Kal and Mooy, From Food Truck to Bricks and Mortar

kal and mooy

It was a cold day in January when we decided to go check out Kal and Mooy at an event they were food truckin’ at. Let me tell you, it is not easy finding a food truck in the Toronto winter – they usually all hibernate, and we don’t blame ‘em. It was easily -21 and we were told Kal & Mooy would be at the Habitat for Humanity Polar Bear Dip – which means it was right by the lake.

But I would travel anywhere for food and I heard through the grapevine that Kal & Mooy, the city’s first East African food truck, had some mean samosas. Who can resist samosas? Not this girl! And so we went to the lake shore.

They had just closed up after serving hundreds of samosas to hundreds of participants but we still saw their truck parked and decided to take our chances. It must have been in our kismet, but the co-owner Ahmed Duale and his lovely wife, Aisha took pity on us and fired up their stove to fry us some samosas. Note: they usually serve other dishes from their food truck but only came with samosas and soup for the event. Unfortunately the soup was all done, but they still had plenty of samosas left.

Kal and mooy

While we waited, we had the chance to speak with Ahmed and learn all about the East African truck and their future plans. First, we learned what Kal & Mooy meant – mortar and pestle, and they believe in using local and fresh ingredients to make their delicious food. They started the food truck just last summer and they have had a modest beginning. Things are looking good for them as they open the doors to their permanent restaurant February 1st on Queen Street West.

We had the option of choosing either beef, chicken or veggie samosas, and we chose the beef and chicken (ain’t nobody got time for veggies when everything is halal!). After heating up the oil and then frying the samosas, they were finally ready to eat! We were offered some spicy sauces and we gladly accepted – these homemade sauces were kind of like chutney, but very different from the usual South Asian chutneys you may be used to.

The red (for lack of a better description) chutney was a little like a curry, not too spicy but had the same texture as your favourite karahi. The green chutney was the real kicker – I can still taste the chilis. As for the samosas? You’re going to have to take your word from a samosa-lover: they were bombdotcom. Savoury. The right amount of stuffing and it wasn’t at all too oily. They were also fairly big – and no one’s complaining!

We’re excited to check out what else they have at their restaurant – thinking of heading there for the grand opening on Sunday February 1, 2015.

For those who work or live in the downtown core, check them out at Queen Street West in the Queen St. Market at 238 Queen Street West (off of John Street.

Meat Source: All meat is sourced from Kabul Farms and comes from hand slaughtered sources.

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Kal and Mooy Restaurant
238 Queen Street West, Toronto


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