Halal Melt Grilled Cheese in Scarborough

Melt Grilled Cheese

Oooey gooey cheese, toasted bread and fillings galore will make you melt for the new (and halal) Melt Grilled Cheese in Scarborough. They are located at 1515 Birchmount Road, just south of Ellesmere Road.

Melt Grilled Cheese is a newish franchise with just a handful of locations around the GTA — none of them are halal except their Scarborough location, purchased by a Muslim family. The Franchise owner gave Halal Melt Grilled Cheese some flexibility on where to purchase meat from. After a couple of months, we are happy to confirm they source meat from hand slaughtered halal sources.

Their menu differs from the mainstream Melt Grilled Cheese locations and exclude pork items. Scarborough Halal Melt Grilled Cheese owner also confirms that their cheeses are free of animal enzymes, but it’s always good to check yourself at each visit as they have a wide variety and we cannot assume responsibility for their ingredients if they change sources on anything.

Melt Grilled Cheese

Melt Grilled Cheese

Melt Grilled Cheese

The interior is comfortable and clean with minimalistic lines and modest seating — roughly enough dine-in space for three families of four or five people and then a bar height counter near the entrance with additional seating.

Their menu consists of comfort: grilled cheese sandwiches, poutine, soups, salads, milk shake and ice cream clearly projected on TV screens above the main ordering area.

Although we wanted to try a bit of everything, we missed out on their poutine because they were out of gravy. But we’ll be back for that since it seemed to have all the elements we feel make a stellar poutine that often get missed: thin cut fries and real cheese curds.

Melt Grilled Cheese

Tattooed Chicken ($7.99)

Melt Grilled Cheese

Shawarma Melt ($7.99)

What we did get to try out: Tattooed Chicken ($7.99) which has crispy or grilled chicken, cheese, crispy beef strips from Niagara Valley Farms (Riz Global Foods), herbed tomato and garlic mayo. Then Shawarma Melt ($7.99) featuring your choice of chicken or beef, cheese, garlic tahini, tomatoes and red onion. I for sure thought the winner would be Tattooed Chicken, but the clear favourite was Shawarma Melt. We went with beef filling and loved the tartness of the garlic tahini – kept the sandwich from being too heavy.

Melt Grilled Cheese

For the ultimate in comfort food experience, we recommend adding a side of Tomato Soup ($3.49), which really need to go hand-in-hand. Since you’re already enjoying a cozy afternoon lunch, why not go the extra mile and top it all off with a Milkshake ($5.49).

Melt Grilled Cheese

Overall Melt Grilled Cheese is a great little spot for lunch if you’re in the area. Would be really nice to see a larger location open up in the near future.

If you venture out, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Meat sources: Meat is purchased from Super Bazaar whose sources are: Madina and Al-Ameen. Battered chicken strips are from Mina Halal and Beef strips are from Niagara Valley Farms (Riz Global Foods). If you’re calling to confirm sources (highly recommended for any restaurant we feature) please make sure you speak to the Scarborough owner directly.

Melt Grilled Cheese
1515 Birchmount Road
(416) 551-6070


By: June 27, 2014


  • Salam is the one in streetsville halal?

    • Halal Foodie on July 6, 2014

      Wa alykum salaam – no! Only Scarborough is halal at the moment!

  • Been there a number of times as I live in the area. I love it…great sandwich sand always pleasant service. I’m slowly working through their menu!

  • So good i went there today !! i wanna try other menus !! 🙂

  • This is the most delicious halal sandwich I’ve tasted. It’s crispy on the outside creamy on the inside. I tasted a couple of their sandwiches (tattood chicken, shawarma melt, club chicken. I always tried their beef snd chicken poutine which completed the meal. Customer service is really good, Yall must try it out!!!!

  • Brooke.sheifs on September 23, 2014

    Went in my family and the service was horrible, only one girl talked to us and she was the one making the sandwiches not the cashier! I mean, is it really that hard to smile? The same girl continued to talk to us while we waited for the food while the other girl glared on, checking her phone and then sitting down and pulled out what looked like school books. I mean if you really didn’t want to be there so badly then find a new job. I’ve went in the morning and the night, and honestly have only ever had good service form that one polite girl. The food is okay, the place is okay but please guys get some better service.

  • great food, good service.. pricy

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