Peruvian Charboiled Rotisserie at Chicos Chicken

Peruvian Charboiled Rotisserie at Chicos Chicken

Chicos Chicken

What’s that you say?  Peruvian Charbroiled Rotisserie? Isn’t that just plain old rotisserie chicken, where the meaty goodness is skewered and roasted horizontally over a fire or nowadays in a gas BBQ Grill? Umm, not at all our food loving readers! Charbroiled Rotisserie is cooking method using direct heat from charcoals to sear and char the outer surface of the chicken so that the juices are not drained, but rather are used as a means to heat and cook the food internally. Intense stuff, eh?

Regular rotisserie chicken has very limited ingredients, such as salt, pepper, paprika and butter, in order to prepare and marinate it. Actually, that depends on whose version you’re eating. If it’s my mom’s chicken, you better bet on some old-fashioned tandoori powder/paste in it! On the other hand, (after doing some research on the World Wide Web), the Peruvian chicken’s ingredient list has more items to provide a flavourful kick and seems healthier as it doesn’t call for the use of butter, but, instead, uses vegetable oil. To make Peruvian chicken, you would need lime/lemon juice, garlic, cumin, oregano and salt.  Just reading that is making my mouth water!

Chicos Chicken

My husband and I were recommended to visit Chicos Chicken from a friend of ours. We’ve heard a lot about it, but just didn’t know if Peruvian food was our cup of tea. We entered the restaurant and were greeted with the friendliest men behind the counter.  Obviously, our lack of Peruvian food knowledge hindered our ability to order quickly so the server took his time to explain to us what certain dishes consisted of. We ended up ordering a Los Chicos Brasa Whole Combo ($22.50) consisting of a whole chicken served with two sides.

Chicos Chicken

Chicos Chicken has a unique concept. The unit that they are located in has the main ordering area downstairs with a seating area upstairs. The good thing is, the food is delivered to you upstairs – so if you are clumsy in general, there’s no fear of carrying trays of food up the stairs and risk tripping! When we received our food, my mouth was watering just looking at the chicken. It looked so juicy and tender, and after having a bite of it, my initial thoughts were reconfirmed. For our sides, we ordered corn and yuka fries. Yuka fries are made from the root of the cassava shrub that is native to South America. The fries had a sweeter taste to them compared to regular potato fries, but the tangy and spicy sauce that came with it, complemented each other beautifully.

When ordering, the server wanted us to try Anticuchos, which we kindly declined to after learning what it was. Anticuchos is made with fresh lean beef heart (the warning sign went off in my brain), marinated in spices and cooked with charcoal. To our ‘delight’, he offered us and another set of patrons in the seating area a complimentary skewer of Anticuchos. My husband refused to try it as he was already content with our meal just the way it was. I, on the other hand, just for all our readers and for the sake of this review only, tried a piece. And, well, it tasted like beef! With a bit of an after taste, of course. Just like any other part of a cow that’s foreign to many of us, like liver, brain, lung, or even tongue, it’s an acquired taste to thoroughly enjoy it.

With Ramadan upon us, I highly recommend Chicos Chicken as a take out option. I love their take out containers and with a few home-made sides, this is a great option for iftar on a crunch. Even outside of Ramadan, when you don’t have time to cook, Chicos Chicken is a convenient solution; plus the left over meat makes amazing sandwiches for lunch as well!


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Chicos Chicken: Los Chicos Brasa Peruvian Rotisserie Inc.
7595 Markham Road, Markham
(905) 209-9100

Meat Source: Al-Ameen Halal Poultry Supplies, hand slaughtered halal
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By: July 22, 2013


  • Portions are too small

  • food was poor and cold… don’t waste your time… only wish nandoo’s was hand slaughtered…

  • We just ordered some take-out from there and I was quite pleased with the meal. The chicken was tasty and juicy, the Yuca fries were excellent with the dip. I was greeted by a friendly face at the counter (unlike most halal desi establishments), and the service was great. InshAllah will be going back there for sure!

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