Not your average halal pizza place: Toppings in Richmond Hill

You can’t go wrong with halal pizza — the ultimate in comfort food; warm, cheesy, gooey and savoury. Combine it with crispy, spicy wings and I can call it a night!

Everyone has their favourite joint that is their fail-safe when they don’t feel like cooking or just want to indulge in an end-of-the-week treat.

I have visited many halal pizza places in my time — as I’m sure most people have. I would not usually do a halal pizza review simply because they’re (in general) all very similar, save a few that are larger restaurant/sit-down places that warrant more discussion. I have written a “Best of Halal Pizza” list for BlogTO, but not a full in-depth review of any one place in particular.

Hearing about Toppings in Richmond Hill, I had to do a double take at this halal pizza place as it had a secret weapon up their sleeves — a great menu.

This is what drew me into Toppings: their meat lover’s pizza (with halal beef bacon!), BBQ chicken pizza and bacon cheeseburger. That’s it. Just these three things and I was determined to visit.

halal pizza

I’m not sure if many know, but most reviews I lug my kids with me. I think it’s important to have them involved because typically eating out is a family affair and I think to be a successful restaurant catering to Muslims, you have to be kid friendly. That, and more importantly, kids love pizza – they’re really the judge with this one.

So with that, kids in arms, I was off to Richmond Hill to find this Toppings place with their lure of beef bacon halal pizza and burgers.

Toppings halal pizza is in a very subtle location. They are literally tucked away from the main street and you need to be looking out for them to find them. It’s mostly a take-out place, but they do offer tables and seats for roughly 10-12 people dining in.

Settling in, the first thing we realize is that it’s cold, there’s a very obvious draft coming in, so we leave our jackets on. (Make sure you read more about this at the end).

As we sit, the owner, Mr. Imtiaz Bhalloo, greets us. A welcome gesture to get to know your clientele.

He takes our order: Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.49), Medium Meat Lovers Pizza ($11.99) which has halal beef bacon, beef pepperoni, ground beef and Italian sausage and a Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza ($10.99) with grilled chicken, red onions and banana peppers.

halal pizza

Just when I thought I was finished, I picked up their menu again and took another look inside. Wings. Can’t have pizza without wings. So we order BBQ (1lb $8.99). I notice “homicide” flavour as well which is their hottest flavour, a step-up from suicide. Then, since we seem to be on a roll, we also decide to throw in a Grilled Chicken Burger ($5.99).

halal pizza

I have to admit, very shamefully, that I did a really good job at finishing most food off myself. At one not-so-proud moment I nearly snuck the last wing while trying to distract my son by asking him to look in another direction. Motherly love kicked in and I returned the drumette to the plate 🙂

Everything was really, really well done and really well presented. My “Best of halal pizza” list for BlogTO is officially incorrect now because it doesn’t include Toppings halal pizza.

Going back to the location issue, I would never expect this level of food or service from Toppings based on their exterior facade. Their location doesn’t do them justice, but unfortunately, it’s what was available to the owner at the time. I will say that their warm service and tasty, family-friendly food made up for the little colder than normal dining area. Please do try and overlook this when visiting, they really are a hidden gem.

Finally, I love how Toppings had that neighbourhood feel to it with patrons walking in and chatting away with the owner – the whole atmosphere felt really relaxed. What do the kids have to say? My seven year old loved the food specifically the BBQ wings.

It was fun and really relaxed evening with the family. I would recommend trying this place out when you’re heading north or on route and you need a great place for lunch or dinner that’s quick and hassle free.

Meat Source as of March 23, 2013: Bismillah Meats and Misom Halal Food  (Both hand-slaughtered meat suppliers)

426 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Unit #1, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1J2


What’s your favourite halal pizza place?

Leave your picks in the comment section below!

By: April 3, 2013


  • OMG! It’s so close to my work place. Heading their tomorrow 🙂

  • Great post! I look forward to trying it out.

  • jazakum Allahu khairan for telling us!

  • Afifa Siddiqui on April 3, 2013

    Al Baik Pizza – Ajax

  • We just tried their bacon cheeseburgers on the weekend – to die for! Can’t wait to test out the rest of the menu!

  • Hey guys, just came back from Toppings. Their wings are really good but the pizza is very average. I think the chicken bbq pizza is very overated. Anyways good luck to those that visit. I am just going for their halal wings.

    • Halal Foodie on April 24, 2013

      Thanks for your feedback! Did you try any of their burgers?

  • Abu-Maazin on May 27, 2013

    Just went there today with the family. Loved the bacon cheese burger! Will definitely be going again. Your review was bang on!

  • Why are we calling it a “BACON Burger” when it’s a halal place?
    Bacon is a cured meat prepared from a pig.

    • Halal Foodie on June 27, 2013

      Toppings, and some other places refer to it as halal beef “bacon” most likely because it’s easy to recognize – similar to the way people will refer to turkey bacon (halal or not). Other places/businesses will say beef strips.

      Bacon is traditionally pork, but my understanding is it refers to a cut (usually from the animals stomach) and a curing process – not a specific animal – i.e. Turkey bacon. Beef bacon (halal or not) is growing in popularity for it’s health benefits.

      I get it though, “bacon” is a word that’s most commonly used for pig product and it’s hard to get your mind over that association.

  • I understand the wordings are being used so people can associate it but I feel that it’s incorrect and misguidance especially in today’s society where we’d be raising our children and telling them the difference between halal and haram and why pork is not allowed yet they you’d take them to these halal restaurants and they are confused going but Bacon is ……..
    I really do not think it would affect their business if they were to call it a “X Burger”
    It’s a turn off for me as a Muslim.
    Anyways, that’s all.

    • Halal Foodie on June 29, 2013

      Great point… I’ve seen a lot of places call it “strips” or something similar – less offensive.

  • Just went there today with my family. The taste of the food was all changed and not the same quality at all. It’s a turn off for me as a Muslim.
    Anyways, that’s all jazaku’ Allah.

  • I ordered a Medium walk in special over the phone, 1 topping (pepperoni) 4.99..I asked how much it would be to add one topping and was told 1.XX. I said great add another topping. I go pick up the pizza and now its not a walk in special for 4.99 because I added a topping. Its 7.99 + 1.XX for the extra item. I’ve ordered maybe a million pizza’s in my life and that has never happened before. Not my first pizza.

    Have not gone back, I go to my regular spot for pizza and I can add whatever I want to a walk in special without being penalized.

  • Baba’s Pizza in Brampton…you’ll thank me later.

  • HOw about to try Pizza La Rosa @ 2555 Vic. Park Ave.?

  • My favourite haunt! I never tire of ‘Toppings’; I love every dish here. Plus I always get to see familiar faces…’s a family reunion for sure! 👯 😍

  • This place is terrible. My experience has been really bad. Bad services – really bad service. The guy is not focused. He did not take the right order, got into hour long personal conversation with customer while people waiting in line-up during Ramadan. He did not provide correct change to another customer. Got into a quarrel with a lady customer and threat her to throw her out of the store. …..uh disgusting experience!!

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