On the Bun in Mississauga: Not your Typical Burger Joint

On the Bun

In the last couple of years, a number of halal fresh meat burger joints have made their appearance across the GTA. As halal food enthusiasts, we have been to a number of them because we love good burgers and fries. Most such burger joints have been popping up in downtown and in the east end. Luckily for us, On the Bun, located at 5030 Maingate Drive in Mississauga opened its doors in October 2012.

We heard about On The Bun through word of mouth and decided to try it soon after it opened. We have to say with all honesty, we loved the burgers (and other menu items) as well as the customer service and since then we have been regular patrons. In fact, we have given up eating at most other burger joints in favour of On The Bun.

On the Bun

Mohammad owns and runs the establishment himself. We have come to know him from our regular visits here. Prior to starting On the Bun, Mohammad used to run a well-known travel agency that specialized in Hajj and Umrah packages. He dealt with the logistics and orchestrated the entire trips for thousands of pilgrims over the years. He has himself gone for Hajj several times. Given his passion for food, when the time was right, he decided to transition from one halal business to another halal business (On The Bun) and we are truly glad he did!

Going back to what Mohammad does best, we have tried almost all of the items from the menu. During our most recent visit, we decided to order our favourites: Masala Burger ($5.89), Salisbury Burger ($5.89), Apple Butter Burger ($5.89), Stacked Poutine ($6.79) and Apple Butter Fries ($4.29).

Believe it or not, all this food was ordered for two individuals. The portions are generous and filling; we have trouble holding back from ordering more than what we can eat.

On the Bun

First off, the Masala Burger consists of cheese, lettuce, onions, mayo, crispy onions and hot sauce. The first thing we noticed is the bun is very soft and fresh. It is not your run of the mill grocery store bun. A couple of bites and we could taste the masala flavour in the patty. The masala flavour was not overpowering but it added a kick to the burger, which we enjoyed. Everything about the patty and its seasoning was in perfect harmony. It was delicious, period! The beef patty is put together and cooked right there and then and you can taste the freshness. We have recommended this particular burger to several friends and they were all very pleased.

On the Bun

The Salisbury Burger was also delicious. The gravy, sautéed onions and mushrooms complimented the beef patty so well, that you are pretty much left enjoying every single bite that you take.

Feeling adventurous and looking for a completely different taste? You should try their Apple Butter Sauce menu items. The apple butter sauce is sweet and tangy with a hint of BBQ flavour, which jazzes up anything it is put on.


On the Bun

The Apple Butter Burger has grilled onions, apple butter BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, mayo and crispy onions. The beef patty with the apple butter sauce was a match made in heaven. We also tried the Apple Butter Fries, which consists of crunchy fries, sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and drizzled with apple butter sauce. The combination of sweet and salty was finger licking good.

On the Bun

Since we enjoy their burger patty very much and like their poutine as well, we ordered the Stacked Poutine. It has the classic poutine taste, which is topped with burger patty. It is like enjoying the best of both worlds.

In our opinion, On the Bun is a one of a kind halal burger joint that offers halal burgers that are generally not found elsewhere. Mohammed’s dedication and love for his food can be tasted in his unique burgers. We recommend the items mentioned above as well the Stacked Supreme, Zataar & Cheese and Masala Fries.

The BEST PART? On the Bun offers 25% off your bill when you show them your Halal Foodie Discount Card!

Sadia and Nadia are sisters who have a passion for halal food. Their hobbies include spending their hard-earned money at new restaurants, trying different cuisines, and instagramming pictures of food. Sadia loves to cook and bake while Nadia enjoys eating only. They run the Halal Food Enthusiasts blog where they share their food adventures and recipes.

Meat Source: Chicken is purchased from Al Marwa Halal Meat and beef is purchased from Kabul Farms. Both hand slaughtered halal meat sources.

On the Bun
5030 Maingate Drive, Mississauga

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By: November 20, 2013


  • Been there and tried the Masala and Apple sauce burger. Totally loved them. Me and my hubby aren’t very fond of burgers but we loved it and found it very different moist succulent and tasteful. We’ll visits them soon!

  • We are regular patrons and the burgers are excellent. For the health conscious, try the grilled chicken burger. Best halal burger joint in GTA.

  • I was a regular driving 40 min each way to get there, had some uncooked beef and never went back.

  • twocheese on June 2, 2014

    Best Fries and awesome burgers. And the best part is, I can get my auto parts from the funny guys at Platinum Auto.

  • lol nice review, but you guys are gonna die eating all the fat, fried food and poutine. take care inshaAllah.


  • very very bad food and horabble service

  • tried their veggie burger today is awful and they didnt even out tomatoes and too expensive and not good will not go there again…terrible and expensive

  • Horrible burgers too expansive they take cash only kind of funny pl dont qaste time and money

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