Family Eats and Treats at Milky Lane in Richmond Hill

Milky Lane

With main attractions such as ice cream, milkshake, waffle and crepe, Milky Lane is a fitting name for this new family dessert cafe. They’re located off of Yonge Street in Richmond Hill just north of 16th Avenue in a small plaza.

Milky Lane doesn’t end at sweet fare, the family owned and operated venture has also thrown in some savories like pot pies, sandwiches and on a secret menu: burgers.

Just three months new in Canada, Milky Lane is actually an experienced thirty-year-old South African company. The owners brought the name and concept here to Richmond Hill and made some of their own innovations. They seem to have a good time experimenting in the kitchen and making new dishes that are unique to their establishment.

My family and I pay a visit on Father’s Day this past Sunday. Despite being early, they still had a steady flow of clientele, which is a good sign. The entire restaurant is sun-drenched which adds to the cheerful, friendly feel. Their large window was opened up to let the fresh air in. Their dining area is modest, and has about 10-12 tables which fill up on Friday and Saturday nights when Milky Lane is open late (12:30am!)

We’re seated and given menus to look over. Menu lingo was fun and lots of attention to detail. I had no idea what a “whizzer” was so kept a mental note to ask the waiter when he arrived to take our order. The main menu is mostly dessert. They are working on adding more savory items for diversity, which is a good move to attract more business.

Back to ordering. I’m going back and forth between a savory waffle and pie. Although the pot pies looked delicious displayed on their counter, I decided on the waffle and went with Spicy Mexican Fiesta ($7.95). We also order a Bologny Chip Roll ($6.00) and a Lime Milkshake ($3.95) and then a Very Berry Waffle with Nice Cream and Whipped Cream ($8.95) for dessert.

The food arrives after a fair wait, their open style kitchen allows us to see the staff preparing the food which all seems to be made fresh to order; so the wait, in my opinion, is understandable. After taking the mandatory pictures we soak up what we’re served and dig in.

Milky Lane

The Lime Milkshake ($3.95) is first up and hits the spot – the citrus tone is light so it doesn’t overwhelm the ice cream. If anything it’s creamier than tart, which works for me. The owner explains that their Lime Milkshake is a first in Canada; no one else has it so they highly recommend trying it at least once.

Milky Lane

The Bologna Chip Roll ($6.00) looks filling. Chips (aka fries) are seasoned with spices and crisp. Under the bed of fries are 3 pieces of bologna. Plain mayo and ketchup are laced on top of the pile. Embracing the heap; fresh ciabatta bun. Ciabatta is a good choice of carb for the hearty meal and overall we all enjoyed the sandwich, especially my seven year old who ordered his own minus the seasoning. I love the concept of having a chip roll and they can really hit it home with this, just minor tweaking to take it up a notch. Simple things like replacing the regular mayo and ketchup for something a bit more special like a house made sauce and perhaps increase the amount of bologna slices. Even giving a choice of toppings could be another option.

Milky Lane

Next up is the Spicy Mexican Fiesta ($7.95). Their waffle batter is great and Milky Lane’s owner expresses that it’s made from scratch and perfected to go with savoury toppings. I would recommend the same tweaking on the toppings. Mexican means so much more than just salsa, bottled jalapeno and cheese ; investigating a little more on Mexican cuisine would be worthwhile. Maybe a fresh salsa verde coated on a bed of sliced avocado and red onion. Top with shredded chicken breast that’s been sautéed with habanero pepper. Finish off with a lighter sprinkle of cheese (optional) then toasted just to melt everything together. That’s just one way, I’m sure there are many other ways to achieve “Spicy Mexican Fiesta” on a waffle.

Milky Way

We are all pretty stuffed at this point so we decide to share one Very Berry Waffle with Nice Cream and Whipped Cream ($8.95). Nice Cream is their name for soft serve ice cream, another Milky Lane term that I needed to clarify 🙂 It’s Father’s Day and the owners insisted that we take a free slice of cake… which was a nice touch. You can tell the family owned business takes great pride in their service.

I’ll be back soon to try their pies. I also want to try their “whizzer” which I eventually found out is Milky Lane’s take on a Blizzard. Also, they carry halal marshmallow so looking forward to see if they create a halal rocky road which I’ve never had — but would love to try! Or maybe they’ll look into sourcing some halal gummy candy as a sundae topping?! There’s so much potential here, I’m looking forward to see what they can do.

Milky Lane is a great family restaurant, with really friendly service. It’s a wonderful addition to our halal scene here in Toronto.

If you’ve tried them out, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Meat Source: Chicken and beef is from Al-Madinah meats, baloney and burgers from East Meats West.


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Milky Lane
9631 Yonge Street, Unit 2, Richmond Hill

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By: June 21, 2013

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