Night Out at Haze Lounge in Mississauga

Haze Lounge

Haze Lounge in Mississauga is a cozy hang out spot for a more youthful crowd that opened this past December. You might remember this place as Zaytoun Grill and even JFK Lounge before that. Although the location is a little hard to find since it’s not directly off of a main road, parking is ample and the building that it’s in is attractive and new.

Since they operate as a herbal shisha lounge, we do not recommend taking small children or elders.

Haze Lounge boasts a delicious and contemporary menu so I had to check them out as soon as I got wind they offered a fully halal dining menu.

The decor is dark and moody with Moroccan accent lighting, cage style booth dividers, plus accent pillows and sofas.. The restaurant is divided into two areas. To the right after you enter is a slim dining room, to the left is an open lounge area with dining tables, couches, large screen TV and an elevated platform area with more seating. Outside is a small but lovely little patio area.

I needed a reason to attend to fully enjoy and experience their range of specialties: fruit drinks, board games, sharable appetizers, entrees and sharable desserts. I couldn’t possibly do all that on my own — I needed an entourage.

This past weekend was SIS Fashion Event put together by a hard-working crew and two savvy business women, owner Lindsay Contractor of Blossom & Bean Halal Confectionaries and Sahena Contractor, owner of Hijabi Mama. Their special guest this year was Yaz the Spaz (popular, actually more like insanely popular YouTube influencer based out of Miami, FL). I could write a whole other article on SIS and the lovely Yasemin AKA Yaz! But to cut to the chase, Halal Foodie arranged a visit for show organizers and Yaz to a relaxing and fun evening out pre-event! Entourage? Check!

Back to the FOOD!

Although compact, their menu boasts a lot of cool choices.

Before we started to get into the menu, we ordered some fruity drink concoctions. Each of us chose a different option so we could try it all: Limonana, Stawberry Margarita, Pina Colada, Red Daiquiri and Haze Specialty, Purple Haze. Drinks ranged from $5.50-$7 each. Limonana ($5.50) was the group favourite. It was refreshing and the real fresh mint hit the spot with just the right amount of lemon to really pop overall flavour. All drinks are made with fresh fruits vs. syrups, you can taste the difference.

Moving on, we ordered a couple of sharable appetizers that they recommended. Loaded Nacho Platter ($17) and Spinach and Artichoke Dip with fried pita ($9.50). Both were stellar – they didn’t skimp out on toppings and replenished fried pita pieces for us without even being asked. We needed napkins though so make sure you ask them before you actually start eating — a few hijabs may or may not have been used in place.

Haze Lounge

Loaded Nacho Platter ($17)

Haze Lounge

Artichoke Dip with fried pita ($9.50)

For main courses, we ordered a variety of options; Fetticcine Alfredo ($14 + $ $3.50 for chicken), Shrimp Linguini with rose sauce ($16.50), Chicken Parmesan Sandwich ($9.50), Shawarma Pizza ($13.50), Citrus Salad ($9.00) and Caesar Salad ($7.50 + $ $3.50 for chicken).

Haze Lounge

Fetticcine Alfredo ($14 + $ $3.50 for chicken)

Haze Lounge

Shawarma Pizza ($13.50)

Haze Lounge

Citrus Salad ($9.00)

Haze Lounge

Caesar Salad ($7.50 + $ $3.50 for chicken)

After all of this we were stuffed. The only issue was, one of the main attractions we discovered here was their Chocolate Fondue ($12.50 or $15.50 for large). Stocked with fruits, wafers, halal marshmallow and more — this was definately the highlight of the evening’s meal. So we decided to take a food break, chat for a bit and let some things digest before ordering. But yes, we did get to indulge and it was a lot of fun!

Haze Lounge


From the little old lady in me, some words of warning:

  • it’s dark
  • it’s loud – they play music. They have live entertainment there as well on some occasions
  • there are young people everywhere
  • although the shisha is herbal, it’s still gets smokey and that might irritate some people
  • because of their young crowd, servers and staff might not be aware of proper dining etiquette – ie. bringing enough napkins, side plates, having water, etc. I don’t blame them though — most patrons were either in their late teens or early twenties and likely don’t care about some of these things to ask
  • they do not take reservations on Friday or Saturday so call ahead to see if they have space for your group!

Overall we had a memorable night which is what I wanted for our SIS Modest Fashion pre-event outing. The owners — two friends: Aoun and Owais — are really dedicated to their restaurant and it shows through their entire team’s customer service.

Meat Source: Hand Slaughtered Chicken from Sargent Farms and Beef from Nader.

Haze Lounge
4230 Sherwoodtowne Blvd, Mississauga
(905) 272-5357

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By: May 29, 2014


  • “We needed napkins though so make sure you ask them before you actually start eating — a few hijabs may or may not have been used in place.”


  • i went here a few weeks ago ordered a burger not sure what exactly it was called on the menu (possibly beef burger) it was really good. the restaurant itself is really nice looking and neat. only thing that wasn’t that great was the service it left a lot to be desired.

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