Got to Love that Chicken: Max’s Chicken and Seafood

After the done-to-death Portuguese chicken restaurant craze, comes the equivalent of chicken and seafood fast food chains — enter newly opened Max’s Chicken & Seafood.

Fried chicken is a comfort food and it is the kind of food that is a family favourite. So one quiet weekday evening, we paid Max’s Chicken & Seafood a visit at their Heartland location (801 Matheson Blvd West). The bright and large signs made this place easy to find.

Max's Chicken

Since a long time favourite franchise changed their chicken source from hand to machine slaughtered around Toronto and the GTA, people have been searching to fill the fried chicken void in their lives. There are a few options, and Max’s Chicken & Seafood is one of them.

This particular location was spacious, clean and had lots of seating. We also found the staff to be professional and knowledgeable about the menu offerings.

The daily specials caught our attention, which offered great deals on some of our favourite items. We decided to order the Three-Piece Chicken Finger (Tuesday Special), Popcorn Shrimp, Chicken Sandwich and the Two-Piece Chicken Combo. Our side orders included fries, onion rings and biscuits.

Naturally, we compared the food at Max’s to the food at this same establishment. We feel that comparing Max’s to them is like comparing apples of different kinds: Gala vs. Macintosh.  Even though the apples look similar, they have different tastes.

Max's Chicken

We first tried the Chicken Fingers  ($3.89 – Tuesday Special) and were surprised at how delicious they were. They were moist from the inside and had the most amazing black pepper coating on the outside. Best of all, it was not greasy at all. The Chicken Fingers were our favourite item of the night.

Max's Chicken

Our Popcorn Shrimp ($5.09) order had a generous amount of Fried shrimps. They were not like any battered crustacean from the competition at all. They were larger and crunchier but lacked the spicy kick of flavour we were hoping for. They were different, but good in their own way. We enjoyed them with their accompanying tartar sauce.

The Chicken Sandwich ($4.99) was similar to that one we all love. It had the spicy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and the crunchy chicken.   It was a decent sandwich and we would recommend it.

Max's Chicken

Lastly, we tried the signature deep-fried Chicken ($7.10). Although similar in appearance to pretty much any fried chicken on the market — the taste was really different. It was spicy but we felt that the spice in it was South Asian inspired. The outside of the chicken was crunchy and the inside perfectly cooked. Although the chicken had a different taste, we enjoyed the change.

We also tried the biscuit, fries and onion rings, all of which were enjoyable. The biscuit was a little crunchier on the top than what we are used to, but good nonetheless.

Overall, Max’s Chicken and Seafood should be your next go-to place to satisfy your deep-fried chicken cravings. We recommend the Chicken Fingers the Chicken Sandwich. The different flavours are sure to entice your taste buds and keep you coming for more.

Meat Source: Chicken is from Zabeeha Poultry Suppliers Ltd., hand slaughtered.

Sadia and Nadia are sisters who have a passion for halal food. Their hobbies include spending their hard-earned money at new restaurants, trying different cuisines, and instagramming pictures of food. Sadia loves to cook and bake while Nadia enjoys eating only. They run the Halal Food Enthusiasts blog where they share their food adventures and recipes.

Max’s Chicken & Seafood 
801 Matheson Blvd West, Mississauga
(905) 507-0020

By: January 17, 2014


  • The also have 2 other locations open, one in Oakville at 2525 Hampshire Gate (main intersection is Winston Churchill and Dundas) (the old Popeyes) and another open in Mississauga at 1151 Dundas st W (the old popeyes)

  • To be honest the Portuguese chicken craze is not really Portuguese chicken. They all claim to be but they are not authentic. Whatever Galito’s, Nando’s or Sizzloz is(?) I can assure you its not Portuguese. Being a Portuguese-convert, I have eaten Churrasco chicken since I was a kid it is not even close but good try!

    Just like the Burger craze that has exploded as of late everyone is trying to copy something they have never truly tasted that was authentic. Take it from me we have not created a great halal burger yet, we have a lot of good ones but not great ones.

  • Are you serious! You recommend this place! I’ve been here twice because of the sudden departure of Popyee’s from Mississauga.

    Both times unimpressed. A good effort on their part, however, they should have invested some time in producing quality tasting food instead of confusing marketing material.

    I received a flyer from them with the tag line ” Shh don’t tell anyone we’re open”

    Really, this is 2014 there are many halal choices out there.

    Do you get paid for these recommendations? Did you actually try their food?

    Come on!

    • @ Goose they were so so in the beginning but I guess because it was a new brand they were starting.. I live close by also and because of laziness I went there again about a month ago and it’s soo much better now.. I believe they added a chipolte sauce also which taste soo good with the chicken sandwich

  • @Goose, I felt the same way when they first opened….i recently went back out of laziness (because its close to where I live) and was told they changed their recipe. It is actually TESTES REALLY GOOD NOW. The batter is soooo much better and the chicken is juicy. Try the gravy (its totally diffrent than any other fried chicken place, it has bits of chicken in it). Give it another try.

    • Too many new fried chicken places. It’s a dying business. Is Max’s trying to sell the franchise. It’s a saturated business model (literally)! And the food isn’t good.

  • Salam. I tried out this place after reading your review and ordered chicken fingers,spicy shrimp and poutine. I loved the chicken fingers! Freshly cooked,tender and juicy from imside and with an amazing batter. The shrimp…were tiny,a bit dry and with a so-so batter.I should have stuck to the popcorn shrimp suggestion. I then bravely tried the poutine but it was disappointing.the fries were drowned in gravy and was a soaking salty mess. In fact we couldnt take more than a few bites. And the cheese curds on top werent melted at all so were hard. All in all the chicken fingers special was definitely something I would go back for

  • I have been to the oaville location…the chicken was perfectly cooked….just right crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Loved the chicken tenders and their special poutine. Would definitely go back.

  • Tried it again, it’s only gotten worse. Not worth my money!

  • WORST FRIED CHICKN EVER! I ordered their 12 piece bucket from the Oakville store. The chicken smelled like fish, it seems that they had cooked the chicken pieces in the oil in which fish was fried, that is no acceptable. The thighs were very mushy and were not fresh.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND! Will give a 0 out of 10

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