Kabuli Kabob: Halal Afghan Restaurant in Markham

Halal Afghan Restaurant

When I want to eat a meal and feel like I’ve eaten well, I usually think Afghan food. Not all establishments are equal however, and I’ve had my share of hits and misses. But Kabuli Kabob halal Afghan restaurant in Markham is a pleasant, tasty and budget friendly surprise.

Walking in, the place is very small but they manage to fit in three tables that seat four people each, so dining in is an option. The place is clean and bright, the counter is small but to the point. Their menu is very similar to Bamiyan (which is just across the road) but there are a few unique items as well.

My family and I order what we know: sultani kabob which is a dinner plate consisting of a koobida (seekh) kabob and barg (filet mignon pieces) as well as a waziri kabob dinner plate with a koobida kabob and a chicken breast kabob. We also try their special dish, mantoo, steamed dumplings stuffed with ground beef and onions, then topped with a yogurt base curry infused with black pepper and more ground beef. I’ve heard of mantoo before, but never had an opportunity to try it, so I’m excited I finally get to see what all the fuss is about.

We decided to take the food home to eat. It was torture driving home — the food smelled amazing! Now for the test, is this place a hit or miss? The first thing I try is the chicken breast kabob – beautiful!

Halal Afghan Restaurant

Chicken breast, although a healthy choice of meat, has a tendency to be dry (except for the tender). I’m not sure what they did — but the texture was light and juicy. Then unexpectedly there it was, a hit of spiciness, so far so good! I move on to the koobida kabob, not completely what I was expecting after trying the chicken breast kabob, but it was still above average. Rice was fluffy and tasty, salad was fresh and crispy. Love everything so far.

I finish up with my plate, then see that my hubby has stolen some of my chicken pieces and replaced them with a single chunk of barg kabob 😐

I must savour the morsel I was given so I take a small bite and roll it around in my mouth a bit. Very simple and not strong at all, which is exactly how filet mignon should be. It’s possibly my favourite dish so far. I take the next bite and am so pleased at how tender and tasty this is. I’m convinced, barg kabob is my fav, not really surprising though since I am a steak person 🙂

Now for the mantoo:

Halal Afghan Restaurant

I’m not one to mix yogurt with my food, but I have to say the mantoo was really well-balanced and the flavours were so varied that each bite was flavourful. I also liked the texture of the dumpling itself.

What I love best about Kabuli Kabob halal Afghan restaurant is that the dishes we tried were all unique from one another. They didn’t repeat the same mix of spices and just switch out the meat (common in these types of joints). What I’m missing is that special white sauce that Bamiyan gives you (not sure what it’s called!) If I had that sauce, I’d be REALLY happy!

The differentiation between Bamiyan and Kabuli is simple: if you want to dine in with a large party Bamiyan is the place. If you’re taking away, definitely, hands down, go to Kabuli. Not only are their prices reasonable, their food is excellent and well worth a regular visit.

Kabuli Kabab Halal Afghan Restaurant
30 Karachi Drive #72, Markham, ON L3S 0B6
(905) 554-8255

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By: March 19, 2012


  • Must say I was disappointed with my takeout order as was the rest of my family. We have been dining at Bamiyan for years and were hoping this could be an alternative, no such luck.

    I found my chicken breast kabob, although juicy, to be over-spiced and salty. The portion size was equivalent to Bamiyan but definitely not as tasty. My toddler and I normally share my dinner from Bamiyan but this wasn’t an option with the food from kabuli kabob as it was too spicy.

    It’s wonderful to see more halal options coming to Markham. Thank you for your thorough reviews and photos.

    • halal foodie on March 22, 2012

      Yep, definately more spicy than bamiyan. Kabuli is a good alternative if you find Bamiyan too mild. The only thing we didn’t find spicy was the barg.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Just to add to that 🙂
        we DO serve both mild and spicy versions of ANY dish in our restaurant. Just kindly let us know and we will serve you any dish that is sure to please everybody in the family.
        Thanks for your comment ! We always want to hear your feedback !

  • halal foodie on March 22, 2012

    Another point to mention other than than being spicy, Kabuli serving sizes are a bit smaller than Bamiyan — but you are paying less for a dinner plate with Kabuli.

