Fry Haus, Halal Food in Toronto goes German

Fry Haus

Just five weeks new, this small takeout spot gives Toronto Halal Foodies a unique opportunity to grab some German street fare at the corner of Parlaiment and Gerrard in downtown Toronto.

Halal is not an accident, owner Ron has an understanding and respect for halal from family ties as well as his neighbours in the tightly knit Cabbagetown community. All of his meat is sourced from Iqbal Halal Meats, no alcohol is served or used in any dish and there is no pork on the menu. “No pork” surprises me, but Ron explains there are lots he can do with chicken, beef and fish and is quite happy to do so.

Fry Haus

If you’re coming here to “escape” the everyday and dine in seclusion, make a u-turn. There is no seating and once a few people come in, there’s very little standing room as well. You will want to come here to grab a quick and delicious bite though – so go on in and ask the friendly staff, all about their menu. They’ll be happy to give you the rundown.

I can’t narrow down what I want to eat. Everything looks fantastic. I see staff preparing and order of Schnitzel Rouladen which looks pretty incredible and I did see the fine folks at BlogTO covering this in their post. Done. One order of chicken schnitzel please.

Burgers are my weakness so of course I need to try their freshly ground beef Deutschen Burgers as well.

What makes their sandwiches special are their sauces — all made fresh in-house and to say there are a few to choose from would be a terrible understatement. There are lots. From 5 pepper spicy ranch, wasabi radish mayo to their own special burger sauce.

Ron insists I try their Currywurst kit Fritten which are fresh-cut, double fried fries with sliced sausage topped with a house-made curry gravy. It turns out that you can actually get this dish in Germany, which Ron proudly adds in is bang on to what you can expect to eat there. Curiosity gets the best of me and I order one of those as well. Why not? Don’t judge me.

Ron gets busy preparing our order and I plan on how I’m going to tackle this – must think strategically! Luckily I have some help to finish everything off so we start one-by-one. First up, the humble burger.

Fry Haus

The Fry Haus burger is simple. Freshly ground beef dressed with your choice of toppings and your choice of sauces. We keep it light, preferring to taste more of the meat vs. condiments. They have cheeses as well, but please note we have not confirmed ingredients so please check before indulging.

Fry Haus

Chikcen Schnitzel is next up. Schnitzel is pounded meat, that’s breaded, fried and then perched on a long roll, also dressed with your choice of toppings.

The two dishes are marvellously enjoyable in their own ways. There’s a simplicity here and the taste is formed from quality ingredients, freshly prepared to your liking. I think what makes Fry Haus special is their sauces. If you like the idea of customization and dressing your meals with a plethora of dainty finishings, this is your spot.

Fry Haus

Finally we are given our Currywurst – I can’t help but be influenced by the wording here being NOT from German decent. “Curry” and “wurst/worst” in a word doesn’t sound right, but I know better than this so I try not to let my word association issues get the best of me. The curry flavour is strong, but it goes really well with the cured meat and fries. But who are we kidding — what doesn’t go well with street meat and fries!?

If you like adding new things to your halal repertoire, visit Fry Haus and thank the owner for his commitment to halal and for opening doors to a more diverse range of options for us all!

Call before you visit to check on hours of operation – they’re also closed on Sundays.

Meat Source: All chicken and beef is purchased from Iqbal Halal Meats.

Fry Haus
296 Gerrard St. E, Toronto
(416) 901-3100

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By: March 10, 2014


  • shabana anjum on March 28, 2014

    Keep up the amazing work you guys are doing at Halal food.

  • bilal khan on July 11, 2014

    I went by there today apparently they are no longer in business

    • Of course they’re still in business! My son picked up a chicken schnitzel sandwich and a bratwurst sandwich there last night. I had a small taste of each,… both were really tasty!:-)

  • Assalaamu alaykum,
    I was told that the owners of Iqbal Meats were either Ahmediyyah or Ismaliee, can anyone confirm this?

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