Showtime Bistro in Scarborough, a Halal Food Fest and Chef Life Toronto Collaboration

Showtime Bistro

After months of preparation, Showtime Bistro in Scarborough is finally ready to open its doors with a Grand Opening Celebration set for January 9-10, 2016.

This is a special project because it’s three groups coming together: Halal Food Fest TO, Chef Life Toronto and Halal Foodie. We had an opportunity to take over an existing space and it was just right for our situation — so we took the dive.

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

The ambiance features warm lighting and rich wood paneling. Since our theme is cinematic, we have TV screens playing classic movies as well as famous quotes adorning the walls. A touch of Hollywood rounds out the experience at Showtime Bistro in Scarborough.

We are a quick service style restaurant. Think Bamiyan or Pizzaland 🙂 When you walk in, one of our front end staff will greet you and walk you through our process. You’ll get a menu and will be instructed to place your order at the cash register once you’re ready. When you place your order and pay, you’ll then get a number with your receipt. One of our chefs will call out your number when your order is ready for pick up!

Who are our Chefs? Chef Dave Carter is my husband’s high school friend. You might remember him from his cooking demonstrations or Outdoor Food Booth at Halal Food Fest TO. He brings over 15 years of culinary expertise and currently also teaches at Centennial College. His team consists of two other strong chefs who round out the team and bring a high level of culinary expertise and professionalism. They created the Showtime Bistro menu from scratch and these guys simply ooze passion for their craft. What I love about our team is that we are all from diverse backgrounds and have a range of experiences that we bring to the table.

One thing I’ve learned over the years with Halal Foodie is that there is no right or wrong opinion. Especially when it comes to food. Taste is subjective and no one restaurant pleases everyone. Another realization is that there are supporters and there are, well, non-supporters. So we know that not everyone will love Showtime Bistro. But we do! We love the menu, the style and our team. We hope that’s enough to make this a successful venture inshaAllah.

Our specialty at Showtime Bistro in Scarborough is burgers and sandwiches. But here’s a look at some of our key menu items from each category:

Just a *few* of our menu items!

Sneak Preview (Appetizers):

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

Carne Asada

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough


Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

Jerk Chicken Poutine


Feature (Burgers and Sandwiches):

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

The Big Show

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

The Show Stopper

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

The Godfather

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

Cool Runnings (Fried Jerk Chicken Sandwich)

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

The Big Smoke


Director’s Cut (Entrees):

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

Steak Frites

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

Short Rib

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

Chicken and Waffles


End Credits (Dessert):

Showtime Bistro in Scarborough

S’more Waffle


Meat Sources: Currently all chicken is sourced from the following hand-slaughtered suppliers: Sargent Farms and Spice Town. All beef is sourced from St. Helen’s, Corsetti Meat Packers via The Butcher Shop and Beef Bacon is from East Meats West.

Other Ingredients: We check all ingredients for animal by products and alcoholic content. Cheeses, sauces, toppings (even the marshmallows) have had their ingredients cleared.


Showtime Bistro
2761 Markham Rd., Toronto
(647) 748-7469


By: December 31, 2015


  • Went there with friends to try – for a restaurant that was decorated well they should have some sort of service not get up order and pay then get back up to go get ur food i felt like i was in a fast food joint and the food presented look really good wish i could say the same about the taste-taste was ok just a little bland nothing spectacular where i can bring family specially to eat or recommend to anyone that they have to go and try it

    • Halal Foodie on January 2, 2016

      Thanks Mohammad for your honest feedback – Showtime Bistro is not a full service restaurant so you’re right, you’ll have to place your order and pick up and that might not be for everyone. Hope you can come back to try something else – try the Carne Asada or BBQ wings if you’re looking for a kick 🙂

  • Going to try this place out soon

  • Today was my first time at the restaurant and I loved it ! It was one of those keep the classic steak frites days and my steak was cooked perfectly at medium-well. I personally enjoyed that it isn’t a full service restaurant because sometime you want that fancy steak minus all the fancy dress up 😉

    Thank you Showtime Bistro ! Congratulations for a great start and I hope to come by on another day and try that amazing poutine everyone is raving about !

  • I was at my Barber shop and I few of the guys were talking a lot yhe restaurant. I’m going to check it out with my Boyz tonight.

    • how did the haircut turn out, how are your boyz, let me know when you can grace us with your review of the meal, thanks

  • The Chicken and Waffles and the Short rib portions look really small, or does it just look that way on the picture?

  • Planning to visit for lunch next week. Do you have any carb-free or low-carb options?

  • The chicken is very bland. It has absolutely no flavor at all. But anything with beef is good. Portions are too small for the price. The poutine was cold and did not taste like a poutine. I feel like they use the same sauces for everything. Apart from that the service is great and didnt have to wait long.

  • Do you have a gluten free menu? Would love to dine here but I’m worried about cross contamination due to my celiac disease.

  • I had the Show stopper burger and poutine as a late lunch, the burger was AMAZING, you can definitely taste the quality of the burger. The pictures don’t do the food Justice, I was pleasantly surprised with the Taste, size and weight of my burger. Poutine was awesome as well, loved the gravy they use.

    Looking forward to trying out the other burger combinations and ribs.

  • Went there a couple of months ago. Must say the Carne Asada is yummmmyyyy! The portion is enough for a meal on its own. The burger is huge but could use more seasoning and moisture. The steak (I cannot remember which we ordered) wasn’t very tasty. Lacked any flavour and was tough to chew (ordered medium).
    S’mores waffle – delish! Greasy, but DELISH!
    Would go back for the Carne Asada.

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