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La Sani Grill

One of the most difficult things we have encountered in our halal restaurant adventures is finding a decent Pakistani restaurant that we could dine at. Although there are countless takeout places, there is a lack of proper Pakistani restaurants (especially in the east end) where you can take your friends and families for authentic Pakistani food for special occasions. Therefore, when we came across La Sani Grill, we were pleasantly surprised.

Located at 2058 Ellesmere Road (corner of Markham and Ellesmere) La Sani Grill is always bustling with customers. With a recent extension, this place has ample seating and is able to accommodate large groups. It is clean, modern and has sophisticated decor. The restaurant has an extensive staff working the front counter and the kitchen, and best of all, they are friendly and attentive.

At our most recent visit to La Sani Grill on a Sunday night, we found the restaurant to be quite busy. We found seats for ourselves and as soon as we sat down, a friendly server brought us the menus, informed us about the specials and notified us that we must order at the counter. As soon as she left, another server brought us plates, cutlery and water. Talk about quick service!

The menu offers a variety of chicken, beef and lamb specialties along with vegetarian options. We decided on ordering the Beef Nihari with Naan ($7.99) and Chicken Reshami Kebab ($9.99). The service was quick and our food was brought to our table in less than fifteen minutes.

The food looked appetizing and we could not wait to dig in so we said Bismillah and took the first bite. We started with the Nihari (beef shank stew), which is a slow cooked beef curry. The curry had a mild flavour and had aromas of different spices. It was not very spicy, which allowed us to savour the flavour. It had a generous amount of beef in it, which was tender (but had layer of fat on it). There is nothing quite like having Nihari with fresh naan from the tandoor. La Sani Grill Naan was exceptional, served hot and brushed with butter. We thoroughly enjoyed the combination and could not stop eating.

La Sani Grill

The Reshami Kabab were served on a large platter with seasoned rice, salad and coriander chutney. Reshami Kabab are described on their menu as Mughali kebab made of chicken with prolonged marination in spices. The Reshami Kabab’s were moist and bursting with flavour. Again, they were on the mild side and are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. They were so good that we would actually describe them as perfect!

To end the meal, we ordered their Lahori Kulfi ($2.99). It was a malai Kulfi that had the perfect combination of creaminess and sweetness. We do wish that they had served it nicely on a plate, as opposed to handing us a packaged Kulfi on a stick.

We would definitely recommend La Sani Grill as a place to dine for Pakistani food. It is a great place to take friends and family to enjoy flavourful Pakistani food. We highly recommend trying their Reshami Kababs and their Naan. It is a bit on the pricey side but the portions are generous and the service makes up for it.

Sadia and Nadia are sisters who have a passion for halal food. Their hobbies include spending their hard-earned money at new restaurants, trying different cuisines, and instagramming pictures of food. Sadia loves to cook and bake while Nadia enjoys eating only  They run the Halal Food Enthusiasts ( blog where they share their food adventures and recipes.

Meat Source: La Sani Grill is owned and operated by a Muslim who was not able to disclose meat source. The owner did however, state that all meat is only halal from hand slaughtered sources.

La Sani Grill
2058 Ellesmere Road
(416) 481-7866

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By: October 8, 2013


  • I have a request from our muslim owner that he not only let others know where he is buying the meat from and more importantly that some of the workers in the kitchen are non ahlul kitaab ( meaning not from those considered people of the scripters ), so that muslims those believe in taharat (Pak vs na-Pak or najis) can make their decision based on this knowledge. Owner is a great lahori Munda, with excellent manners and is very friendly. Though called Pakistani but food taste Hindi, you will not find cow meat in this restaurant!! But butter chicken. Rest it up to you.

  • Dear Halal Foodie, I have been wanting to try this place but given that the owner has refused to disclose his meat source, this makes me question the authenticity of halal meat at this place. At this day and age, word of mouth has no bearing and also it’s up to Muslim consumers to confirm that the meat actually indeed is halal. For example, call the meat provider and ask if the establishment which one wish to dine in fact is a regular customer as there have been times where upon calling, we were advised that the restaurant (not this one) buys one box of chicken once a week and only chicken. These are my two cents anyways. Nonetheless, I ADORE your website and wish you all the best for days to come.

    • agreed.
      if it is halal you should be able to disclose the meat source.

  • I was very disappointed yesterday at the La Sani Grill. The food Quality has gone down drastically.
    The Beef Seekh Kebab was not made fresh, very hard felt like they were taken out of the fridge and heated up. Rice was so dry didn’t look like it was cooked the same day. (I mean it wasnt what we expected). Nihari meat was also very dry for sure was left over of day before.Chicken Kebab was made fresh and was up to the standards of La Sani.
    Customer service is zero. People at the counter don’t care.
    Fish Pakora were freshly made these are the only thing I liked.
    I have been visiting your quite often; until yesterday, I and my family were big fans of your place.

  • Probably the best restaurant in entire Greater Toronto Area as a South Asian Restaurant. Visited several times and made my day for the excellent food with great price and quantity every visits. Even those who went after my recommendation thanked me..

    As a Real Estate person I always dine out with my clients so I have much knowledge of most restaurants in around GTA. I feel petty about those ‘nay’ Sayers on this review blog but I must say, if they can’t find better food or services here then they are from different planet..

    Let’s be honest on review blog while writing about something were people rely to some extent others experiences. I must say – “Staff is Excellent, Food is Superb and fresh and overall great place to take our guests for party of casual dining….. CLEAN, NICE GREAT INTERIOR….Must say the owner has put his everything to get you affordable food.

    Regardless, Good things doesn’t requires review, …..I’m happy so as my friends and we remain as La Sani FOOD lovers after several visits…

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