Pepper Walk in Mississauga

Pepper Walk in Mississauga

A few weeks ago, one of our friends told us about a new restaurant, Pepper Walk in Mississauga. It sounded interesting – think South Asian fusion dishes, with some North American favourites – so I knew I had to find an excuse to go there. New halal restaurants popping up in the west end is nothing new, I find that for every one restaurant that opens up in the east end/Scarborough, four open up in Mississauga. But nonetheless, it’s worth the trek every so often to check out what’s new in the halal restaurant scene.

Pepper Walk in Mississauga is located in the Heartland Town Centre and can be a little tricky to find since there’s so many little plazas that make up the centre. It took us about ten minutes of driving around to find the restaurant, and that could be because we’re not familiar with the area, but our local friends also agreed.

Pepper Walk in Mississauga

Anyway, once we found it, we were pleasantly surprised with the decor and seating arrangements. There were small booths for groups, bigger booths for bigger groups, and smaller tables scattered throughout the restaurant. I would say there was room for more than 70 diners, give or take. We went with a large group (8 people – yes, gratuity is included) so we had one of the bigger tables. I liked that it was slightly isolated from the other tables in the restaurant, meaning we could laugh and chat to our heart’s content!

Once we were all seated, we placed an order for appetizers and drinks. I ordered a Mango Smoothie ($7) because I’m trying to be healthy and didn’t want a milkshake. A few friends ordered Strawberry Daiquiris ($6) and some Diet Pepsis ($2.50).

Pepper Walk in Mississauga

I enjoyed my mango smoothie, but it was definitely more of a milkshake – it even came with whipped cream and a cherry. I was hoping for more of a health-conscious drink, but it still tasted good. I tasted the daiquiri and I was unimpressed – it tasted very odd and not at all like the strawberry daiquiris that I’m used to. We also had a small issue with the blender breaking, and there were plastic pieces in everyone’s daiquiris. Note: there are NO free refills on soft drinks, which was also a slight let-down seeing as it’s $2.50 per drink.

Pepper Walk in Mississauga

We ordered some Grand Nachos ($13) to share with everyone, and we had the option of either Mexican chili, chicken or guacamole as a topping. It is an additional cost ranging from $2 – $3 per topping. We went with the Mexican chili, but when the nachos came out, it was just some ground beef scattered on top and not at all chili, let alone Mexican chili.

After we had eaten the appetizers, our waitress came to take our orders. We then noticed some of us had dinner menus, whereas others had the lunch menu. Don’t think there was much of a difference between the two, but there were a few more things on the dinner menu than on the lunch one. Our group ended up ordering the North American dishes rather than the Asian dishes.

We ordered the Top Sirloin Steak ($17) and was told it comes with two sides. You have the option of choosing ANY two sides from their Shareable Sides section, which has poutine, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, rice, veggies, naan and salads. I was impressed, because usually poutine and sweet potato fries are an upgrade, and not a usual included side. I went with the mashed potato and Caesar salad. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for gravy/sauces, which I wasn’t too happy about it but I went with the Pepper Walk’s twisted béarnaise sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised with the steak, especially after the not-so-impressionable nachos. It was cooked perfectly and the mashed potatoes complimented it so well. These mashed potatoes were also some of the best I’ve had – very creamy! I’m glad I went with the béarnaise sauce, which has an egg yolk and butter base. It was very different from what I’m used to but also complimented the steak nicely.

We also ordered the Crispy Onion & Cheese Burger ($12) with fries, and the Grilled Portabello Chicken Breast ($15) with a poutine and mashed potato.

Pepper Walk in Mississauga

The burger first came burnt so we had it sent back, and the owner himself came to give us a new one. The crispy onion was definitely a good idea. I also liked their chipotle and bbq mayo that comes on the burger.

Pepper Walk in Mississauga

The chicken was okay, not the biggest fan of chicken breast because I find that it’s just a bland part of the chicken (dark meat all the way!), so I wasn’t too surprised that this chicken breast was also slightly bland.

I thinkPepper Walk in Mississauga has the potential to be a really good restaurant, but they have a ways to go. Will definitely come back in a few months to see how they’ve improved, inshAllah.

Meat Source: All Chicken is direct from Madina Foods and beef is sourced from St. Helen’s Meat Packers ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

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Pepper Walk
5955 Latimer Dr, Unit#7 Heartland Town Centre, Mississauga
(905) 813-9889


By: January 22, 2016


  • Finally! Went to @pepperwalk with #muslimmomsofgta for Lunch Meet Up. Had an awesome time with great food. I was impressed with the ambiance, decor, wide variety of food.. Proper Fusion.
    Okay, honest to Food, my Crispy Onion Burger was Juicy, saucy, crispy, soft toasted buns, sliced pickle, tomatoes, with fries and ketchup. Detailed presentation. Impressive portion size, It was just perfect!
    Strawberry Daiquiri was at its best.
    My friends enjoyed their orders too. (We were 20 ladies!!!) We had made our reservation a day before.
    Salads, club sandwich, steak sandwich, all of their lunch menu was in perfect balance.
    I’m glad we went during lunch hour as it was less crowded and had attentive servers! A must to go during lighter hours to enjoy the food and service. Hope they continue the consistency of food & service and it’ll be the best fusion restaurant of Mississauga, GTA!
    Highly recommended!

  • Ebrahim bhagat on March 19, 2016

    Worst Experience ever.
    Big fat dark bald guy who claims to be part owner has the worst attitude
    First they told me I didn’t need a reservation. Than when I get there tells me sit in the corner if you want otherwise let me know so I can seat someone else take it or leave it attitude.
    Decided to leave since all they care about is money over building cliental.on my way out
    decides to argue with me in front of other customers and makes a Rude comment.
    No problem buddy will be coming to your out of business sale.
    On my way to Affys were they have awesome food and service

  • Mrs. Jamila J Naveed on April 16, 2016

    As u enter the place you are welcomed by a magnificent place. Sitting in any table you have a wonderful view of the kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing food.
    We’ve been here 4-5 times and we have tried almost everything . I’m glad that my kids enjoy their chicken club Sandwich and steak. Not to forget their mouth watering chocolate Lava cake is just wow 😍.
    Overall a must go with family and friends to enjoy the food and cosy atmosphere.
    Best halal restaurant in the heart of heartland Mississauga. Highly recommended 👍👍👍

  • Really bad place, food is terrible, service and the owners as well. Would not recommend this place. It will ruin your whole day.

  • Excellent place.
    Awesome Environment.
    Yummy Food.
    What else can i expect.

  • Real slow service. Cranberries were missing in the cranberry and walnut salad. We had to ask twice for it and we got beets instead. Asked for cranberries the third time and finally got them. We reserved a table for 6 adults and 1 toddler. Their policy is to charge gratuity automatically on 7 persons or more. They treated our toddler as an adult and included gratuity on our bill. The server Gagan argued with us that we reserved for 7 people so she has to charge gratuity no matter what. Didn’t make any sense to us. My husband spoke to another server who understood and fixed the bill for us. Never again will we be visiting this restaurant!!!

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