Flock Rotisserie Toronto

Flock Rotisserie Toronto

Those who work in the downtown Toronto core know that halal options are limited. Not super limited, but honestly, how much shawarma can a girl eat!? I’m also always asking for shawarma for our work lunches, so I’m sure my coworkers are just as exhausted of it as I am. Anyway, one day, a fellow Muslim co-worker excitedly came to my desk and nearly-shouted, “Did you know Flock Rotisserie Toronto is halal!?”

… “What?” I knew of Flock, I used to work 20 steps away from their Peter/Adelaide location and everyone raved about their great salads and sandwiches, but I never thought it would be halal.

Flock Rotisserie Toronto

Well, it turns out it is – they even have a halal sign in the window. As soon as I confirmed that it was halal (spoke with Flock, double checked meat sources) I headed there ASAP. It’s a fairly spacious location, but meant as a QSR (quick service restaurant), so most people do just grab their lunch and go. However there are some stools and tables around the restaurant if you wanted to sit and eat.

Flock Rotisserie Toronto

I ordered the Pulled Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich ($9) which comes on a sesame milk bun, and topped with avocado, romaine lettuce, onions and a horseradish/beet/apple slaw. It’s a tall sandwich, much of the topping fell out but that’s not to say it wasn’t good – because it was. I’m not usually a huge fan of beets but I think Flock has converted me – the horseradish/beet/apple slaw took the sandwich from a regular (still delicious) chicken sandwich to a sandwich I could potentially eat 2-3 times a week.

Flock Rotisserie Toronto

I do not eat salad. I repeat, I do not eat salad. But I knew I had to try a salad for you, the Halal Foodie fam. I asked for their most popular choice and the staff recommended the Boho Flock. I ordered the full size ($11.50) but I would totally recommend the half size ($8) because the full is HUGE. I ended up some for lunch, half for dinner, and still had some left over for the next day! The Boho Flock is filled with marinated baby kale, red quinoa, sweet peppers, pomegranate (!!!), dried currants, tomato, roasted and raw beets, carrots, pumpkin seeds and topped with a beet/basil/orange vinaigrette. Again, a little out of my comfort zone because of all the ingredients – beets and pumpkin seeds? But I was impressed with how well ingredients like the pumpkin seeds and dried currants added that extra crunch in my salad. Again, the beets were a great touch and now I am a #beetlover4life. Also, you can add chicken, tuna, egg and avocado to the salad if you wish, I didn’t this time because I felt I was all chicken-ed out.

Flock Rotisserie Toronto

Ok, I was full at this point (obviously), but I had to try their Flock Stock ($6). I love that everything is made in-house including the chicken broth. I have to say that the Stock was my favourite part of the meal – the broth was pleasantly seasoned with herbs and very flavourful (something I’m not used to with chicken soups – usually so bland), and laden with veggies, white beans, some rapini and pumpkin seeds. I now know what I’m going to order when I’m feeling under the weather at the office!

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Flock, I can’t wait to come back to try their Classic Chicken and some of their sides. Oh, and they have desserts which I didn’t manage to try this time! Their menu is limited (classic chicken, five salads, a sandwich, two soups, two sides) but I like that – and I also love that they use their rotisserie chicken for everything, which means less waste.

Note: there are several Flock locations in Toronto, however only the Peter/Adelaide, Richmond and Bloor locations serve the rotisserie chicken and the pulled chicken (halal). The Harbord Location sells other chicken and protein, and also sells alcohol. Flock also offers catering.

Meat Source: Chicken is sourced from The Butcher Shoppe, who sources their halal chicken from Madina Wholesale Poultry which is distributed to them via Farm Fresh Poultry. ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

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Flock Rotisserie Toronto
330 Adelaide St W
67 Richmond St W
175 Bloor St E
(647) 483-5625


By: April 14, 2017

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  • Do you happen to know if any of these locations are Muslim owned and/or they’re particular about ensuring that ingredients like sauces, cheese etc are also halal? Thanks!

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