There’s a New Chicken in Town at Rotisserie Mom’s

Rotisserie Mom's

Several Rotisserie Mom’s restaurants featuring the Just Halal concept have sprung open in Toronto over the past few months. You may have recently seen one of their brightly coloured signs at your local strip plaza. An established brand in New Brunswick and Quebec, Rotisserie Mom’s has been serving up cajun style, fried and — as the name suggests — rotisserie, for the past 15 years. With over 50 locations (Just Halal and regular), they are currently entering into the Ontario marketplace with half a dozen new locations (most in the GTA) and plans to expand even further.

You can easily identify a Just Halal location with the green JH symbol proudly displayed on the store’s entrance:

Rotisserie Mom's

This is really exciting since as a result of recent changes to meat suppliers at a few other popular halal restaurants, my choices for halal fast food have become limited. It’s nice to know that a new option has been introduced to the bustling Toronto halal market. But little is known about the Rotisserie Mom’s franchise, so it will take the community’s support to help spread the word.

As for the food, I’m usually conscious of what I feed my family so it’s great to have the option between fried and rotisserie chicken. There are other options too — like fish which can also be fried or barbecued. With an assortment of sides like red beans & rice, corn on the cob and biscuits, I’m certain all of our bases will be covered.

While I do love fried chicken, I was compelled to try the rotisserie first. Hungry friends and I ordered the whole chicken meal ($21.99) which comes with Mom’s sauce, dinner rolls and your choice of side, we chose Cajun fries.

Rotisserie Mom's

Rotisserie Mom's

On its own rotisserie chicken is really satisfying and comforting but Mom’s sauce is a MUST to make it extra special. The Cajun fries were also a surprise. Not overly oily or greasy, very crispy outside yet soft and buttery on the inside. The seasoning was just enough and not overdone. Food quality at Rotisserie Mom’s can be one of their bragging rights.

I really like the diversity of their menu. If you’re really hungry or feeding a family — or if you just need a quick snack (like a chicken wrap $1.99), you will find something at Rotisserie Mom’s.

The chicken was great however, if you want sublime, try this: piece up your chicken onto your Cajun fries and pour Mom’s sauce ALL OVER. Season with hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Rotisserie Mom's

What I found really interesting was their integration of halal with a division branching from their mainstream line called Just Halal. “There is growing apprehension in the minds of the Halal consumer about the availability of pure Halal food and the cross contamination of the food during transportation and preparation at various restaurants” (Rotisserie Mom’s Halal Division, Industry News). The corporation claims that their processes and systems ensure that their “restaurants will serve 100 % pure Just Halal foods by monitoring every step of the way.”

I’m not aware of any other mainstream franchise that has a dedicated halal branch. This speaks volumes about the corporation and their commitment to the Muslim consumer. Other Franchises do offer halal, however it’s usually as a fix or solution for an individual franchisee who wants to invest in the corporation and needs to serve halal out of necessity. Halal for these places therefore, is not really apart of the company’s overall vision.

This to me also proves that the halal food market is booming and consumers today are demanding more control and greater transparency. With more and more focus on halal food and company’s like Rotisserie Mom’s opening their arms to the halal market, I can only wait to see what comes next!

Rotisserie Mom’s
4997, Highway 7 East
Markham (ON)
Telephone : (905) 513-7558


By: August 29, 2012


  • This place sucked as Moms but now the owners have changed the franchise and converted to Krispy’s and the food is awesome now, on top of that 100% Hand Slaughtered Halal.

    • I certainly hope the chicken has changed cause I had MOMS chicken and it was full of fat, grease and not enough chicken and I spoke to a fellow muslim that told me it wasn’t really Halal and as a person who is new to the whole Halal that scares me. I certainly hope it has changed.

  • watchout investors, never invest in rotisserie Mom’s franchise. They will suck your money and you will have no support at all. watch out guys rotisserie Mom’s is a cheap product and fake flavors. Never ever sign any document with Mom’s unless it is reviewed by your lawyer.

  • Mom’s sauce is not Halal. watchout Muslims. i heard Rotisserie Mom’s is going bankrupt soon.

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