Pak Centre Halal Restaurant

Pak CentreModern decor meets traditional Indian cuisine in the heart of Scarborough at Pak Centre Halal Restaurant.

When you walk into Pak Centre you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the clean and welcoming environment. Soft recessed lighting, comfy booths and nasheeds fill the space wonderfully.

After being seated we’re left to go through the menu. At first, you see your usual South Asian suspects: kabab, biryani and butter chicken. But then you have some unique dishes like Murgh  Mumtaz, Malai Tikka and Beef Pepper Fry.

Deciding is pretty easy. I want to try Murgh Mumtaz which is boneless chicken breast stuffed with creamy cheese, baked and served on top of creamy mango curry . We also ordered Beef Pepper Fry — boneless stir fried beef strips tossed with onions and bell peppers in a spicy semi-sauce (dryer than a curry) and Chana Chaat.

Pak CentreFor the kids, it’s not so easy. There’s no kids menu so if your child(ren) can handle spice and is/are not picky eaters you’re ok. If you have my soon-to-be six-year-old son… This may be an issue! Taking the waiters recommendation, we order him two pieces of Tandoori Chicken with naan.

While we wait for our food to arrive I do my usual scope of the place. I realize my baby needs a diaper change so I head to the washroom. Usually the typical desi establishment will have you venture into a dark, damp and smelly basement for a third world style lavatory but the facilities at Pak Centre was nice – really nice!

After being back to our table for about ten minutes our food arrives. Chana Chaat is yummy! Maybe a little too much chana for my liking but the simple addition of extra crunch would help break it up.

Pak CentreMain dishes do not disappoint. The Spicy Beef Fry is exactly what I was expecting — tangy beef strips in a spicy curry with the dominating taste of sweet bell peppers. The Murgh Mumtaz was equally great. The only thing I would have wanted was more mirch/spice as I found it a tad too mild. The mango curry tasted more like a purée so perhaps simmering with some green chilli & lime first would give it the kick it needed. The cream which was laced on top would then tone it down and be a really nice contrast.

Overall I was really pleasantly surprised with Pak Centre. Even on a Wednesday evening, many tables were occupied and I liked how the place still maintained its tranquil ambiance.

Pak Centre is officially my halal Indian restaurant of choice 🙂

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By: January 27, 2012


  • so excited to try this out when i get toronto next week. it’s hard to decide which indian restaurant to go to in toronto, due to the amount of restaurants to go to. i like ur observation about the bathroom, cause nothing turns me off to a restaurant than a bad bathroom situation when you have little kids.

    • halal foodie on February 22, 2012

      I’m so glad you’ll try them out. Leave another comment with what you ordered and how you liked it. Trust me – I have a phobia of public restrooms and this one (for a desi restaurant) gets a pass! Oh and tell the owner you heard about them through this site 😉

  • clean resturant. food particularly biryani horible.

  • Order some items over the phone for a pickup today. And after I came home I found out that they forgot one item from the order. My wife called and spoke to someone and told them that they forgot an item from the order and before she could say that I’ll come by and pick it up, the person on the phone said that the missing item is not a part of the order and that he was doing us a favour by giving it to us. The person also told us that we shouldn’t act so cheap and that nothing in this world is for free. Now keeping in mind that when placing the order the same person repeated the whole order and at that time the missing item was included. We were both left shocked from the level of service and the behaviour of the staff at this restaurant. Then I got on the phone and asked the person to remind him the nature of our call. Instead he told me watch myself and asked me to come to his restaurant where they will “deal” With me.
    It felt like the restaurant was run by gangsters by the way they spoke to us on the phone. I told them that this would be the last time we will eat or order from their restaurant and we will never recommend anyone to go their. To which they responded, who cares. Have a nice f#%^*ng day and hung up the phone.
    I’m putting this review out here for everyone to know what kind of management this restaurant is running and we can only imagine what goes around in the kitchen.

  • Take Out! on June 2017
    I Order a meal yesterday of $61.00/- Nothing was fresh only Murgh Lazize and Kabob.  The rest all were Old meals: Chana Masala $ 6.99 , Karachi Gosh $10.99 and BBQ Platter $36.00 which had Kabob, Murgh Lazize only 1 Breast and 1 Thigh and close to 15 pieces of Malia Chicken that smelled.

    I personally cook at home.  I wanted to be served so here waste of Money and especially in the month of Ramadhan such hopeless food.

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