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Eastern Twist

The best part about living in Toronto is the endless types of cuisines one can try. While we are privileged enough to have numerous halal restaurants offering cuisines from different countries, there is a lack of halal fusion cuisine. But worry not, there is a tried and tested joint by the name of Eastern Twist that offers flavourful fusion cuisine inspired by the food from of a variety of Asian countries.

Eastern Twist

Located on 505 St. Clair Street West, Eastern Twist is a small fast-food joint, which has limited seating and designed mostly for take-out. The place is clean and tidy and has a modern vibe to it. The customer service was exceptional at our visit and the ladies behind the counter were helpful and knowledgeable about the food.

The menu offers items such as wraps, curries, chilli dogs and poutine with seekh kabab; an interesting but tempting mix to say the least. At our visit, we ordered their Butter Chicken Wrap ($10), which is a very popular pick, and their Coconut Cream Noodle with gravy (Small $6) also known as Khao Soi, a Burmese dish that has adaptations in Indian, Pakistani and other East Asian Cultures. Since we were starving, it was great that the food was ready in about 10 minutes.

Eastern Twist

The butter chicken wrap was brought to the front counter and we were asked to pick our toppings. We got lettuce, onions, coriander and spicy carrots. Our roll was then wrapped and given to us. The roll was quite large and justified the $10 price tag. It looked more like a roti than a paratha. We later learned that it is in fact a type of paratha found in certain areas of India as well as Singapore, Malaysia and Burma. It’s called rumali paratha or South Indian parotta.

We were super excited to take the first bite and let us tell you, it lived up to the hype. The butter chicken was well seasoned and mild, the chicken was tender and moist and the fresh toppings added crunch to the meal. The best part was the spicy carrots; they added a nice kick to the wrap and we wish we had asked for more! The wrap was so large that we had about half of it leftover (which we had for lunch the next day and it tasted even better).

Eastern Twist

The next item was the coconut cream noodle with gravy. It looked like a creamy soup with a beautiful yellow colour, served on a bed of noodles. It was topped with boiled egg, coriander and onions. It was accompanied with red chilli flakes on the side to add in as we dared. We are not used to having our food topped with boiled egg but after a few sips were pleasantly surprised. The gravy had a hint of sweetness balanced with the spices. The coriander and onions and even the boiled eggs added dimension and texture to this hearty soup. We did have the urge to sprinkle a bit of salt on top but we resisted the temptation.

Overall, Eastern Twist offers unique and flavourful fusion fast food. The food is fresh, tasty and a little adventurous. We enjoyed the butter chicken wrap and highly recommend it. We definitely plan to visit again in the near future to try more items from their menu.

Meat Source: As of the posting date on this article, Chicken is from Sargent Farms and beef is from Kabul Bazaar (both hand slaughtered sources).

Eastern Twist
505 St Clair Ave W  Toronto, ON M6C 1A1
(416) 531-9305

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