tasty. Like everything at Curry & Co, the portion sizes were generous, and they weren’t stingy at all with the meat.

The final meat item on our plate was the butter chicken. The chicken itself was delicious, very good, and served hot. The butter (or the “gravy”) wasn’t as thick as you would normally expect for butter chicken, and somewhat sweet. It was overall delicious, aromatic and somewhat different from the usual butter chicken.

If I had to recommend the Meat Thali for anyone, I would personally go with rice, and my three meat choices would be tandoori chicken (boneless), lamb curry and the sheekh kebab. Ask the server to give you freshly grilled items if you can wait, and you won’t be disappointed. Those three meat items were that good.

Curry and Co in Downtown Toronto

The final item we had to review was the gulab jamun. And boy was it delicious! As Bengalis we are quite experienced with sweets, and let me tell you – this was probably one of the best gulab jamuns we had EVER eaten. It was amazing, out of this world, perfect, syrupy, sweet, drool-worthy, all of those things in one. It was a splendid way to finish off the meal.

There were quite a few items on the menu that we didn’t get to try but would have loved to – such as Malai Chicken (6.99), Biryani (6.49), Tandoori Fish (6.99), Chana Masala (4.99) and so on. While we were eating, we saw quite a lot of people ordering from Curry & Co, which was a good sign for the new restaurant.

So overall, if you are craving for Indian food on the go downtown, and want to maximize the bang for your buck, I would definitely recommend Curry & Co. They have affordable prices, a good and diverse selection, freshly prepared food and friendly customer service. Some of their dishes are definitely much, much better than others, and expect to see more of them in and around Toronto.

Meat Source: Both Chicken and Beef are purchased from Amir Quality Meats ** NOTE: meat was checked (verb assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

Mezbauddin Mahtab is an IT professional, photographer, blogger, and a devoted husband and father based in Toronto, Ontario. Mezba also loves to eat and is an avid foodie. He is the author of Teaching Kids the Holy Qur’an – Chapter 18: The Cave, as well as Teaching Kids the Holy Qur’an – Chapter 71: Nuh, both of which tells stories from the Qur’an using LEGO© Bricks and toys. He maintains a personal blog on A Bengali in TO, and is currently planning his third book on Surah Qasas.

Curry & Co
10 Dundas St. E, Unit 340


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  • I tried Curry and Co as I was racing to get Iftaar two weeks ago and there portions are SO generous! I had butter chicken with rice and felt it was enough to feed two and the prices were so low!

  • Is Amir Quality Meats hand-slaughtered?

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