New Website Sponsor: Rooster’s Edge in Mississauga

Rooster's Edge in Mississauga

We are pleased to announce that Rooster’s Edge in Mississauga has come on board as our newest website sponsor. This means we can continue with our task of spotlighting halal food in Canada thanks to their support!

The next time you’re looking for your fix of fried chicken, sandwiches, or burgers, head on over to Rooster’s Edge in Mississauga. They’re tucked away in the plazas at Mavis and Britannia behind the Canadian Tire and they’re open everyday from 11:00am to 10:30pm. Rooster’s Edge is a spacious family restaurant covered in bright red walls and lined with booths & tables on each side. All chicken is hand slaughtered halal.

Rooster's Edge in Mississauga

Each booth even has designated outlets for your laptops and cellphones and coat hooks for your jackets, so you can relax and spend time with your family and friends.

Rooster's Edge in Mississauga

They also have a treasure chest full of toys and activities for diners with children, to help make your experience even more comfortable.

The chef at Rooster’s Edge has many years of experience working in restaurants. He’s been working on perfecting his fried chicken recipe for quite some time and he also uses a variation of his batter on the fish & chips and chicken tenders. They also pride themselves in marinating their chicken for 24 hours, as part their routine in prepping their chicken. To compliment their meals, Rooster’s Edge a offers a variety of sauces to be had with any order on their menu: white ranch, BBQ, honey garlic, Italian, and their house-made Raza hot sauce.

We asked to order the most popular dishes on the menu and the chef was quick to recommend the Spicy Chicken Burger, Fried Chicken Pieces, and their Fish & Chips, with a sides of wedges and coleslaw. All meal orders come with a side and drink, and a variety of sauces to choose from.

Rooster's Edge in Mississauga

We started with the Spicy Chicken Burger meal, which came with side of coleslaw and a drink ($7.49). The sandwich is made with breaded and fried chicken tenders and it comes with lettuce and your choice of sauce to slather on top. We chose BBQ, a rich and tangy sauce with a hint of sweetness. The chicken tenders were fresh & crispy with just enough kick without overpowering the sandwich. The side of coleslaw was cold and crunchy with a mild dressing, balancing sweet and savoury. Overall, it was a tasty and wholesome sandwich.

Rooster's Edge in Mississauga

Next, we had Roosters Special fish & chips meal, two strips of battered cod and a side of fries ($9.99). They also have Chef’s Special made of haddock ($9.99) and their Catch of the Day ($7.99). The batter on out fish was noticeably milder and less crispy but, it complimented the fish. Both were soft and had a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The soft flavour the fish paired well with the sauces, particularly their tartar sauce. For those who enjoy a smooth, buttery fish, you will enjoy the Rooster’s Special.

Rooster's Edge in Mississauga

Finally, we had their 4pc Fried Chicken Pieces meal with battered Potato Wedges ($9.99). The fried chicken is what keeps the customers coming back at Rooster’s Edge. The breading was thin, crispy, and had some zing without being too spicy. The chicken was fresh and it was clean, without all the grease of typical fried chicken. It’s worth noting the clean taste of the fried chicken here, unlike some places whose chicken leaves an unusual after-taste or tastes stale. The side of potato wedges were very thick cut, with a thin and crunchy batter. We had them with the honey garlic dip, and it was just right.

There are also a few menu items that Rooster’s Edge in Mississauga is working on to attract a different crowd. They are working on a poutine (large 6.99, regular 4.99) which we were able to taste, a very savoury and classic poutine. Rooster’s Edge also beef burgers and many different wraps, and other daily deals.

So whether you’re out with your family, hanging out with friends, or just need a quick sandwich to-go during your day, Rooster’s Edge offers something for everyone. Let us know what you think next time you visit Rooster’s Edge!

Meat Source: All Chicken is from Madina Fine Foods (hand slaughtered halal) and beef is from Solmaz ** NOTE: meat was checked (verbal assurance) at time of review and can change at anytime – please check meat sources before eating and let us know if there are any discrepancies **

Mubeen is your normal kid from around the neighborhood. With 22 years of his life spent in Oshawa, he wouldn’t have rather been any place else. Currently a business student in university, looking forward to graduation while balancing life, he enjoys sleeping and writing while sipping ‘chai sabz’. Keep your eyes open for more of what’s to come.


Rooster’s Edge
812 Brittania Road West, Unit 104, Mississauga
(905) 567-3343



By: September 9, 2016

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  • Loved this place and definitely returning with friends and family! The food was absolutely delicious, and we didn’t get that gross feeling after eating fried chicken, nothing but tasty satisfaction!
    We ordered the 13 PC value meal. 5/5 stars 🙂

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