Perfect Bite in Brampton

Perfect Bite in Brampton

Perfect Bite in Brampton.

A city known for hosting plenty of weddings, boasting a number of South Asian restaurants, and raising two 1st-overall draft picks in the NBA, Brampton isn’t mentioned too often amongst foodies when looking for somewhere new to dine. Even amongst my friends and family residing in Brampton, some of whom are avid diners, our discussions of halal restaurants veer either towards Mississauga or out east towards the Markham-Scarborough area. Well,Brampton friends, here’s a place in your ‘hood for you to check out.

Just north-west of the 407 & 427, Perfect Bite sits tucked inside a plaza filled with shops, businesses, and a Musallah just footsteps away. It’s a small unit lined along the back of the plaza, so it’s easy to miss. Open everyday except Sundays, Perfect Bite offers a wide variety of cuisines ranging from Italian to American, Mexican to Asian, and other cuisines across the spectrum. They offer seating for approximately 12-15 diners, making it most appropriate for take-out, though you may find room to dine-in throughout the day. Not to mention, Perfect Bite also caters.

Perfect Bite in Brampton

Perfect Bite in Brampton

Fashioned to be a take-out spot, the interior and the décor consist of simple tables & chairs, and paper plates. But don’t be fooled, their extensive menu stands far above the class they sit themselves in. With appetizers, soups and salads, sandwiches and burgers, entrees, pastas, wraps and burritos, sides, and kids’ meals, this menu was definitely not made for indecisive folks! Thankfully, I was able to visit Perfect Bite with a few friends to test as much as possible.

Perfect Bite in Brampton

Despite being the only diners there, the orders seemed to take some time to prepare. But when it came, it was hot and fresh. Starting with a “Perfect Bite Favourite”, the 1-pound serving of Jumbo Buffalo Chicken Wings ($10.00) can be ordered in a variety of sauces and comes with a side of freshly steamed vegetables. Best of both worlds, right? We chose the BBQ sauce, a flavourful and sweet sauce without the tanginess of most BBQ sauces. Although they were a little dry, the crispiness and jumbo-size of the wings made it apparent as to why these are a restaurant favourite.

Perfect Bite in Brampton

Next, we tried one of their pastas, which was more than enough for the four of us to share. The Baked Cheese Tortellini ($11.95) has cheese-stuffed pasta mixed with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, and onions, with a rose sauce and a bed of cheese on top. If you thought saying that was a mouthful, wait until you try the pasta. Its contrasting textures and oozing cheese made for a warm, comforting dish. The rose sauce on top was light yet fragrant, and although a touch of spice would have added a nice kick to it, the sauce complemented the dish pretty well. You can also choose to add chicken to the pasta for $3, and turn this dish into an even heartier meal.

Perfect Bite in Brampton

With 12 different sandwiches to choose from, our eyes marveled at the variety of options that Perfect Bite offered. Our stomachs were as undecided as our minds, so we asked for recommendations. All sandwiches are also served with fries and coleslaw. We first chose the Grilled Piri Piri Sandwich ($8.50). This all-too familiar Portuguese sandwich was served with lettuce, tomato and a nice touch of sweet onions, with Piri sauce on a ciabatta bun. The sandwich was just as we expected, and although the side of coleslaw was small, it balanced out the meal.

Perfect Bite in Brampton

Next up was a “Crowd Favourite”, the Pulled Beef Sandwich ($8.50), again served with lettuce, tomato and sweet onion.. The beef was tender with a mild & smokey BBQ flavour. The texture of beef is what really stands out in this sandwich, and is a nice change from regular burgers and steak. There wasn’t too much meat stuffing either, making the sandwich easy to eat.

Although it’s not pictured (sorry, we were hungry), the Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich ($9.95) was my personal favourite, and is also highlighted as a Perfect Bite favourite. A zesty tomato sauce is smothered over a blend of mozzarella and parmesan cheese, covering the piece of fried chicken on a ciabatta bun.

Perfect Bite in Mississauga

Finally, we tried the Chicken Chasseur entrée ($14.00), served with garlic-steamed vegetables and a rice pilaf. Although chasseur sauce is a French blend of sauces using mushrooms, shallots and other herbs, the sauce in this dish resembled a marinara sauce. Mushrooms and onions were mixed into an aromatic marinara sauce and slathered over two chicken breasts. The combination of fresh herbs and cooked vegetables made for a tasty sauce, and it paired well with the chipotle marinated chicken breasts, which weren’t overpowering with flavour. Although the dish was satisfying for one person, it was an inconvenience to eat with plastic cutlery, and took away from the overall enjoyment of the food itself.

Despite its cosmetic flaws, the food at Perfect Bite did not disappoint. It’s agood option to grab and go or for a quick dine-in lunch or dinner. With all the options available, you may find yourself dropping in more than once. Especially for those in Brampton, it’s definitely a new option to try. Diners driving through Woodbridge or heading to Vaughan can also make a quick detour to Perfect Bite, as its North-Brampton location makes it close to those passing by. So if you pay Perfect Bite a visit, let us know what you thought of your experience and leave some comments in the section below.

Meat Source as of overview date: All chicken and beef is sourced from Sunny Food Mart (HMA Certified Butcher)

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Perfect Bite
4525 Ebenezer Rd. Unit #9


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  • Very detailed and enjoyed the pictures just as much as the review!
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  • My husband went to pick up food last night and it was awful. We’ve order many times before and have always enjoyed their food. I called to let them know I was disappointed by the quality of food and was told they were under new management. They would comp my next order to make up for this experience. When I asked the guy for his name he said Ivan. I’m now questioning if this place is even halal anymore.

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