Moo Milk Bar, Milk and Cookies Anyone?

Moo Milk Bar

I had been dreaming of Moo Milk Bar since I first heard about them earlier this year. As a big-time milk and cookies lover I felt as if this place was meant for me. I had planned on going for months but because it’s a bit far from me (it’s in the Beaches, people) I kept holding back.

A few weeks ago I decided I should go make the trek for the sake of you, the readers. I know, I know – you can thank me later!

Walking in I was greeted by a helpful young man behind the counter. He showed me the many, many varieties of cookies to choose from – making it hard to pick just 6 (note: not all for me, I shared).

Moo Milk BarSlightly overwhelmed, I picked 2 Cookies and Cream (full disclosure: my favourite), 2 Chocolate Chip, an Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip, and a Snickerdoodle ($2 each or 6 for $10).

The Cookies and Cream cookie tasted like bits of a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar was directly baked into the soft cookie dough. It was like eating mini cookies within a cookie – a cookie-ception of sorts, if you will.

Their classic Chocolate Chip cookie was moist and tender. I know these cookies are baked fresh daily but these tasted as if they came straight from the oven which was pretty impressive considering I ate it 5 hours after we picked them up!

You can actually taste the oatmeal, the coconut and the chocolate with every bite of the Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip. It’s nice to see that actual coconut flakes were used when baking and not artificial flavouring. That’s a big plus in my books.

Snickerdoodle was okay. I felt it lacked flavour but that’s probably because I ate the Cookies and Cream cookie right before it.

Obviously you can’t have cookies without milk and Moo Milk Bar definitely knows this. They have some plain ol’ white milk and chocolate milk, but that’s for the amateurs.

Moo Milk Bar

If you’re truly a cookies and milk connoisseur then you need to try their milks ranging in cool flavours from Banana Chocolate to Cappuccino to Chocolate Mint. If I thought it was hard to choose just 6 cookies it was almost impossible to choose a milk to accompany my cookies. I finally settled on Banana Chocolate Almond ($3.81) and Peanut Butter ($3.33).

The Banana Chocolate Almond was good, but not great. I think I’m just not used to almond milk though it is a much healthier alternative to white milk. If you like almond milk then I’m confident you’ll like this concoction where you can taste all three flavours in one sip.

The Peanut Butter milk was just lovely. I love peanut butter but also liked that the flavouring in this milk wasn’t overwhelming. It’s just a hint of peanut butter which I found perfect making it slightly more sweet than regular milk.

Writing this post, I’m already mentally planning my next trip to Moo Milk Bar – I’m thinking I should just bottles of the flavouring so that I can make my own fancy milk at home. Trust me when I say that tt’s definitely worth the trek to the Beaches.

Note: The milk is Kosher and flavoured with ingredients such as actual fruits, cocoa powder and even cereal. All flavours of milk are available in both 2% and almond milk. The cookies are made without shortening. In any case, it’s best to ask the lovely Moo Milk Bar associates what’s in each cookie.

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Moo Milk Bar
1918 Queen St. E
(647) 343-4272


By: November 7, 2013


  • There is no doubt in my mind that this place is worth the trek (coming from the east-end). Can’t wait to go one day.

  • They should have a bedtime snack special! Think im gonna bring my kids before bed one night 🙂

  • Ridiculous. Who wants to pay for cookies and milk? Save yourself some cash, bake at home.

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