Kandahar Kabab Scarborough

Kandahar Kabab in Scarborough

Kandahar Kabab Scarborough recently opened up, and my family and I decided to check it out for lunch last week. Overall, we had a pleasant experience and would recommend this eatery for others, especially those craving an authentic Afghani kabab experience.

The restaurant is located in its own little edifice, but is surrounded by automotive body shops and garages, thus the parking lot can be busy.

Kandahar Kabab Scarborough

The interior has been decorated really well. There’s a waterfall on a glass wall as you enter the eatery, and nice dark brown tiling on the walls leading you to the main seating area. Bright blue tiles with designs on them are laid into a pattern on the small partitions in the dining area, and pictures of Afghanistan are proudly displayed on the walls. The lighting is a bit dim, but there’s enough natural light flowing through the big windows. We had a large stroller with us, but were easily accommodated.

The service pattern follows the usual at many Afghani places – you take your seats, and then go up to the counter to order and pay. The cashier calls you when the food is ready, and you go pick it up from the counter.

The menu was diverse, and had something for everyone (even vegetarians). There is a Single Kabab section, where you can order single skewers of various kababs, with salad and naan included (and add rice for an extra $2). There’s a section called Double Kababs, which has twice the kabab, and a plate of rice and naan also included in the price. If you want just the kabab, without any extras, they have that option as well. Veggie Corner includes Veggie Mince Kabab ($9.99) as well as the Veggie Chapli Kabab ($8.99). Aanother section was the Kids Pizza, with various pizzas starting from $3.99. Unfortunately their pizza machine wasn’t set up yet when we visited, so we couldn’t try that.

Kandahar Kabab Scarborough

Kandahar Kabab Scarborough

My wife had the Kandahar Kofta Kabab (Single Kabab section) with rice ($9.99). We had the option of chicken or beef, and she chose chicken. I had their signature Kandahar Kabab (Double Kabab) with veal filet mignon ($14.99). My son had small French Fries ($2.99).

The kababs were really good – juicy, but not oily. They had been cooked properly, without making them dry. We had chosen mild options from the menu, but the kababs were definitely not bland. Each mouthful was extremely tasty. If I had to pick, I would rate the chicken kabab slightly above the beef skewer. The filet minion was also well done, so while it was a little hard to bite into, it was again very tasty, and spicy without being hot.

The rice for the two orders was plentiful, enough for four people! It was a bit like the khabsa rice common atPersian restaurants, without any colouring and once we finished off a plate, we didn’t notice too much oil either. Once again it was very tasty, and cooked to perfection.

The naan was adequate. It was good, and made for a great companion with the kababs, but wasn’t anything special by itself.

Overall, I would recommend Kandahar Kabab for their kababs and rice. It’s a little pricey compared to similar restaurants, but the quality of their kababs and portion sizes make up for it. It’s also a restaurant I would want to come and sit down and eat (it was clean and spacious) rather than order takeout from.

Meat Source: All chicken comes from Sargent Farms and is hand slaughtered halal. Beef is all from Iqbal meats. ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

Mezbauddin Mahtab is an IT professional, photographer, blogger, and a devoted husband and father based in Toronto, Ontario. Mezba also loves to eat and is an avid foodie. He is the author of Teaching Kids the Holy Qur’an – Chapter 18: The Cave, as well as Teaching Kids the Holy Qur’an – Chapter 71: Nuh, both of which tells stories from the Qur’an using LEGO© Bricks and toys. He maintains a personal blog on A Bengali in TO, and is currently planning his third book on Surah Qasas.

Kandahar Kabab Scarborough
2307 Markham Road
(416) 609-8666


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  • Assalamu alaikum bro
    jazakAllah khayran for the article. Especially meat source part… going to a dawat that is hosted at KK and I wanted to know about it. Although like you said I will need to verify meat source again maybe with receipts or else go for the veggie option inshaAllah

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