  • Thank you all for your feedback about Kabuli Kabob Cuisine, i am pleased to see our business has attracted a lot of sophisticated individuals that really know their stuff when it comes down to authentic halal cuisine.

    I have read all your comments regarding the spice level of our foods and i have taken it into consideration.

    thanks for your support and feedback. please visit our facebook page and our website:



    Thank you.

    • halal foodie on June 27, 2012

      Thanks for your comment brother Faisal. Taste is very subjective & it’s hard to please everyone! For example, I liked the spice level of your dishes, but another customer did not. Perhaps what should change is to setting expectations by communicating that certain dishes are spicy so the customer is aware, or introduce a milder alternative. Look forward to visiting again soon!

      • Certainly, we will take that into consideration as well. I would also like to add that if a customer is sensitive to spicy foods, kindly let us know and we will turn down the spice level on any of our dishes as we have mild and spicy versions of each dish. We will prepare the dish in no time 🙂
        thanks again for your comments, hope to see you soon.

  • Fatih Khan on June 29, 2012

    To The Management of Kaboli Kabob,

    Herewith I want to let you know that, last time I came to your resturant to get food, I was waiting in the line for about 10 min, but no body came to serve me in order to order something.

    My mean is that, please, work on your coustomer service and improve it a bit.

    At the same time 3 more customers left without food or served.

    Fatih Khan.

  • Hi,

    I just left after eating yet another perfect meal. They type you eat with your eyes closed simply because you enjoy it that much. I came on to the web for the purpose of saying how much I enjoy this restaurant. I read some of the reviews above and agree with all the positive reviews. I don’t know if they added it after the post above but for others they should know that when you go there, and no one is at the counter, they have a bell which you can ring. I can appreciate that they are either cooking or doing something in the back. Speaking of doing something in the back… what ever it is they are doing… its is amazing. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll wait hours if I have to (I don’t, because I know how to ring the bell!). It has been a very long time since I have gone nutz over a restaurant. I’m there once a week at least now. I have told everyone I know about this place – Chinese, Asian, White, Indian, and they all thanked me for letting them know about this little restaurant which normally they simply would have driven by.

    My favorite is the Mantoo, chicken, kabobs.. wait.. its all my favorite. I have not had a bad thing there. Everything I have ordered so far has made me smile from ear to ear with happy delight. I hope to do a round robin of the entire menu and if the owner ever reads this I would like to volunteer to taste any new menu options!…

    Thanks Kabuli Kabob, I’m so happy I found your restaurant.

    • Love your comment/review… I hope the owner takes you up on your offer! 😉

    • I’m very sorry to hear this, I am certain that at the time you came by, our employees were either busy with orders or we did not see anybody there. Please use the bell if there are no employees in the store front. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

    • Thank you for your support, we appreciate your help in promoting our business and our services. I also want the whole neighborhood to come out and support us, we always appreciate everybody’s help and support. If we do ever bring up any new food menus, you will certainly be the first one to try it out !

  • nilufa marzook on January 17, 2013

    Not a happy customer – we took out lunch special and it was not worth “AT ALL” I mean c’omon people, even $5 is halal money and to get such a small portion of the rice and the kabooli was so so dry and tasteless and was like biting a piece of rubber … how could you do business like this ???

  • Audris Huynh on April 7, 2014

    Best Afghan food in Markham, I was recommended this place from 2 of my Afghan friends who said it was “just like” home cooking and “even better”. I went on 3 separate occasions and was not disappointed! Mantoo has an array of flavours and all 3 times never failed on exquisite flavor and presentation. Next, the tandoori chicken and koobida were delicious! Meat was cooked just right so that there were still juices and the spices were intense but not overbearing. Perfect meal with amazing service, definitely getting a bang for your buck! Highly recommend.!

  • Just had take out from kabuli kabob and was very satisfied. Ordered rice and kabobs and salad and naan. The amount I got fed my family and there’s enough for another full meal for everyone. I got some extras (stewed potatoes) that I didn’t ordered but was happy to have brought home as they were very tasty. My family was not fond of the Naan as they’re used to the bamiyan type but I understand this is more like the authentic Afghani Naan. Still would go again and recommend it to friends.

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