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Middle Eastern Food

Quickly: say the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Middle Eastern Food.

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If it was shawarma, according to Haifa — chef at newly opened Levant Restaurant in Vaughan — you need to visit her family restaurant. Shawarma is a type of Middle Eastern food, but in no way should it define Middle Eastern food.

Try Ma’alobeh, Bamyeh tagine or Kashkole, staples in many homes across Palestine and Jordan where Haifa and her family hail from.

Levant Restaurant is focused mainly on providing its patrons home cooked meals in a relaxed setting. You can almost feel the air change when you walk in from outside of the busy plaza. “I want to give parents and people in general a place to relax and unwind from their busy lives”.  The decor is plush but has a modern Eastern feel. It’s cozy with ample booths adorned with plush pillows, yet refined with full tableware.

Middle Eastern Food

First up is a shot of Turkish coffee to open and get your appetite ready as you peruse the well-balanced menu. If you love lamb, you’re going to love this menu. There’s a lot of it.

We decide to order Mansaff ($19.99) lamb cooked in dry yogurt. Surrah (18.99) grilled seasoned chicken with side of rice and vegetables stuffed in a phyllo pastry and Beef Kebab ( (because I like red meat!). Their salads seemed really fresh, I was torn between Mango and Avocado Salad ($6.99), but went with the latter. The avocado salad was really interesting, the different tastes and textures all tied in together with their special house dressing hit the spot. It was more satisfying than a regular salad but light enough to still be able to enjoy the rest of dinner.

Middle Eastern Food

As we waited for our order to arrive we were given complementary olive and carrot type of compote (except savory vs. sweet) with fried chips to munch on. The portion was generous and overall very well received. It was salsa without the kick, but absolutely no lack of flavour.

Middle Eastern Food

Admittedly, I have never tasted real home cooked Middle Eastern food before. This was a learning experience and a food adventure because I was discovering a new type of food — exactly what Haifa and her family want in Levant Restaurant.

What I love about this place is the passion. The whole family is there helping and they all have their heart in Levant Restaurant.

Our dishes came up, not in record time, which was fine — because everything is made as fresh as possible. We hardly noticed though as we were busy chatting and nibbling on the yummy olive and carrot dip with chips.

Middle Eastern Food

The food arrived and looked almost identical to the pictures in the menu! Mansaff (lamb cooked in dry yogurt) is a Jordanian comfort food at its prime and very similar to South Asian Kadhi (yogurt curry). You mix the rehydrated yogurt soup with the rice and lamb then eat together.

My personal favourite out of the three main courses was Surrah. Surrah literally means pouch, sack or vessel and in this case their Surrah contained flavourful rice and vegetable.

My favourite part of any evening is dessert and it just so happens to be Haifa’s passion as a trained and award winning pastry chef. She develops and creates all of Levant Restaurant’s desserts. Her Mango Cheesecake is nothing short of perfect. It’s light, airy and creamy.

Middle Eastern Food

I would compare their portions and price to more on the medium to higher end for main courses as most if not all are just under the $20 mark, except for seafood dishes which are slightly higher. I might not take my kids here on their birthday, but I would come back maybe with a close friend, parents or husband on a special occasion where I want a special environment in another world where I can escape for a couple of hours. You are going to get spectacular, professional service and hopefully learn something new about Middle Eastern food.

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Levant Restaurant:
3175 Rutherford Road, Unit 37
Concord, ON L4K 5Y6
(905) 738-3788
*Meat supplier as of  January 19, 2013 is: Pak-Asia Halal Meat. Meat supplied was verbally assured by owner of the store and/or staff on the date of this review. Please verify to ensure supplier/ownership has not changed.
By: January 19, 2013


  • One of the amazing restaurants you can visit in North America for authentic Middle Eastern fine dining experience. The food is simply phenomenal and beyond your expectations – even better than most of the restaurants IN the Middle East. The courteous owners saves no effort in accommodating you, smiling all the way, and making sure you are comfy. We went multiple times and tried the Mansaf, Bamiya Tajin and Maqloobeh. We are excited to try the rest of the items on the menu … Levant – you are the reason we still believe in Middle Eastern cooking outside the home! Keep the good work

  • Amazing!!!

    Levant Restaurant provides a very unique experience .. The menu is a variety of home style dishes that have their own story that relates back to the levant area …. As a first time customer and someone who is not familiar with many of the dishes it was difficult to chose something (but im always down to trying something new ) the server was very helpful in explaining and was able to answer all my questions.
    As for prices .. I believe they are very reasonable .. And portions were enough to leave more than just full.
    I enjoyed my experience at levant from their unique menu to their very classy, pleasant atmosphere .. And not to mention their delicious desserts … This will def not be my last trip since their is many dishes on the menu that i still yet have to try .. If you are in the area you wont regret dropping by . 5 stars all the way

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